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Czech charity helps save unwanted racing greyhounds from Ireland

22-03-2012 16:29 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Greyhounds in Need A few hours of browsing the web changed Lucie Poučova’s life forever. After accidentally coming upon a site reporting on the fate of unwanted racing greyhounds in Ireland she decided to get involved and now runs an animal welfare organization dedicated to re-homing unwanted greyhounds from Ireland and Spain with families in the Czech Republic.  More

Government renames airport after Havel, but botches translation

22-03-2012 15:15 | Christian Falvey

Photo: CTK After three months of waiting and some sideline debates, the government has agreed to rename Prague’s international airport after the late president Václav Havel. While the Havel family and the tens of thousands who asked for the change are pleased there has finally been some progress, a new problem has arisen with the English translation of the airport’s name. Christian Falvey has this report.  More

Concert, screening at Prague’s Lucerna to mark day against racism

21-03-2012 16:52 | Jan Velinger, Magdalena Hrozínková

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and to mark the occasion organisers from Opona, a non-profit NGO, have helped put together an exhibition, screening and concert to take place on Wednesday afternoon and evening at Prague’s Lucerna. Several notable Czech artists, including Ester Kočičková Xindl X, and the Tap Tap are taking part.  More

Party game challenges players to change lousy lifestyles

14-03-2012 16:12 | Jan Velinger

You’ve just had a tough day at work, your family is making more and more demands, you’re smoking and drinking too much and if you’re not careful you could wind up dead. Sound dire? Well certainly – but only in real life. Here, we’re talking about your character in a new Czech game; one where players compete to change their lifestyles or else.  More

Prague’s Výtopna restaurant a hit with families, tourists & train fans

14-03-2012 13:49 | Jan Velinger

Many will remember the joy of getting toy trains as children and watching them zoom down the electric track. Now, somewhat unusually, that innocent excitement can now be relived at a popular Czech restaurant. Located in Brno, Prague and elsewhere, Výtopna is a venue like no other where toy engines – not waiters – deliver drinks to your table. For a country not big on theme-restaurants it has become surprisingly popular: a big hit especially for families with young kids.  More

Facebook opens up new ways of communication to senior citizens

13-03-2012 16:11 | Sarah Borufka

For the majority of younger people today, life without social media is unimaginable. Posting pictures and videos, sharing the latest news and keeping on top of events –many aspects of daily life take place on sites like Facebook or Twitter. But do senior citizens use this new technology, and if so, for what? We went along to a social media course at Prague’s Elpida center for the elderly.  More

Petr Lom – an academic who left his job to pursue his dream of working as a documentary film maker

12-03-2012 14:14 | Sarah Borufka

Petr Lom Independent documentary director and producer Petr Lom was born in Czechoslovakia but spent most of his life abroad – in Canada and the U.S. His latest film, “Back to the Square” was selected as the opening film at this year’s edition of the One World International Film Festival, where he is also on the jury. Before becoming a film maker, Petr Lom was actually an academic – until one day he quit his job and never looked back. I asked him about his films, which focus on countries such as Iran and Egypt, his connection to One World and his big career change.  More

“Radioactivists” – a documentary at the One World festival explores Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

08-03-2012 15:09 | Sarah Borufka

'Radioactivists' As part of this year’s edition of the One World International Human Rights Film Festival, which is currently on in Prague, the German-produced independent documentary Radioactivists – Protest in Japan provides a rare and up-close look at Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. It is being shown in the Youth Quake category, which features films that portray young people’s struggle for change in countries around the world. I asked co-director Clarissa Seidel, who made the film together with her good friend Julia Leser, about Japanese protest culture and whether she was at all interested in the country prior to the film project.  More

Protest, rebellion, revolt – Arab Spring takes center stage at the One World International Human Rights Film Festival 2012

07-03-2012 16:11 | Sarah Borufka

The One World International Human Rights Film Festival has just started in Prague. This year’s edition brings over a hundred films from 72 countries to the Czech capital, where documentary lovers can visit special festival screenings until March 15. With such an abundance of interesting documentaries, it’s something difficult to determine what to see first – we asked program director Kateřina Bartošová about her highlights and about the theme of this year’s main category.  More

Study warns of possible new attacks against Roma as neo-Nazi movement gains traction

07-03-2012 16:11 | Jan Velinger

A new study commissioned by the Interior Ministry has suggested that the neo-Nazi movement in the Czech Republic (estimated as 4,000 strong with 400 hardcore members) is successfully pushing an agenda of hatred and racism in troubled parts of the country. As it stands, the last decade or so saw a number of arson attacks against ethnic Roma families including a highly-publicised case where a toddler barely survived and was left with lifelong disabilities. According to the latest report, unless more comprehensive measures are taken soon, racially-motivated attacks spurred by the neo-Nazi movement, may increase.  More



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