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The Clementinum, the Baroque pearl of Prague

26-07-2011 16:03 | Christian Falvey

Standing in the centre of the Clementinum – if you can locate such a thing in the labyrinth – you are surrounded by around a millennium of history and millions of volumes of books inside one of the most beautifully preserved masterpieces of Baroque art the city of Prague has to offer. This is the seat of the Czech National Library and the whispering and rustling that echoes through its grand halls add perfectly to its natural mysteriousness.  More

Blatná Castle

22-06-2011 | Jan Velinger

Blatná Castle The summer months are here and with it tourists visiting many of the country’s most notable castles and chateaux. But one site you might want to consider visiting, somewhat off the beaten path, is Blatná Castle in southern Bohemia, some 95 kilometres south of the capital. It’s not an understatement to say Blatná Castle is something out of a fairly tale, overlooking a surrounding moat and deer park. Blatná is the location we visit in Spotlight today.  More

Prague’s Golden Lane to reopen to visitors

19-05-2011 11:04 | Daniela Lazarová

Golden Lane, photo: Štěpánka Budková It’s one of the most Romantic places in the Czech capital. With its charming row of tiny houses built in the Mannerist style Prague’s Golden Lane attracts visitors from near and far. Painters strive to capture its old-world charm and tour-guides elaborate about the colourful personalities that once inhabited them – alchemists who tried to turn stone into gold or make youth elixirs, Franz Kafka who reportedly resided there for a time, or fortune-teller and astrologer Magdalena Prusova also known as Madame de Thebes who was killed by the Gestapo because she foretold the end of Nazism.   More

Veltrusy Chateau

18-05-2011 15:46 | Jan Velinger

Veltrusy Chateau In this edition of Spotlight we visit Veltrusy Chateau, a gorgeous summer estate found north of the Czech capital. Founded in the 1700s by Czech nobleman Václav Antonín Chotek, Veltrusy is far from an obvious destination, but is well-worth a day-trip. The castle grounds boast a 300 hectare park along the Vltava River, with numerous paths leading among ancient trees to pavilions, a bridge or two and various monuments. Then of course, there is the chateau itself, highly valued as a gem of Baroque architecture.  More

The Ungelt, and a thousand years of multicultural Prague

04-05-2011 16:11 | Christian Falvey

Ungelt, photo: Prague Information Service In the jumble of alleyways that is Prague’s Old Town, if you look carefully, you’ll make out the form of the ancient fortress of Ungelt, built over with baroque and renaissance facades, but still standing after 1000 years. This is the customs house of Ungelt, where foreign merchants came to store their wares, and a reminder that Prague has always been a cosmopolitan, multinational city ever since its earliest days.  More

Tyršův dům – Home of the Sokol movement

30-04-2011 02:01 | Jan Velinger

Tyršův dům In today’s Spotlight Radio Prague visits an early Baroque palace known as Michnův palác in the historic quarter of Malá strana. Built in the 16th century, it first belonged to the Micha family before it became munitions factory in the mid-1700s. In the early 20th century, after the founding of Czechoslovakia, it was sold to the patriotic Sokol sport and gymnastics organisation, which renovated it and named it Tyršův dům (or Tyrs’ House) after its main founder.  More

Znojmo Castle

20-04-2011 14:50 | Jan Velinger

Znojmo Castle, photo: South Moravian Museum in Znojmo One of the most beautiful towns in Moravia and historically an important location in the Czech Republic is Znojmo - a town whose foundations date back to the 11th century. For centuries Znojmo guarded the regions of southern Moravia, part of an elaborate chain of defending castles along the Dyje River and the border with Austrian lands, developing from a promontory fort to medieval stronghold and local seat of administration for the Přemyslids - the first line of Czech kings. By the mid 1200s Znojmo was dominant, complementing neighbouring castles at Bítov and Vranov.  More

The history and mysteries of Zbiroh Chateau

09-04-2011 | Christian Falvey

Photo: CzechTourism Zbiroh Chateau has stood on its hill between the Křivoklátské and Brdy Forests since the 12th century, a beautiful thing, wistfully recalled in the famous melody by Václav Vačkář, “A Memory of Zbiroh”. Until recently, memories of Zbiroh were just about all anyone had, because the chateau and its many treasures and mysteries were strictly sealed off for most of the 20th century. The memory of its illustrious history is only resurfacing today.  More

Guided tours with a difference highlight another face of Prague

17-03-2011 16:30 | Chris Johnstone

Vyšehrad railway station, photo: Kristýna Maková Guided tours with a difference have been launched in Prague – instead of highlighting the attractive cultural monuments favoured by the usual tour guides they put the spotlight on those examples of urban blight, dilapidation and thoughtless construction. And the ugly face of the capital’s development provides no shortage of routes.  More

The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč

12-03-2011 | Jan Richter

The historic Moravian town of Třebíč, some 140 km south east of Prague, is known for having perhaps the best preserved Jewish quarter in the country. In 2003, the town’s Jewish heritage sites, together with the Catholic basilica of St Procopius, were added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage.  More



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