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Czech Republic data for 'World Internet Project' under analysis

18-10-2005 14:19 | Brian Kenety

The Czech Republic this year is for the first time taking part in the World Internet Project, a cross-cultural survey that seeks to identify how the behaviour and views of Internet users differs from those who rarely, if ever, go online. Brian Kenety caught up with the Czech Republic project coordinator and has this report.   More

Government approves national family policy

13-10-2005 14:37 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech Republic currently has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, second only to Ukraine and China. Although there are conflicting views as to whether the state should interfere with demographic trends, the government has now approved a national family policy which would make it easier for Czechs to have children and enjoy parenthood.   More

Nandanie and Asoke Weerasinghe - From Sri Lanka to Prague in the 1960s

27-09-2005 14:18 | Kay Grigar

In today's One on One I speak to Nandanie and Asoke Weerasinghe. Both are successful professionals in Alberta, Canada, thanks to their determination and a good education which started with a scholarship to study in Prague. Nandanie studied medicine at Charles University and Asoke engineering at Prague's Technical University. Prague is where they met; they eventually went on to complete their studies in Western Europe, emigrated to Canada and finally got married in their home country of Sri Lanka. They came to Czechoslovakia during the big changes of the mid 1960s. Many doors that closed for Czech students with the Soviet invasion of 1968, remained open for foreign students, granted they were successful in their exams. They had only had one year of intensive study to grasp the complexities of the Czech language. Now they are visiting the Czech Republic again, for the second time since their days as students here. Though eager to eat Czech food and drink Czech beer, the idea was not always so appealing for them. Asoke begins with his first impressions of Prague.  More

Czech universities at a crossroads: questions of reform

07-02-2005 | Linda Maštalíř

With university entrance exams around the corner and the general elections only 4 months away, there is growing attention on the Czech Republic's system of higher education. There are some particular points of pride, such as the fact that Charles University's medical schools receive accreditation in the United States. Yet, there are also constant rumblings about the need to reform the system.   More

Mixed results for Czech Republic in OECD education report

15-09-2004 | Ian Willoughby

Tuesday saw the release of the latest OECD "Education at a Glance" report, which came out simultaneously in all member countries. The report, which uses a wide variety of factors to compare levels of education, was presented in Prague by Michaela Klenhova of the Institute for Information on Education.   More



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