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Prague says no help for now for ethnic Czechs in Ukraine

25-03-2014 15:38 | Jan Richter

Ethnic Czechs in Malinovka, Ukraine, photo: Czech Television The Czech government is not planning to provide any special assistance to the Czech community in Ukraine. The decision comes after around 40 families with Czech roots from the Volhynia region asked to be relocated to their old country due to the turmoil in Ukraine. But the Czech government believes they face no immediate threat.  More

Czech expats in Ukraine want to repatriate to old country

17-03-2014 15:08 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK Some 40 families of Czech expatriots from western Ukraine have asked the Czech government to help them repatriate to the old country, citing concerns about the future of Ukraine. The Czech government said it was looking at the petition while the Foreign Ministry says fast-track residency permits are available to expats from around the globe.  More

Ana Maria Janků: promoting Czech music is a link to my past

20-02-2014 15:42 | Daniela Lazarová

Ana Janků, photo: Kristýna Maková Ana Maria Janků was born in Argentina, but her link to her roots and in particular to Czech classical music is strong, thanks to the influence of her Czech parents. Today she is taking her own and her parent’s Czech legacy further by promoting Czech music at the Czech cultural centre in Buenos Aires. When she visited Radio Prague’s studio a few days ago we spoke about the fulfillment this brings her and why her work at the center has become the pivot of her life.  More

Milan Schulz, exiled author, RFE broadcaster dies in Munich

21-01-2014 16:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Milan Schulz, photo: CTK Czech-born author, journalist and Radio Free Europe broadcaster Milan Schulz died in Munich on Monday at the age of 83. He emigrated in 1969 but the link to his homeland remained firm and for hundreds of thousands of his compatriots behind the Iron Curtain his daily commentaries on RFE were a breath of fresh air in the constrained atmosphere of communist rule. I asked his former colleague broadcaster Petr Brod to share his memories of those days.  More

CR 2 CR: floods forge stronger bonds between Czech expats and old homeland

10-12-2013 16:30 | Daniela Lazarová

National Czech & Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids during the floods in 2008, photo: archive of National Czech & Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids Charity organizations say that Czechs are particularly generous in times of crisis – aid to tsunami, flood and earthquake victims has always been fast and generous, all the more so, when they have a special affinity to the town or region in need. When Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which has a large community of Czech expats, was ravaged by floods in 2008 Czechs promptly donated close to a million crowns in aid for the town.  More

John Kerry’s brother visits their grandfather’s birthplace in northern Moravia

15-10-2013 15:03 | Masha Volynsky

Cameron Kerry, photo: CTK Cameron Kerry, the younger brother of the current US Secretary of State John Kerry, visited the Czech Republic with his wife this week. On Monday he went to the small town of Horní Benešov in northern Moravia to look for traces of family history.  More

Josef Svoboda - From uranium mine prison labourer to Arctic ecologist

02-09-2013 15:41 | Dominik Jůn

Josef Svoboda, photo: archive of Josef Svoboda Josef Svoboda is a professor, Arctic ecologist and author. Born in 1929 in Prague, Mr. Svoboda studied science and philosophy at Masaryk and Charles universities. He was imprisoned for nine years by the communist regime in 1949 for alleged treason and espionage and then emigrated to Canada in 1968, where he has lived ever since. I began by asking Svoboda about his earliest memories of growing up in pre-war Czechoslovakia.  More

Karel Ulvr on his daring escape from communist Czechoslovakia, his greatest loss and his new life in the free world

25-07-2013 16:03 | Daniela Lazarová

Karel Ulvr, photo: archive of Radio Prague The 1948 communist takeover of Czechoslovakia radically changed people’s lives overnight. Those who refused to accept that change risked their lives to flee the country, leaving behind their families, their home and everything dear to them. One of those who went in search of a better life in the free world was Karel Ulvr – a teenager who ostensibly left home for school but instead undertook a daring flight across the Czech-German border. This week he visited Radio Prague’s studio and talked about a decision that changed his life.  More

Post-war Czechoslovak exile, overlooked chapter in nation’s modern history

13-07-2013 02:01 | Jan Richter

February 1948 in Prague, photo: Czech Television The 20th century saw scores of Czechs and Slovaks leaving their country to escape political oppression. After the communist takeover of 1948, some 40,000 people left and settled in Western countries such as the United States, where many of them joined various exile groups, trying to hasten the fall of the totalitarian regime and to warn free nations of the dangers of communism. In this edition of Czech History, I discuss some of the achievements and failures of the Czechoslovak émigré community in the US with researcher Martin Nekola.  More

Portrait artist and painter Marie Gabánková

17-06-2013 15:46 | Dominik Jůn

Karel Kryl, Marie Gabánková, photo: archive of Marie Gabánková Marie Gabánková is a noted portrait artist, painter and teacher. She was born in Ostrava and left Czechoslovakia with her family shortly after the Soviet invasion of 1968, aged just seventeen. She has lived in Canada ever since and has had a book of her works published in England, and had such noted figures as singer-songwriter Karel Kryl and writer Josef Škvorecký sit down for portraits. When I met up with her I began by asking Marie what memories she has of her youth in Czechoslovakia.  More



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