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11-03-2006 | Daniela Lazarová

The Decin practical jokers'club says it will forcibly expel winter from the Czech lands. There's a very smelly taxi on the loose! And, the latest invention: beer on tap in your living room! Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.   More

Case of abused boy given to adoptive parents in Sweden rings alarm bells

02-03-2006 13:53 | Daniela Lazarová

Eric, photo: Aftonbladet The death of four-year-old Eric, a Czech boy who was given to adoptive parents in Sweden less than a year ago, has shocked people in both countries. When he died there were signs that he had been neglected and physically abused, and this has called into question the whole practice of overseas adoptions. Could this tragedy have been prevented by the Czech or Swedish authorities? Do applicants from abroad undergo thorough screening before a child's adoption is approved and is there someone who monitors their welfare once they reach their new home? Those are all questions which Czechs are now asking themselves.   More

Czech judges propose simpler divorce proceedings

24-02-2006 14:06 | Pavla Horáková

Since the fall of communism the number of divorces in the Czech Republic has increased by a third and statisticians predict the number will increase even further. Divorce proceedings are a considerable burden for the Czech Republic's overstrained court system and that's why the Czech Union of Judges would like to make divorces much simpler and quicker.   More

Life in an orphanage, as seen by the children themselves

23-02-2006 14:21 | Jarka Hálková

Chacipe It is not in the nature of Miroslav Janek to make plans. The film director and editor believes in coincidence. Things happen, days go by and bring along the subjects of his documentaries. The very last 'coincidence' happened, when he was invited to take a look at the lives of Czech orphans. It led to the short movie Chacipe. This meaningless word was made up by children from a Czech orphanage, who are the film's stars, and also co-directors.  More

Growing number of Czech children have to cope with the trauma of divorce

20-02-2006 14:08 | Daniela Lazarová

Over the past 15 years the number of divorces in the Czech Republic has increased by a third. The Statistics Office predicts that this year the Czech Republic's divorce rate should climb to a staggering 50 percent. The vast majority of marriages that break up, do so between their third and sixth year - usually at a time when small children are involved. Socially, the stigma of divorce is long gone but for the children caught up in it, the pain and confusion is as strong as ever.   More

Age limit on assisted reproduction stirs up controversy

03-02-2006 13:59 | Daniela Lazarová

This week the lower house of Parliament passed a bill which would ban assisted reproduction or sperm donation after the age of forty. In a society where second and third marriages are common and people have embraced the Western trend of having children later in life the decision has caused plenty of controversy.   More

"Wedding tourism" - a welcome source of income for municipalities

03-02-2006 13:59 | Pavla Horáková

Most people would probably say that the most romantic city in the world is Paris. But the Czech capital Prague is now also staking its claim, as it is becoming an increasingly popular wedding destination for couples from all over the world. Czech town halls can only welcome this new type of tourism, as it brings extra cash into their coffers.   More


28-01-2006 | Daniela Lazarová

Fighting over a roof that's in no man's land. Why do so many young Czechs over twenty live with mum and dad. And, the risks of using a portable toilet in freezing temperatures. Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.   More

"I want a dog" - Czech children list-off what they want for Christmas and more

14-12-2005 14:42 | Jan Velinger

The Christmas markets in Prague may be packed but that's not the only business that's booming. This is also the peak season for toy shops. Do Czech children want toys? We went along to a Prague elementary school and asked a Grade 3 class.  More

Czech AIDS statistics -are they too good to be true?

01-12-2005 13:56 | Daniela Lazarová

While the spread of AIDS is becoming increasingly difficult to contain in some parts of the world, statistics suggest that the Czech Republic is a fairly sheltered country in this respect. To date 807 people are registered HIV positive, 76 are AIDS sufferers and 118 people have succumbed to the disease. But do these statistics reflect the real picture or merely the tip of the iceberg?   More



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