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Czech initiative bears free fruit

21-04-2015 15:38 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: archive of Radio Prague With the arrival of spring, fruit trees across the Czech Republic have started to bloom, promising to yield a rich harvest in the months to come. For those who don’t own a patch of land but would still like to experience the pleasure of picking fruit rather than shopping for it in the supermarket, there is a new initiative called Na Ovoce – Fruit Picking. The website, which was launched just a few weeks ago, maps the occurrence of accessible wild fruit trees, shrubs and herbs that grow around the country.  More

Blood, sweat and seals in Antarctic

04-04-2015 02:01 | Ruth Fraňková

A fifteen-member team of Czech scientists has recently returned from what was already their 10th expedition to the James Ross Island in the Antarctica. The scientists from Masaryk University in Brno have been involved in polar research since 1980’s and since 2006 they have their own base on the island. I talked to one of the polar team members, Professor Miloš Barták, about this year’s expedition but I first asked him how Czechs ended up on James Ross Island in the first place:  More

Pavlov animal rescue centre successfully breeds & raises European mink

28-03-2015 02:01 | Jan Velinger

European mink, photo: CTK Stanice Pavlov, a recognised animal rescue station in the Czech-Moravian highlands, succeeded after several years of set-backs in successfully breeding a litter of European mink. The European mink, an endangered animal, has disappeared from most of continental Europe as its natural habitat – wetlands – became more and more rare. And that’s not the only detrimental factor.  More

Nature & wildlife photographer Václav Šilha

20-03-2015 17:08 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Václav Šilha Václav Šilha is one of the Czech Republic’s best-known nature and wildlife photographers, whose work has been published in National Geographic Magazine and BBC Wildlife. Last year, Šilha visited and photographed on the Sandwich Islands near the “last continent”, Antarctica.  More

Locals told to watch out following bear sighting in Brečlav

04-03-2015 16:24 | Ian Willoughby

Illustrative photo: Archives de Radio Prague Residents in the Brečlav area have been advised to exercise caution after a brown bear was sighted in local woodland on Tuesday. The animal is believed to have wandered into South Moravia across the Slovak border – and may have been in the area before.  More

Czech and German authorities announce joint investigation into mysterious noxious fumes

27-02-2015 14:38 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: Juan de Vojníkov, CC BY-SA 3.0 The Czech Ministry of the environment is launching a joint investigation with German authorities following countless complaints of noxious smells alleged to be seeping across the border into Germany. Inhabitants in the state of Saxony are pointing the finger squarely at the numerous factories which dot the landscape of the north-west Czech Republic.  More

Wild horses make Czech comeback

07-02-2015 02:01 | Ruth Fraňková

Wild horses in Milovice, photo: CTK After centuries, wild horses may return to the Czech landscape. Fourteen Exmoor ponies from Great Britain were shipped to the Czech Republic last week to be released in a former military area in Milovice, in Central Bohemia. The project, initiated by the organisation Česká Krajina or Czech landscape, along with the Academy of Sciences, aims to gradually introduce the horses into the Czech landscape. I spoke to Miroslav Jirků of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and I first asked him what made the Exmoor pony the ideal horse for the project:  More

Czech wildlife experts turn to IVF in desperate, last-ditch attempt to save northern white rhino

05-02-2015 15:06 | Daniela Lazarová

White rhino in Dvůr Králové Zoo, photo: Barbora Kmentová Czech wildlife experts from the Dvůr Králové Zoo, which is spearheading efforts to save the northern white rhino from extinction, are ringing alarm bells. With the number of specimens now down to five and a single male left from the species the possibilities for natural breeding are practically non-existent. I asked Jan Stejskal, in situ project coordinator at Dvůr Kralové Zoo, about the options left.  More

Unwanted Czech bikes helping African children – and elephants

05-02-2015 14:32 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: archive of Roman Posolda The Ostrava-based project Kola pro Afriku, Bikes for Africa, has just dispatched 200 bicycles to Cameroon. They will be used by locals to monitor elephant populations in an effort to combat the illegal killing of the animals for their tusks. But the latest consignment is just part of a bigger project that in recent years has seen Czechs donate some 15,000 bikes – many of which are today being used by schoolchildren living in rural areas in Gambia. I discussed the work of Bikes for Africa with one of its founders, Roman Posolda.  More

Endangered diver in the spotlight as numbers plunge

04-02-2015 15:24 | Ruth Fraňková

Black-necked grebe, photo: Marek Szczepanek, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported The Czech Society for Ornithology has named the black-necked grebe Bird of the Year 2015. The water bird, which used to be an indelible part of the Czech landscape, is presently facing the threat of extinction. The Society for Ornithology said one of the main motivations behind their choice was to raise public awareness about the endangered species. I spoke to one of our leading ornithologists Petr Voříšek:  More



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