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Intensive study of Czech for free tuition at film school pays off, says FAMU International head Vít Janeček

01-09-2014 15:01 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: archive of FAMU Last month Prague’s FAMU placed a very impressive fourth in a Hollywood Reporter list of top international film schools. How has the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, to give it its full title, managed to acquire such a reputation around the world? That’s one of several questions I discussed the other day with the head of FAMU International, teacher and documentary maker Vít Janeček. But I first asked Janeček how the range of subjects in his programme compares to the “regular” Czech-language FAMU.  More

Ombudswoman’s defence of hijab sparks heated debate in the Czech Republic

29-08-2014 15:32 | Ruth Fraňková

Illustrative photo: Ruth Livingstone / freeimages Czech Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová has stirred heated debate on the Czech political scene by standing up for two students who were banned from wearing headscarves at a medical school in Prague. Politicians across the political spectrum as well as President Miloš Zeman have criticized her move, arguing that foreigners should respect Czech cultural traditions.  More

Outgoing US ambassador Norman Eisen admits Czech metamorphosis

01-08-2014 17:52 | Jan Richter

Norman Eisen, photo: Embassy of the United States The US ambassador to the Czech Republic, Norman Eisen, is set to leave Prague later this month, after three and a half years in office. In our special programme, Ambassador Eisen discusses the state of the Czech-US relations, his involvement in Czech anti-corruption battle and human rights efforts, as well as his personal reflections of his time in Prague. I sat down with Norman Eisen at the US ambassador’s residence, and first asked him what he thought his biggest accomplishments were.  More

Human rights minister wants voting rights for foreigners

06-06-2014 14:44 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Kristýna Maková The Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Jiři Dienstbier is pushing for an amendment to the law which would give non-EU foreigners with long-term residence in the Czech Republic the right to vote, first on the local level and later also in general elections. The minister argues that once the authorities have granted a person long-term residence they should also grant them the right to co-decide about who runs the city or country that has become their second home.  More

Controversial book highlights divisions in Czech Muslim community

06-05-2014 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK A recent dramatic police raid of two Islamic centres in Prague has put the spotlight on the country’s Muslim community. Community leaders have denounced the operation as excessive but the police have charged one man over the distribution of an allegedly xenophobic book. So why did Czech Muslims publish a book by a radical Wahabi author? In this edition of In Focus, we discuss the situation of the Czech Muslim community with Bronislav Ostřanský from the Czech Academy of Sciences. I first asked him about the book, The Fundamentals of Tawheed by Bilal Philips, whose Czech edition was the apparent cause of the police raid.  More

Czech Muslims complain about police raid

28-04-2014 15:27 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK The Czech Republic’s Muslim community has complained after police raided the headquarters of Prague’s Islamic Foundation and a mosque on the outskirts of the city during Friday prayers, detaining some 20 people and filing hate crime charges against one man. Muslim community leaders say the operation was over the top – and deny inciting ethnic or religious hatred.  More

Will Czech Republic end restrictions on foreigners’ political rights?

17-04-2014 16:16 | Jan Richter

Photo: European Commission The Czech Republic is facing proceedings at the EU’s Court of Justice over restricting the political rights of EU nationals residing in the country. They can run in local and European elections but are not allowed to join Czech political parties or form their own. This goes against EU law, and although lawmakers had years to adapt Czech legislation, efforts to end the discrimination have only recently got underway.  More

MPs push for regulation of foreign-language ads

03-04-2014 15:16 | Jan Richter

Photo: archive of Radio Prague In recent years there has been a rise in the number of outdoor advertisements in Russian, English and other languages in the Czech Republic, to the annoyance of many locals. Now a new bill has been put forward regulating such ads. If passed, the legislation will allow local authorities to ban any foreign-language adverts displayed in public that are not accompanied by the same text in Czech.  More

Vietnamese stores take sizable bite out of Czech food market

26-03-2014 15:25 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Vendula Kosíková The Czech Republic has a large Vietnamese community and today Vietnamese-run open-all-hours corner stores are to be found throughout the country. Indeed, a new report by market analysts Nielsen says that one fifth of Czech food shops are now Asian run. But what does the boom in Vietnamese stores mean for consumers? That’s a question I put to leading Czech food writer Petra Pospěchová.  More

Czech NGOs consider humanitarian aid for embattled Ukraine

21-02-2014 16:46 | Rob Cameron

Photo: CTK Events in Ukraine have repercussions across the wider region; neighbouring countries, like Slovakia, are already preparing for the potential arrival of refugees, and Poland has been heavily involved in the diplomatic effort. The Czech Republic is slightly further removed from the crisis, but the tremours can be felt here too - the country has a large Ukrainian population, many of them migrant workers, and on Thursday evening hundreds of Ukrainians demonstrated on Wenceslas Square. Some Czech organisations - like the NGO People in Need - are getting ready to provide humanitarian aid. Earlier we spoke to the organisation's director Šimon Pánek.  More



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