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Facebook opens up new ways of communication to senior citizens

13-03-2012 16:11 | Sarah Borufka

For the majority of younger people today, life without social media is unimaginable. Posting pictures and videos, sharing the latest news and keeping on top of events –many aspects of daily life take place on sites like Facebook or Twitter. But do senior citizens use this new technology, and if so, for what? We went along to a social media course at Prague’s Elpida center for the elderly.  More

Matouš Turek - a member of the “Week of Unrest” student movement

05-03-2012 17:03 | Dominik Jůn

Students protest in Hradec Králové, photo: CTK My guest today is 22-year-old Prague history, English and American Studies student Matouš Turek, who is a member of the “Week of Unrest” student movement that has been protesting proposed government reforms to the education system. So Matouš, what exactly are the proposed reforms and what don’t you like about them?  More

Fate of education reforms unclear after week of student protests

01-03-2012 16:13 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK A week of student protests against proposed reforms of the education system culminated with mass demonstrations around the country on Wednesday. After a night spent sleeping rough on the floor of university halls and lecture rooms students and university staff took to the streets to show their discontent with reforms which they claim will reduce the autonomy of education institutions, shift the burden of funding to students and put the academic sphere under the influence of private enterprise and politicians.  More

Students continue protests over university reform proposals

28-02-2012 14:04 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: CTK The student protests that formed a key component of the 1989 Velvet Revolution serve as a stark reminder, even more than twenty years later, that the imagery of any Czech government upsetting its student population is going to create a major headache. Recent reforms proposed by the Czech Education Ministry under Josef Dobeš have achieved just that. Students are crying foul, with banners draped in universities across the country accusing the government of putting profits before education. This week, many Czech students have taken matters a step further with a self-titled “Week of protests” against the legislation. Tuesday sees students attending countless workshops and debates while protests marching on the offices of the Czech government are scheduled for Wednesday. Dominik Jůn spoke to Charles University student Matouš Turek, one of organizers of the protests, and began by asking Turek to explain the background behind the controversial legislation:  More

Roma kids from special schools put Czech education system to shame in Great Britain

13-02-2012 16:17 | Daniela Lazarová

Thousands of teachers around the country are up in arms. They are unhappy about the government’s plans to gradually phase out special schools – or schools for children with a mental or physical handicap – and integrate as many of these children as possible into the education mainstream.  More

Therapist: parental failure behind increasingly aggressive kids

02-02-2012 16:33 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Alexander Popelier, stock.XCHNG Aggressive behavior in young children and adolescents is on the rise and there are indications that parents are increasingly unable to deal with it. Schoolteachers are ringing alarm bells and therapists are warning of the dire consequences of failing to deal with the problem in time.   More

Scandal-plagued Plzeň law faculty will have to close its doors

02-02-2012 16:33 | Daniela Lazarová

The law faculty at Plzeň university The scandal-plagued Plzeň faculty of law appears to have come to the end of the road. On Wednesday the Czech Accreditation Commission announced that the West-Bohemian law faculty’s undergraduate programme had failed to pass muster and its accreditation would not be extended past this autumn. On Thursday some 300 of the faculty’s 2,000 students gathered outside their school to protest against the decision and have appealed to Education Minister Josef Dobeš to intervene. However their chances of success are meager, since under Czech law the minister is not in a position to question the verdict of the accreditation commission. We spoke to its chairwoman prof. Vladimíra Dvořáková to find out what was behind the commission’s decision.  More

Teachers seek to revive Latin at Czech schools

26-01-2012 16:08 | Jan Richter

Latin once used to be the cornerstone of classical education. Until the middle of the 20th century, some knowledge of the language was a prerequisite for any career in the academia, and Latin was taught at every grammar school. But the numbers of students taking up the language has dropped by a half over the past decade. That’s why a group of Latin teachers launched a campaign to revive the teaching of Latin at Czech schools.  More

Parents of “wolf children” on trial at Prague city court for child neglect

04-01-2012 15:32 | Sarah Borufka

The parents of the “wolf children”, photo: CTK The mother and father of two boys, dubbed “wolf children” by the Czech media, are currently on trial at a Prague city court. In a shocking and unusual case of child abuse, the parents never let their sons out of the apartment, did not dress them and fed them only liquid food. They deny charges of abuse and say they simply wanted to raise their children in an alternative way.  More

Education Ministry to launch nationwide tests for elementary school pupils

23-11-2011 | Jan Richter

The Education Ministry will soon launch nationwide tests it believes will help improve the plummeting standards of Czech elementary schools. Contrary to the ministry’s original plan, the tests will not restrict those who do poorly from pursuing a higher education. Even so critics say the plan is too vague and some of them have even launched a petition asking parents to boycott the tests.  More



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