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Czech Bonnie and Clyde make headlines

13-11-2009 16:52 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK It’s the kind of story that makes film scenarios - a husband and wife on the run after a daring escape from prison, just a few months after their wedding. But this story ended badly – within 24 hours of the man’s escape, the police had caught up with them. The man was dead, the woman critically injured. Who are the Czech Bonnie and Clyde and what happened on their desperate flight to safety?   More

Young Czechs worst abusers of marijuana, ecstasy in EU

06-11-2009 16:39 | Jan Velinger

An annual survey on the drug situation by the European drug agency released on Thursday has confirmed that when it comes to the abuse of illegal drugs marijuana and ecstasy by young users, Czechs rank the very worst. This is despite the fact that over the last few years or so the situation in the country has actually somewhat improved.   More

Police arrest 30 suspected of ties to extremism, neo-Nazi movement

22-10-2009 15:44 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK Wednesday afternoon saw roughly one hundred right-wing extremists protest in front of the Office of the Government, in reaction to a carefully-planned crackdown by police earlier in the day. Officers moved in in the early hours of Wednesday morning to arrest almost 30 individuals across the country suspected of ties to extremist and neo-Nazi groups.   More

The School for Scandal: serious malpractice uncovered at Plzeň Law Faculty

08-10-2009 16:26 | Rosie Johnston

Plzeň Law Faculty Plagiarism, students’ work going missing, fast-track degrees completed within months, and dead professors still on the lecture roster – these are a few of the allegations to have been brought against Plzeň Law Faculty in recent weeks. What started as a media investigation into plagiarism claims, levied against a number of senior professors at the faculty, has turned into a much larger scandal which implicates some of this country’s best-known politicians.   More

Czech teenagers top European tables in substance abuse survey

01-10-2009 16:21 | Rob Cameron

A newly-released study on substance abuse among young people in Europe makes alarming reading for Czech officials. The results of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs (ESPAD) carried out in 35 European countries in 2007 have just been released, and they show Czech teenagers topping many of the tables in terms of abuse of controlled substances such as alcohol, nicotine and drugs.   More

Police clash with squatters highlights problem of abandoned buildings

15-09-2009 17:52 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK A high profile Prague clash between squatters and their supporters and police has highlighted the number of empty and deteriorating buildings in the capital. It has also put the spotlight on the powerlessness of local councils and authorities to force reluctant owners to take action.   More

Prague district council launches drive to clean up Karlovo náměstí

28-08-2009 16:17 | Rosie Johnston

Prague 2 district council is waging war on what it calls an ‘extreme situation’ on the capital’s Karlovo náměstí. Mayor Jana Černochová has said that steps must be taken against the increasing number of drug addicts, pickpockets and prostitutes found on the downtown Prague square.   More

Sculptor Pavel Opočenský: “I was the least angry prisoner”.

24-08-2009 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK Sculptor Pavel Opočenský has seen many twists and turns in his life. After signing Charter 77, he left for Germany to eventually settle in New York. When he came back after the fall of communism in 1990, he got involved in an incident in which he killed a skinhead in self defence. The trial took four and a half years before he was cleared of criminal charges. In the meantime, Pavel Opočenský became a respected sculptor – but in 2003, he was sentenced to three years in jail for sex with minors.   More


15-08-2009 03:02 | Daniela Lazarová

It’s the thief’s turn to cook dinner! Why are so many tourists spending hours in a certain public toilet. And, how many men in the Czech Republic can say they are Vaclav Havel? Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.   More

Four charged with racially motivated attempted murder over petrol bomb attack on Romany family’s home

14-08-2009 16:15 | Ian Willoughby

The house in Vítkov after the attack, photo: CTK In April this year many in the Czech Republic were horrified by a petrol bomb attack on a Romany family’s home that left a two-year-old girl fighting for her life. Now, four months later, police in north Moravia have made a major breakthrough in the case, charging four men with racially motivated attempted murder.  More



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