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Czechs held in Zambia return home

03-01-2012 15:55 | Daniela Lazarová

Michal Vébr, Jiří Cetel, Jan Coufal, photo: Czech Television Three Czechs who were detained and charged with espionage in Zambia have returned home. They showed up unexpectedly at their doorsteps at the end of the year and have refused to disclose any information regarding the nature of their escape. The Czech Foreign Ministry which made an all out effort to secure their release through regular diplomatic channels has put an information embargo on the case.  More

Prague police chief arrested, contracts frozen in anti-corruption sting

29-11-2011 15:32 | Rob Cameron

Vladimír Kotrouš, photo: Milan Holakovský, ISIFA/VLP The mayor of Prague has frozen all contracts signed by the City Police force and ordered a full investigation after the head of the force was arrested last week on suspicion of accepting a bribe. Vladimír Kotrouš, Prague City Police force president, is now in custody after anti-organised crime taskforce arrested him with a large amount of cash on his person.  More

Three Czech nationals to be tried for spying in Zambia

15-11-2011 16:24 | Daniela Lazarová

Jiří Cetel, Jan Coufal, Michal Vebr, photo: CT24 The fate of three Czech nationals who are awaiting trial in Zambia on suspicion of spying, remains highly uncertain. The three face 25 years in prison for having taken photographs of an old plane displayed outside a military base in Lusaka. The Czech Foreign Ministry has tried in vain to intervene on their behalf and is now sending a special envoy to the country to present the case in person.   More


03-11-2011 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Czech Television In this week’s Panorama: how walled-in windows can be a big attraction, the Vltava river gets a symbolic lighthouse and, the nation’s fierce one-eyed commander is back on his horse on Vítkov Hill - facing a new enemy.  More

Prisoners rebelling against worsening conditions in Czech prisons

24-10-2011 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Filip Jandourek An ongoing investigation into the recently thwarted mutiny in a number of Czech prisons suggests that the plot had nothing to do with the notorious Berdych gang as previously thought, but was incited by much more prosaic reasons – the atrocious living conditions in Czech jailhouses.  More

Czech museums on alert over rhino horns thefts

20-10-2011 17:09 | Jan Richter

Thieves recently broke into a museum in the north-east of the Czech Republic boasting a magnificent display of hunting trophies, and took what they believed to be a rhino horn. Although this particular horn was fake, the burglary was the latest in a series of similar incidents that have occurred around Europe. The police suspect it might be the work of an international gang making profit from rhino horns which are in demand for their alleged medicinal properties.  More

Prison mutiny thwarted

18-10-2011 15:26 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Filip Jandourek It has emerged that police and prison guards last week thwarted the biggest ever prison mutiny in the country’s history. The plot was allegedly hatched by jailed members of the Berdych gang -the largest organized crime ring in the Czech Republic with links to former elite police officers and is said to have involved dozens of prisoners in jailhouses around the country.  More

Police charge mother suspected of murdering four children

06-09-2011 16:30 | Christian Falvey

Photo: CTK Police have charged the woman assumed to be responsible for the most brutal child murder in modern Czech history. The 36-year-old is believed to have murdered all four of her children with a knife on Friday before making an unsuccessful attempt at suicide.  More

A hijacker’s memoir: what happens when three teenagers hijack a plane over bad school marks

01-09-2011 14:51 | Jan Richter

Fifty years ago today, three boys aged 14 and 15, boarded a regular flight between Prague and Brno. But they had another destination in mind – Munich, in West Germany. With no airport security, one of them had a handgun he had taken from his grandfather, and after some 10 minutes in air, they entered the cockpit and began to act. But the plan went terribly wrong, and they all spent many years in prison. One of them, 65-year-old Michael Procházka, recently put out a book, Confessions of a Plane Hijacker, which recounts the whole story up to his departure to Australia in 1969, where he spent the next 30 years of his life.  More

Ethnic tension builds up in northern Bohemia

29-08-2011 16:25 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK The Czech Republic is facing heightened ethnic tension between Romanies and the majority population. In parts of northern Bohemia, animosity between the two groups culminated on Friday after two public gatherings, staged allegedly to protest against rising crime levels in the region, turned into openly racist rallies calling on the Romanies to leave. The government hopes to calm things down by increasing the police presence in the region. But experts warn that more comprehensive action is needed to prevent divisions between the communities from widening even further.  More



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