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Has the media been painting a dark picture of life after sixty?

26-09-2005 16:31 | Dita Asiedu

Is there a qualitative difference between the various stages of the life cycle? Why do most Czechs believe that the elderly have no life? A study conducted throughout 2004 suggests the Czech media has been painting a grim picture of life after sixty.   More

South Moravian town preparing for annual garlic festival

19-07-2005 15:02 | Ian Willoughby

Buchlovice Chateau During the summer season many towns around the Czech Republic compete for tourists by putting on all kinds of festivals. Some towns have arts festivals of various kinds, while others celebrate all kinds of Czech folk traditions. Food and drink are also common themes, with Trebic for instance holding an annual potato festival. But surely one of the most unusual events of its kind has to be the "festival cesneku", or garlic festival, held every year in the town of Buchlovice in south Moravia.   More

Daria In and Out - the life of a Czech prima ballerina presented both on and off-stage

15-06-2005 14:36 | Dita Asiedu

Daria Klimentova, photo: Petr Nasic Prima ballerina Daria Klimentova is undoubtedly one of the most popular Czech dancers ever, with an impressive career in the Prague National Theatre Ballet, the Cape Ballet Company in Cape Town, the Scottish Ballet in Glasgow, and since 1996 the English National Ballet. On Tuesday, an exhibition of 60 photographs opened to the public in the foyer of the Albert Hall that depicts her career both on and off stage.   More

Is the Czech press developing at the expense of quality?

18-04-2005 14:58 | Martin Mikule

Like Czech society, Czech media have also undergone a crucial change since the fall of communism in 1989. But even though censorship disappeared with the coming of democracy, the Czech press is now facing other challenges mostly influenced by market economy conditions. What are the major papers in the Czech Republic and what is their quality?  More

Czech universities at a crossroads: questions of reform

07-02-2005 | Linda Maštalíř

With university entrance exams around the corner and the general elections only 4 months away, there is growing attention on the Czech Republic's system of higher education. There are some particular points of pride, such as the fact that Charles University's medical schools receive accreditation in the United States. Yet, there are also constant rumblings about the need to reform the system.   More

Historic building reopens on Prague's Wenceslas Square

23-09-2004 | Coilin O'Connor

The Melantrich building on Prague's Wenceslas Square will forever be associated with one of the most significant periods in Czech history. Leading figures in the Velvet Revolution, such as Vaclav Havel and Alexander Dubcek, addressed delirious crowds from one of its balconies in November 1989 on a day that will be remembered by Czechs for generations to come.   More

Mixed results for Czech Republic in OECD education report

15-09-2004 | Ian Willoughby

Tuesday saw the release of the latest OECD "Education at a Glance" report, which came out simultaneously in all member countries. The report, which uses a wide variety of factors to compare levels of education, was presented in Prague by Michaela Klenhova of the Institute for Information on Education.   More

New Sunday newspaper hopes to change Czech reading habits

07-05-2004 | Coilin O'Connor

In places like Britain and America, Sunday broadsheet newspapers are something of an institution. They usually come packed full of extra supplements, which keep whole families occupied as they while away the lazy hours of this traditional day of rest. Now the Czech Republic has seen a similar Sunday publication hit the shelves of newsagents around the country.   More



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