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The Study Abroad Nightmare

13-12-2014 02:01 | Jelani Spencer-Joe

Prague, photo: CzechTourism When some people think of the word "nightmare", they think about a bad dream- I know I do. Usually, when I think about the word "nightmare", I imagine a recurring dream that I’ve had where I’m running away from something or someone in a dark alley and I’m moving in slow motion.  More

Prague never lets you go, says Australian writer Rachael Weiss

09-12-2014 16:15 | Ruth Fraňková

Rachael Weiss, photo: archive of Allen & Unwin Rachael Weiss is an Australian author with Czech roots, who has just published her second book about Prague, based on her own experience of living in the Czech capital. The memoir, called The Thing about Prague, is chock-full of entertaining stories about how she went about looking for a job, finding an apartment and trying to blend in with Czechs. On the occasion of the book launch, I asked Rachael Weiss what made her write yet another book dedicated to Prague:  More

Czech government comes out against refugee quotas

02-12-2014 15:15 | Jan Velinger

Syrian refugees, photo: CTK At the weekend, the interior minister mooted a plan for the Czech Republic to accept up to 10,000 Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in their country. Most consider helping refugees a moral responsibility, but the country says it has neither the capacity nor the finances necessary. Instead, the Czech Republic made clear it would prefer to help on the ground or by continuing to provide material aid.  More

Becoming Richard

22-11-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Illustrative photo: archive of Czech Radio My freshly acquired driving license gives my name as Ian Richard Willoughby. That is indeed what appears on my birth certificate. But strangely my middle name Richard, having played virtually no role in the first half of my life, has come to the fore in the second half, spent here in the Czech Republic.  More

Eating isn’t my passion, but it’s a close second

01-11-2014 02:01 | Jelani Spencer-Joe

Svíčková, photo: CzechTourism No matter how fast I’m walking through the city, one of the things that can make me immediately slow down is the aroma of food. I like the smell of food, I like trying new foods, and of course, I like eating food. Without doing much research on the Czech Republic, one of the things I was most anxious and excited to experience was the food because I didn’t know what it would entail.  More

A New Yorker’s experience with the Czech language

18-10-2014 02:01 | Jelani Spencer-Joe

Photo: Vendula Kosíková It’s officially been one month since I landed in Prague and began my study abroad program. Whenever someone from home asks me about the most surprising things about Prague, after mentioning the well-behaved dogs that are too independent for leashes, I usually say the Czech language and that there’s a large Asian population living here. I find it funny that these are the two things giving me, a native hailing from New York City, the most culture shock.  More

Scottish expats in Prague frustrated to be missing out on independence vote

18-09-2014 15:52 | Jan Richter

Supporters wave British and Scottish flags at a pro-union rally, at Trafalgar square in London, photo: CTK People in Scotland are heading to the polls on Thursday to vote on independence from the UK. Only residents of Scotland are eligible to participate in the referendum, regardless of their nationality, which means that thousands of Czechs can also cast their ballots. But being excluded from a crucial decision on their nation’s future is frustrating for Scottish expats in the Czech Republic.  More

Intensive study of Czech for free tuition at film school pays off, says FAMU International head Vít Janeček

01-09-2014 15:01 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: archive of FAMU Last month Prague’s FAMU placed a very impressive fourth in a Hollywood Reporter list of top international film schools. How has the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, to give it its full title, managed to acquire such a reputation around the world? That’s one of several questions I discussed the other day with the head of FAMU International, teacher and documentary maker Vít Janeček. But I first asked Janeček how the range of subjects in his programme compares to the “regular” Czech-language FAMU.  More

Ombudswoman’s defence of hijab sparks heated debate in the Czech Republic

29-08-2014 15:32 | Ruth Fraňková

Illustrative photo: Ruth Livingstone / freeimages Czech Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová has stirred heated debate on the Czech political scene by standing up for two students who were banned from wearing headscarves at a medical school in Prague. Politicians across the political spectrum as well as President Miloš Zeman have criticized her move, arguing that foreigners should respect Czech cultural traditions.  More

Outgoing US ambassador Norman Eisen admits Czech metamorphosis

01-08-2014 17:52 | Jan Richter

Norman Eisen, photo: Embassy of the United States The US ambassador to the Czech Republic, Norman Eisen, is set to leave Prague later this month, after three and a half years in office. In our special programme, Ambassador Eisen discusses the state of the Czech-US relations, his involvement in Czech anti-corruption battle and human rights efforts, as well as his personal reflections of his time in Prague. I sat down with Norman Eisen at the US ambassador’s residence, and first asked him what he thought his biggest accomplishments were.  More



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