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Prague’s answer to falling visitor numbers - teddy bear tourism

18-02-2010 13:35 | Rob Cameron

Now, ever gone on holiday and been forced to leave your teddy bear at home? Well, fear not, a Czech tour operator is launching what looks like a world first for tourism – holidays for cuddly toys. Starting from 90 euros you can send your teddy bear or other furry friend on a luxury trip to Prague or other Central European cities – you’ll even receive a photo album with his holiday snaps. Earlier we spoke to the man behind the idea, Tomio Okamura.  More

Prague “outsources” city’s spires to cope with slump in tourism

21-07-2009 11:42 | Rob Cameron

Old Town Square Prague is home to some of the most exquisite medieval architecture – and not to mention some of the finest beer – in Europe. But the number of foreign visitors was down some 20% in the first three months of this year, bad news for a city so dependent on tourism. The Prague Tourist Board has now taken the unprecedented step of “outsourcing” the running of seven of the city’s most famous towers to a private company, a move that not everyone is happy with.   More

Thousands left high and dry as Tomi Tour travel agency goes under

20-07-2009 16:43 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK One of the country’s largest travel agencies, Tomi Tour, declared bankruptcy on Friday, a development that left around 3,000 Czech tourists temporarily stranded at a number of vacation sites and thousands of others without holiday plans. Just a week earlier, Tomi Tour executive Václav Fischer had assured clients they could look forward to their holidays “without worries”. A few days later it was a different story.   More

Czech tourists make last-minute dash to Vienna for Canadian visa

15-07-2009 16:35 | Rob Cameron

Photo: CTK We’ve heard about the diplomatic fallout from Canada’s decision to reintroduce visas for Czechs, but what about the effect it’s having on Czech tourists – 30,000 of whom visit the country each year? Well, it’s inconvenient to say the least; hundreds of Czech travellers are now heading for Vienna – the nearest place they can obtain a Canadian visa at short notice.  More

Survey: Czech vacationers aiming to spend less on summer holidays

01-07-2009 17:16 | Jan Velinger

July 1st in the Czech Republic is considered the official start of the summer holidays, a time to kick back with family and friends and the perfect time to go on vacation. But this year there’s a difference: Czechs, like most of their neighbours, are feeling the bite of the economic crisis. According to a new survey released on Wednesday, those planning on going on vacation certainly won’t give up their holiday, but will be looking for ways to save.   More

Organisation promoting convention tourism in Czech capital

28-01-2009 16:34 | Ian Willoughby

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Prague, with millions of people visiting the Czech capital every year. One important element of the business is “convention tourism”, when visitors come to attend conferences, seminars and trade fairs. The Prague Convention Bureau promotes congress tourism in the city – I discussed its activities with marketing manager Andrea Libová.   More

Czech spas branching out into pampering weekends

26-08-2008 16:37 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: CzechTourism Ever feel like a relaxing massage? Well, you’re not the only one; the number of people visiting Czech spas has risen in the first six months of this year by 5.5 percent. And according to the Czech Association of Travel Agents, more visitors than ever are going for a weekend of pampering, instead of a longer, curative stay. To find out more, I spoke to Klára Nydlová, a manager at the Richmond Hotel in one of the country’s largest spa towns, Karlovy Vary. I started by asking whether guest numbers at her hotel reflected the new statistics:   More

Prague sees significant dip in tourist numbers

05-08-2008 16:51 | Dominik Jůn

Prague’s reputation as a tourist hotspot has been viewed as a given for years. But now, new statistics reveal a serious slump in visitor numbers. The reasons are the strong crown and apparently poor services. Can Prague reverse this trend? Or are there serious troubles ahead?   More

Czech police officers to serve in Croatia over the summer

07-07-2008 16:51 | Daniela Lazarová

Croatia The first batch of Czech police officers arrived in the Croat sea-side resorts of Split and Omis last week to provide assistance to the thousands of Czechs who annually visit Croatia’s Adriatic coast for a few days of sun-and-sea. They will spend the next two months patrolling the roads with their Croat counterparts, serving as interpreters and helping holiday makers who get into trouble.   More

Croatian authorities force thrifty Czech holiday makers to hide their salami

03-06-2008 17:19 | Rob Cameron

The favoured Czech holiday destination par excellence is Croatia – with its miles of sandy beaches, beautiful coastal towns and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Well, actually, not many Czechs go for the cuisine - in fact a huge number of Czech tourists bring their own food with them. That obsessive self-catering seems to have irritated the Croatian authorities to such an extent that they’ve now banned tourists from bringing in meat and dairy products, to the fury of thrifty Czech visitors.   More



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