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Court ruling opens the way for all EU nationals residing in the Czech Republic to vote in municipal elections

23-09-2014 16:00 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK A court ruling upholding a Slovak national’s right to vote in October’s municipal elections has unexpectedly opened the way for around 110,000 EU nationals with temporary residence in the Czech Republic to go to the polls. The State Electoral Office announced on Monday that additional ballots were being printed to allow all EU nationals to take part in local elections regardless of their residence status.  More

Disappointment in Prague over EC justice portfolio for Czech nominee

11-09-2014 16:02 | Daniela Lazarová

Věra Jourová, photo: CTK On Wednesday European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker revealed the portfolios intended for his new team of commissioners. The Czech Republic’s nominee Věra Jourová was assigned the portfolio of justice, consumer policy and gender equality, unexpectedly dashing the country’s hopes of winning a strong economic portfolio in the European Commission.  More

EC adopts partnership agreement with Czech Republic

27-08-2014 15:13 | Jan Velinger

Photo: European Commission The European Commission has adopted a partnership agreement for EU structural and investment funds submitted by the Czech Republic. The document, which took three years to negotiate, outlines Czech investment strategy until 2020, and paves the way for the drawing of some 22 billion euros in funds.  More

MPs vote to raise cigarette prices in order to meet EU directive

30-07-2014 16:17 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Kristýna Maková The price of cigarettes in the Czech Republic is due to rise by up to four crowns for a pack of 20. Wednesday’s approval of the price hike in the lower house followed a fall in the value of the crown that left the Czech Republic in contravention of a new EU guideline on excise duty.  More

Tough new sanctions against Russia likely to also negatively impact Czech firms

30-07-2014 16:17 | Jan Velinger

Vladimir Putin, photo: ČTK The European Union on Tuesday agreed on the toughest new sanctions so far against Russia. The move comes after the country was charged it had supplied heavy weapons to rebels in Ukraine and following outrage that international investigators were still being prevented from visiting the crash site of MH 17.  More

Czech EC candidate “has good chance” of landing preferred portfolio

23-07-2014 15:21 | Jan Richter

Věra Jourová, photo: CTK The selection of a Czech candidate for the European Commission has been the subject of a major contest on the Czech political scene this summer. But the eventual nomination of Regional Development Minister Věra Jourová has been described as a win-win situation for all parties involved, as well as for the Czech Republic, whose candidate has a good chance of being put in charge of one of her preferred portfolios.  More

Minister Věra Jourová nominated for Czech EU commissioner

21-07-2014 14:58 | Jan Richter

Věra Jourová, photo: CTK The Czech coalition parties have nominated Regional Development Minister Věra Jourová as the country’s candidate for the European Commission. The Czech government hopes she could take over one of the economic portfolios in the commission. Ms Jourová, of the ANO party, meanwhile, has vowed to raise the EU’s prestige with Czechs.  More

Czech PM seeks Brussels input over European Commissioner selection stalemate

16-07-2014 14:36 | Chris Johnstone

Bohuslav Sobotka, photo: CTK The Czech odyssey in search of a European Commission candidate continues with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka now departing for Brussels to get a better idea of what jobs could be filled by the possible Czech candidates. He is likely to be told that a woman candidate would be more than welcome, but such a move could create problems within his own party.  More

Analyst: At this point Juncker is the only name on the table as next EC head

23-06-2014 13:26 | Jan Velinger

Jean-Claude Juncker, photo: European Parliament At the weekend, Czech Social Democrat Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met for talks with other European socialist leaders including French President Francois Hollande and Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico. Afterwards, Mr Sobotka announced that the Czech Social Democrats would be backing the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next head of the European Commission. Europe-wide, socialists finished second in May’s parliamentary election: they will expect something in return for supporting Juncker as the next EC president.  More

Jiří Pehe: anti-establishment attitudes and widespread disinterest in politics may have to do with historic traumas

29-05-2014 15:50 | Daniela Lazarová

Jiří Pehe, photo: Katarína Brezovská Elections to the European Parliament came and went almost unnoticed in the Czech Republic, where over 80 percent of voters simply ignored them. The record-low turnout of 18.2 percent was surpassed only in neighbouring Slovakia where a mere 13 percent of voters bothered to cast their ballot. Why did the Czechs and Slovaks – who are closely bound by history – turn their backs on the European elections? Political analyst Jiří Pehe says it may not be a coincidence and argues that both the past and present have played a role in forming these attitudes.  More



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