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05-11-2011 02:01 | Pavla Horáková

Otto Wichterle Today in Mailbox: Response to former Prime Minister’s new political party, your answers to last month’s mystery Czech quiz question. Listeners quoted: Lynda-Marie Hauptmann, Peter Komrska, Chun-quan Meng, Jayanta Chakrabarty, Bibi N-Shah, Barbara M. Ziemba, Ian Morrison, Colin Law, Charles Konecny, David Eldridge.  More

Disenchanted Czechs say country not going in the right direction

04-11-2011 16:30 | Daniela Lazarová

The results of an October survey carried out by the STEM polling agency indicate people’s growing pessimism regarding the future. Half of those polled said the country was not going in the right direction and worried about what the coming year would bring. Radio Prague asked the agency’s director Jan Hartl what was behind the growing public dissatisfaction with the present state of affairs.  More


03-11-2011 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Czech Television In this week’s Panorama: how walled-in windows can be a big attraction, the Vltava river gets a symbolic lighthouse and, the nation’s fierce one-eyed commander is back on his horse on Vítkov Hill - facing a new enemy.  More

Stories of Injustice film project tries to shed light on grey “normalization” period

02-11-2011 16:09 | Pavla Horáková

‘Swingtime’ The 2006 film “Swingtime” inspired by a communist-era secret police operation as well as four documentaries will be screened in November at primary and secondary schools around the country as part of a month-long project called Stories of Injustice. Now in its seventh year the project organized by the NGO People in Need covers a period often neglected in the curriculum. Through film and subsequent discussions with survivors, witnesses and victims of communist injustice, students are learning about post-war Czechoslovak history – this year with a special focus on the period of normalization and the subjects of emigration and exile. Radio Prague talked to the project’s spokesman Filip Šebek.  More

A day at the races in Velká Chuchle

02-11-2011 | Christian Falvey

“What’s a ‘chuchle’” was my first question, a reasonable question I think, when I first learned I would be going to see a ‘big’ one, many years ago. In the end it seems, the name of the premier Czech horse racing flat-track, Velká Chuchle, doesn’t have any literal meaning, but it is a synonym for a lovely Sunday afternoon.   More

Crossing the great divide on All Souls Day

01-11-2011 15:53 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech Republic may be one of the most secular nations in Europe but All Souls Day - the day of remembrance for the departed – is a sacred family tradition handed down from generation to generation. As the holiday approaches the country’s cemeteries –well-tended throughout the year – are ablaze with candles and flowers as Czechs pay their respects to the dead.  More

President awards highest state honours

31-10-2011 16:53 | Christian Falvey

Mikuláš Končický, Václav Klaus, photo: CTK As is customary on the Day of Czechoslovak Independence, the Czech president awarded the highest honours of the land last week to doctors and scientists, soldiers and artists, political prisoners and everyday heroes. Many received the orders of the Czech Republic after tremendous travails, one after giving his own life.  More

Paul Day – owner of Prague’s newly opened and much praised Asian fusion restaurant Sansho

31-10-2011 15:57 | Sarah Borufka

Paul Day Paul Day was born and raised in Stafford, in the UK’s West Midlands, where he started working as a butcher, his first food industry job. After working in two Michelin-starred restaurants in London, the chef came to Prague and has recently opened a restaurant of his own, Sansho. In its first weeks of being open, the Asian fusion restaurant quickly became the one place everyone was talking about – and now, Sansho is fully booked most days – even at lunch. I met the chef at the restaurant, where he told me about the flavors that fascinate him, how Prague’s dining scene differs from London’s, and what first sparked his interest in food and cooking.  More


27-10-2011 16:15 | Daniela Lazarová

Super Václav In Panorama this week: mistletoe is associated with Christmas good cheer –in the Czech lands it is believed to bring good health, good luck and prosperity –but what happens when it turns into a killer? A Czech hospital discovers the magical properties of Kiwanis dolls in treating children and, the country’s new hero Super Václav is unmasked.  More

Is the Czech baby boom over and did it ever happen?

26-10-2011 16:08 | Pavla Horáková

Photo: European Commission In recent years the media, including Radio Prague, repeatedly reported about the Czech Republic experiencing a baby boom. It seemed obvious: statisticians reported increasing birth figures, maternity hospitals were bursting at the seams and mothers had to register months ahead of their delivery to secure a place. So is the baby boom now over and in fact – did it ever happen?  More



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