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Romani dying out in Czech Republic, but not as fast as feared

12-06-2009 16:34 | Rosie Johnston

The Romany language is dying out in the Czech Republic, but not as rapidly as some had feared, suggests a survey conducted by linguists at Prague’s Charles University. The results of the first study of its kind in this country suggest that around 30 percent of the Czech Republic’s Roma minority are fluent Romani speakers. Earlier today, I met one of the survey’s authors, Helena Sadílková, and asked her first whether the Romani spoken in the Czech Republic varied from that spoken elsewhere in Europe:   More

Several charged after police mount biggest operation against Czech neo-Nazis

10-06-2009 17:14 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: CTK Political extremism, especially on the far right, has been a big issue in the Czech Republic over the last six months, with a strong perception that it is on the rise. It may have been a coincidence, but on Tuesday the subject was all over the news for a variety of reasons. Police arrested a number of neo-Nazis and announced the setting up of new riot squads, while many of the country’s political leaders signed a declaration condemning extremism.  More

Top Czech Radio Roma reporter applies for asylum in Canada

04-06-2009 16:08 | Rosie Johnston

Anna Poláková, photo: Jana Šustová On Wednesday it emerged that the head of Czech Radio’s Roma programming Anna Poláková had applied for asylum in Canada. The reporter said that she and her family could no longer cope with the constant attacks they found themselves under, leading her employers, Czech Radio, to speak out against rising levels of xenophobia in the Czech Republic.   More

Footage of Czech Roma camping in Toronto airport fuels speculation visas may be reintroduced

03-06-2009 17:07 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: Images of several Czech Romany families setting up home in a Toronto airport were aired by Canadian television over the weekend. On Wednesday, Czech authorities said the last of those pictured had moved out from the airport to a nearby town, but the images have fuelled speculation that visa restrictions may well be reintroduced for Czechs traveling to the North American state.   More

Czech media getting bad press over extremism

02-06-2009 16:43 | Christian Falvey

The Czech media is regularly ranked as one of the freest in the world, but recent events have called into question how well that freedom is utilised where political extremism is involved. Stemming from a number of heavily publicised incidents in recent weeks, many people are asking if it’s in fact media attention that’s actually feeding the occurrence of right-wing extremism. This week’s Talking Point discusses the events that have brought the journalists themselves into the spotlight.   More

Experts believe extremism is being fed by media attention

29-05-2009 15:56 | Christian Falvey

With the elections to the European Parliament coming up, political parties in the Czech Republic are trying to get their issues to the fore. Out of the sidelines of that effort however another issue has commanded attention over the last month and that is the problem of extremist political organisations and their presence in the media.   More

Czech Television put on the spot over anti-Roma election clips

21-05-2009 15:52 | Chris Johnstone

Public service broadcaster Czech Television has sparked a major row by broadcasting a pre-election spot for the extremist Národní strana, or National Party. The clip provided a platform for the far-right group to express its hatred of the country’s large Roma minority. This included the shocking promise of “a final solution to the gypsy problem.” In the uproar that followed the broadcaster eventually gave way and said it will not screen the spot again, though its judgement has been called into question.   More

Two awarded for courage in standing up to neo-Nazis

20-05-2009 16:46 | Jan Velinger

Stanislav Vodička (left) and Jakub Štěrbík, photo: CTK On Tuesday, the Czech Charter 77 Foundation awarded two young Czechs, Jakub Štěrbík and Stanislav Vodička, this year’s František Kriegel Award for outstanding personal courage. A year ago the two stood up to skinheads shouting hate slogans and giving the Hitler salute. For his efforts, Mr Štěrbík was stabbed in the neck; his friend Stanislav Vodička came to his aid and was also knifed.   More

Czech government unveils strategy to combat rise in far-right extremism

05-05-2009 16:29 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: CTK In one of its final acts before leaving office, the Czech government has just approved a new strategy to deal with a rise in far-right extremism. The release of the plan follows a period in which neo-Nazis, said to be increasingly organised, have attacked members of the Roma minority and clashed with the police. But what actual measures will be taken to deal with the far-right?   More

Hundreds of Romanies protest against extremism at nation-wide rallies

04-05-2009 16:23 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK Around 2,500 Romanies took to the streets in 13 towns and cities around the Czech Republic on Sunday to protest against the growing threat of racism and extremism. In their first-ever nationwide protest, members of the country’s largest minority accused the government of not doing enough to protect them.   More



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