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Cycle path shows the hidden side of Žižkov

21-03-2012 16:52 | Christian Falvey

The rumbling railroad track that used to pass through Žižkov in Prague was completely natural to the gritty-but-chic image of the 19th century proletariat quarter. The main western entrance to Žižkov was arched by three foreboding railway bridges, and the noisy, spray-painted cars passed alongside Vítkov hill to the cargo station. Four years ago the trains were still rattling the plaster off that lower end of the neighbourhood, just as they had been since the late Industrial Revolution, and then the route was cancelled for a higher-capacity alternative.  More

A Prague institution - the famous Café Slavia

07-03-2012 13:46 | Sarah Borufka

Prague’s wealth of traditional coffeehouses is a legacy from the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But even in today’s hectic time, grabbing a quick cup on the run is fortunately not the only option for coffee lovers in the Czech capital. Probably the best-known café in the golden city is Kavárna Slavia, or Café Slavia. We recently visited this traditional coffeehouse.  More

Prague’s “Rocket” TV Tower undergoes re-fuelling on 20th anniversary

22-02-2012 14:32 | Dominik Jůn

In this week's Spotlight, we visit Prague's infamous TV tower and find it in the middle of a major re-construction.  More

The Cross Club – independent culture centre with a twist

15-02-2012 14:25 | Dominik Jůn

In this week’s Spotlight we take you to an independent culture centre decorated with an abstract array of industrial machine part artistry.  More

The Mánes Exhibition Hall – an icon of functionalist architecture

08-02-2012 13:49 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: Petr Novák, CC 2.5 license The functionalist Mánes Exhibition Hall, located on the right bank of the Vltava river between the bridges Jiraskův most and Most Legií, is one of only two buildings in Prague that were expressly designed to house art – the other one being the famous Rudolfinum gallery. Martin Pavala, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Czech Art Foundation, which owns it, explains that the art gallery’s history started in 1930.  More

Karlín – Prague’s first suburb

28-01-2012 | Christian Falvey

Karlín, photo: City Museum in Prague Prague’s leafy central suburb of Karlín may best be known outside of the Czech Republic for the devastating floods that laid ruin to it in 2002, but much of the world has been using the machines and products born of Karlín factories for more than a hundred years and aside from that it is also Prague’s oldest suburb – a point recalled by an exhibition being held this year at the City Museum in Prague that was created by historian Dr. Zdeněk Míka:  More

The House of the Black Madonna – home of the only surviving Cubist café in the world

25-01-2012 16:19 | Sarah Borufka

The House of the Black Madonna Nestled between busy Wenceslas Square and Prague’s number one tourist destination, Old Town Square, the House of the Black Madonna houses a small museum of Cubism as well as the only surviving Cubist café in the world – the Grand Café Orient, which was renovated between 2002 and 2005.  More

The Museum of Decorative Arts – a must-see destination for fans of Czech design

11-01-2012 14:38 | Sarah Borufka

The Museum of Decorative Arts Lovers of Czech applied arts and design will find a veritable treasure trove of interesting items, ranging from glass wares to clocks and metal works, in Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts. Located right across the street from the well-known Rudolfinum palace, the museum is housed in a stunning Neo-Renaissance building. It was one of the last in Prague to be designed in that style. The architect was Josef Schulz, who also was behind the Czech National Museum.  More

The Lucerna Palace

28-12-2011 16:21 | James Scanlon

The Lucerna Palace, long considered a beacon of Czech national pride has been celebrating its centenary this year without too much of the fanfare usually reserved for such occasions. Situated off Wenceslas Square in the very heart of Prague, and established by civil engineer, designer and builder Václav M. Havel in 1907, it was the first multi-purpose arcade of its kind ever to be built in this country.  More

A tale of two restaurants

30-11-2011 16:12 | Rosie Johnston

Pub ‘U Kalicha’ Hrabal’s book "I served the King of England" makes working in a restaurant sound very dramatic, and very glamorous. But the novel also suggests that such drama and glamour belong to a time now long gone. To find out whether this was true, I visited two of Prague’s most famous restaurants, to talk to their owners about their work from day-to-day.  More



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