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CzechTourism boss: rising numbers of Russian tourists reflect change in visa policy

23-05-2012 16:56 | Jan Richter

The Czech Republic is becoming more popular with foreign tourists. The latest figures show that in the first three months of this year, almost 1.3 million tourists visited the country which represents a 13-percent increase compared to the same period last year. German tourists continue to top the list of foreign visitors, followed by Russians who are the fastest growing group. RP discussed the development with Rostislav Vondruška, the head of the state agency CzechTourism.  More

New map shows Prague from locals’ perspective

11-08-2011 15:45 | Jan Richter

Are you planning to visit Prague but would like to avoid all the tourist traps? Do you want to spend some time off the beaten track and experience the city the way the locals do? If you consider yourself a traveller rather than a tourist, a new map called Use It will help you to do all that, and more.  More

National Heritage Institute: many of the country’s gems still undiscovered by foreign tourists

28-07-2011 10:59 | Daniela Lazarová

Lednice chateau, photo: CzechTourism The National Heritage Institute which is responsible for the protection and preservation of the country’s historical monuments has over 100 palaces, castles and manor houses in its care. Over the past 20 years it has worked hard to restore many of those long-neglected buildings to their former glory and today they represent the best part of the country’s national heritage. Regrettably, many of those outside Prague remain undiscovered by foreign tourists. Tomáš Brabec of the National Heritage Institute says this is something that the institute is trying hard to change.  More

Guided tours with a difference highlight another face of Prague

17-03-2011 16:30 | Chris Johnstone

Vyšehrad railway station, photo: Kristýna Maková Guided tours with a difference have been launched in Prague – instead of highlighting the attractive cultural monuments favoured by the usual tour guides they put the spotlight on those examples of urban blight, dilapidation and thoughtless construction. And the ugly face of the capital’s development provides no shortage of routes.  More

Prague luxury boutique hotel picked out as world beater

20-01-2011 16:28 | Chris Johnstone

The Golden Well Hotel A global travel advice site has picked out a Prague hotel as the best luxury hotel in the world for the second year running. The location is clearly one big factor in winning the award but those demanding guests clearly want a bit more than that.  More

Association: vacation tour sales increased in 2010

28-12-2010 17:06 | Jan Velinger

Croatia On Monday the Association for Czech Tour Operators and Travel Agencies posted figures for 2010 on the number of tours sold to Czech tourists, from vacations in nearby countries to more exotic locations. After many pinched pennies (or rather crowns) in 2009, Radio Prague wanted to know whether there were significant changes this year.   More

Czech police assist on Croatian coast

21-07-2010 13:55 | Jan Velinger

Croatian together with Czech policemen, photo: Croatia’s Dalmatian coast has long been the number one destination for Czech tourists during the summer months and as a result, three years ago, the Croatian government offered Czech police the opportunity to cooperate in key areas. Although they have no authority on their own and do not carry firearms, they are able to assist their Croatian counterparts in communication with Czech tourists in cases of theft or in traffic accidents.   More

Czech vacationers spending less on package tours ahead of summer season

15-06-2010 13:46 | Jan Velinger

Tour operators have registered between a 10 – 15 percent decrease in the number of Czech vacationers buying package tours in normally popular destinations such as Egypt or Tunisia. Vacationers are choosing to save more in lean economic times, and are apparently being more selective in how they spend their funds: either opting for cheaper destinations by plane, or by vacationing by car or bus a little closer to home.   More

CzechTourism launches biggest ever campaign encouraging Czechs to holiday at home

14-05-2010 11:22 | Ruth Fraňková

CzechTourism has launched its biggest ever advertising campaign aimed at encouraging Czechs to spend their holidays in their own country. The state tourism body’s project aims to promote various kinds of leisure activities rather than specific tourist destinations. Markéta Chaloupková is in charge of the CzechTourism campaign. I asked her if getting Czechs to vacation at home was a big challenge.   More

Český Krumlov and its pact with the tourist devil

11-04-2010 02:01 | Chris Johnstone

I have recently come back from a few days in the town of Český Krumlov – and it was an eye opener. I should explain that my last visit to this small south Bohemian jewel was around 15 years ago.   More



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