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Leeda – a unique Czech fashion label going strong for seven years

06-04-2012 15:58 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: Radeq Brousil, Leeda Not far from the National Theatre, tucked away on Bartolomějská street, the small flagship store of the label Leeda boasts some of the most original, colorful and hip clothing in the Czech capital. Run by two young designers, Lucie Kutálková and Lucie Trnková, Leeda has been putting out its limited edition collections for nearly seven years. The two designers both studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Lucie Kutálková explains how the two were given a unique opportunity to establish their own label and retail space.  More

Sofia Smith – a Prague-based freelance chef who puts joy in cooking first

26-03-2012 13:50 | Sarah Borufka

Sofia Smith, who is half-Irish and half-Asian, has been cooking in Prague since the late nineties. Angel restaurant, where she was the executive head chef, received much critical acclaim – its opening was written about by Fodor’s as “the culinary event of the year” – and as a freelance chef, Sofia Smith continues to put a smile on the faces of Prague’s food lovers. Most recently, she has been hosting themed nights at Prague’s James Joyce Irish Pub and teaching cooking classes at the capital’s Cocina Rivero cooking studio. She speaks about what she most enjoys about being a chef, how Prague’s food culture has changed over the years and what her early culinary influences were.  More

Study: Obesity, smoking and drug abuse on the rise among Czech adolescents

29-02-2012 17:12 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: European Commission Czech researchers from the University of Olomouc made a significant contribution to the latest Health Behavior of School-Aged Children Research Study. Sadly, its conclusions point to a worrying trend: Czech adolescents, and their counterparts across Europe, are living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. As a result, obesity, drug abuse and smoking among those aged 18 and under are on the rise. We spoke to one of the Czech researchers involved in the international study, Michal Kalman.  More

Czechs and the Internet

09-02-2012 17:14 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Zanetta Hardy, stock.XCHNG Computers and the internet have become an integral part of our lives to such an extent that it is hard to imagine how we ever managed without them. However a recent survey conducted by the Czech Statistical Office shows that Czechs are still lagging behind many EU states when it comes to computer literacy and internet access.  More

Wenceslas square’s notorious sausage stands to be removed by end of year

02-02-2012 16:33 | Sarah Borufka

For years, Prague councilors have been announcing the end of the sausage stands on Wenceslas Square, which for some have become an institution, albeit a greasy and noisy one. Now, City Hall officials are set to serve eviction notices to all of the fast-food stands on the city’s main thoroughfare, ahead of a major makeover next year. In the future, Wenceslas Square may be sausage-free – but not if Prague 1 mayor Oldřich Lomecký has his say.  More

Pig slaughtering feasts on their way out

26-01-2012 13:28 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: ISIFA/ VLP/ Atilla Racek A centuries old tradition –the pig-slaughtering feast – will soon be a thing of the past. Those who consider the gory ritual an act of barbarism are cheering, others for whom it is an important part of village folklore are determined to maintain it at any price.  More

Stinky cheese sweetshop opens in Loštice

19-01-2012 16:41 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Tvarůžková cukrárna It is the country’s most smelly specialty – Olomoucké tvarůžky – dubbed by foreign visitors as “the stinky cheese of Olomouc” is not something you can easily overlook. Its pungent odor hits you the minute you open the fridge and will render you a social outcast several hours after consuming it. However many consider it to be one of the country’s biggest delicacies and the Czech Republic fought and won a six-year war with Germany and Austria over a protected geographical status trademark.   More

Growing fears over faulty French breast implants

05-01-2012 15:47 | Daniela Lazarová

Czech health institutions say they are getting dozens of concerned calls from women with silicone breast implants who fear they may be at health risk in connection with the scandal surrounding faulty French implants exported to 65 countries worldwide. It has been confirmed that around 2,000 of the risky industrial-grade silicone implants were delivered to Czech clinics between 2007 and 2010 when the scandal surfaced. Some clients are already demanding repeat surgery whether or not their doctors advise it.  More

Religion, ethnicity ignored by many Czechs in latest population census

16-12-2011 15:25 | Jan Richter

Over the past decade, Czech society has seen a number of interesting changes and trends, as shown by preliminary results of the 2011 population census which were released on Thursday. The figures show the country’s population grew a little, mainly due to migration. Czechs are also more educated than they used to be, and many more of them live alone. If people’s answers in the census are to be trusted, more people declared themselves to be Jedi knights than Romanies.  More

The success story of Petr Kosiner, the dumpling king of Prague

03-12-2011 02:01 | Sarah Borufka

Tram and car traffic is heavy on Prague’s Dukelských Hrdinů St. – not a very inviting location to open a business in the middle of the financial crisis. Yet the 45-year-old cook gone entrepreneur Petr Kosiner has set up his store Lázníčkový knedlík here. It is the only brick-and-mortar shop in Prague to sell homemade dumplings. Since it opened seven months ago, the store and the humble goods it sells have turned out to be so popular that already its owner has a hard time keeping up with the huge demand. Both restaurant professionals and regular people shop here, he says.  More



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