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Prague court delivers landmark ruling in home births advocates’ battle with the state

27-01-2012 15:56 | Jan Richter

A ruling on Thursday by a Prague court might lead to a breakthrough in the ongoing Czech debate about home births. While state officials and health care providers have consistently opposed the practice over safety concerns, the court decided that mothers indeed have the right to choose the place of their child’s delivery, and the state has to provide all necessary assistance.  More

Home births back in spotlight as group of pregnant women take their case to European Court of Human Rights

17-01-2012 15:29 | Rob Cameron

A woman's right to give birth at home is back in the spotlight in the Czech Republic, as a group of pregnant women intend to file a complaint at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Czech state makes planned home births virtually impossible; there are midwives qualified to deliver babies at home, but they lack official registration and insurance companies won't cover them.  More

Parents of “wolf children” on trial at Prague city court for child neglect

04-01-2012 15:32 | Sarah Borufka

The parents of the “wolf children”, photo: CTK The mother and father of two boys, dubbed “wolf children” by the Czech media, are currently on trial at a Prague city court. In a shocking and unusual case of child abuse, the parents never let their sons out of the apartment, did not dress them and fed them only liquid food. They deny charges of abuse and say they simply wanted to raise their children in an alternative way.  More


27-10-2011 16:15 | Daniela Lazarová

Super Václav In Panorama this week: mistletoe is associated with Christmas good cheer –in the Czech lands it is believed to bring good health, good luck and prosperity –but what happens when it turns into a killer? A Czech hospital discovers the magical properties of Kiwanis dolls in treating children and, the country’s new hero Super Václav is unmasked.  More

Is the Czech baby boom over and did it ever happen?

26-10-2011 16:08 | Pavla Horáková

Photo: European Commission In recent years the media, including Radio Prague, repeatedly reported about the Czech Republic experiencing a baby boom. It seemed obvious: statisticians reported increasing birth figures, maternity hospitals were bursting at the seams and mothers had to register months ahead of their delivery to secure a place. So is the baby boom now over and in fact – did it ever happen?  More

Using classical music to help children out of poverty

22-10-2011 02:01 | David Vaughan

In this special programme, David Vaughan looks at a unique project to encourage children with musical talent who come from some of the poorest families in the Czech Republic. The project enables primary school children to learn to play with some of the country’s foremost classical musicians. Its success is a reminder of the power of music to cross boundaries of language, class and culture.  More

Dr. Pavel Boček – child oncologist and founder of a charity for young cancer patients

08-10-2011 02:01 | Sarah Borufka

Dr. Pavel Boček is a Czech child oncologist who works at Motol hospital’s children oncology ward, sees patients in his own practice and has founded a charity for children with cancer. He also spent some time working in the United States, where he says he learned a lot about communicating with patients. For this edition of Czech Life, I spoke to Dr. Boček about his work, the field of child oncology and what first made him decide to go into that specific area of medicine.  More

Home births under fire as court case highlights family tragedy

23-09-2011 16:27 | Rob Cameron

Illustrative photo The issue of giving birth at home once again came to the fore this week after the country's most senior midwife was found guilty of criminal negligence after overseeing a botched home birth in Prague. A baby boy was left severely brain damaged after being deprived of oxygen, and later died. The midwife denies any wrongdoing, and says the complications were unforeseen and unavoidable.  More

Czech Republic to abolish infant homes by 2013

26-08-2011 16:02 | Jan Richter

The Czech government plans to abolish all of the country’s infant homes where babies under the age of three are placed if they are considered at risk or their families cannot take care of them. Some 2,000 infants spent time in these homes last year – but beginning in January 2013, the government wants to place babies in individual foster care. Most experts have welcomed the idea but many warn that much needs to be improved in the foster care system before infant homes can be abolished. Radio Prague spoke to Petra Vrtbovská, the head of the NGO NATAMA which helps to find foster parents for children at risk.  More

Czech Constitutional Court rules against sending ten-year-old boy to psychiatric facility due to custody battle

03-08-2011 15:20 | Sarah Borufka

The Czech Constitutional Court has just issued a verdict in favor of a mother fighting to prevent her ten-year-old son – a perfectly healthy boy -from being returned to a psychiatric hospital. The boy had already spent six months there during his parents’ custody battle on the basis of a previous court ruling. The court dealt with the case at the instigation of the boy’s father who demanded that the boy be taken from his mother’s care because she was biased against him and was having a bad influence on the child.  More



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