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Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers

22-04-2012 02:01 | Christian Falvey

Ondřej Havelka This edition of our Sunday Music Show is devoted to the syncopated sounds of Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers, an authentic big band making sure the music of the 1920s and 30s is alive and well today. And they don’t just play the music, but live the age.  More

Prague museum explores Journeys of Antonín Dvořák

21-04-2012 02:01 | Jan Richter

Antonín Dvořák Museum Prague’s Antonín Dvořák Museum recently reopened after renovation with a new programme dedicated to the life and work of the famous composer. Entitled The journeys of Antonín Dvořák, it offers a new look at the composer’s stays abroad. It also features an exhibition on Dvořák’s Czech-American friend and collaborator, Josef Jan Kovařík, who worked with Dvořák during his stay in New York.  More

Kitsch wins through: pop music in Czechoslovakia after 1968

21-04-2012 | David Vaughan

Olga Szántová The 1960s had seen a thriving musical scene in Czechoslovakia, which had been broadly tolerated by the regime, especially during the 1968 Prague Spring. With the political clampdown of the early 70s, rock and pop music were also to suffer. But this was a gradual process, and, initially at least, the communist authorities were careful not to go too far to alienate young people.  More

Soprano Melanie Gall on opera, performance and the American Spring Festival

20-04-2012 13:40 | Jan Velinger

Melanie Gall, photo: archive of Melanie Gall In this week’s Arts my guest is Canadian opera singer Melanie Gall – a soprano who has performed around the world including in Israel, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. This week she dropped by Radio Prague’s studio to discuss upcoming performances at this year’s American Spring Festival. She’s is a charming guest with a great sense of humour and Melanie talks not only about what she’ll be performing while in Prague but also about opera in general.  More

Young musicians light up Prague’s subway

19-04-2012 16:32 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK It was another cold, grey morning for the thousands of commuters who passed through the city’s crowded metro stations making their way to work on Wednesday morning. But on this particular day the mood in Prague’s busy subway was different. An all-day musical happening put a smile on people’s faces and many stopped to listen, even if it meant missing their regular train connection.  More

Kupka’s Shape of Blue sets new Czech art auction record

19-04-2012 15:22 | Sarah Borufka

'The Shape of Blue', photo: CTK On Wednesday night, The Shape of Blue, a painting by abstract artist František Kupka, sold for 55.75 million crowns at auction – setting a new Czech art auction record. The impressive final sum came as a surprise even to the director of Adolf Loos Aprtment & Gallery, which organized the auction. What significance does this latest record have for the domestic art market, and what makes this work of Kupka’s special? We spoke to Jan Skřivánek, the editor-in-chief of art + antiques.  More

Prague conference explores role of culture in diplomacy

19-04-2012 15:22 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Robert Janás, Czech Foreign Ministry This Thursday saw the hosting of a Culture Plus event at Prague’s Černín Palace, co-organised by the Czech Foreign Ministry. On the table was the topic Culture & Diplomacy – namely how culture, including the arts, can be used to promote greater communication and understanding.  More

Hanif Kureishi – the famous British author on Prague, Islam and multiracial societies in Europe

17-04-2012 15:17 | Sarah Borufka

Hanif Kureishi Undoubtedly the most famous guest at this year’s Prague Writers’ Festival, the British novelist, screenwriter and playwright Hanif Kureishi rose to international fame in 1985, with his screenplay for the film “My Beautiful Laundrette”. Since then, he published the novel “The Buddha of Suburbia” to great acclaim and continues to write extensively, both for the screen and works of fiction. Ahead of his first reading at the festival, I asked him about his work, why he enjoys the short story form and if he had previously visited Prague.  More

Writer and psychologist Gündüz Vassaf on totalitarianism, modern Turkey and the role of Islam in his life

16-04-2012 16:14 | Sarah Borufka

Gündüz Vassaf Amongst intellectuals in Turkey, the psychologist and author Gündüz Vassaf is a bit of a rock-star. He writes a weekly column for the newspaper radical, was a founding member of the Istanbul chapter of Amnesty International and resigned from his post as university professor in protest of the 1980 military coup. Born and educated in America, Vassaf is regarded as one of the most important critical voices in Turkey. Currently, he is in town for the Prague Writers’ Festival, and we spoke to him ahead of the gala opening. The interview opens with the question of whether he is familiar with the city at all.  More

Chanson singer Jana Rychterová

15-04-2012 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Jana Rychterová This edition of Radio Prague’s Sunday Music show is devoted to Czech chanson singer Jana Rychterová – a singer who captivates audiences with her unassuming stage presence, her love of improvisation and her funny, smart lyrics. Jana sings about feelings that strike a chord with her audience, be it waiting at a tram stop or getting dumped. As she says she likes to laugh and cry – both in real life and her chansons.  More



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