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A bear-faced lie: Czech environmentalists fall for a prank

11-11-2010 16:49 | Jan Richter

Czech environmentalists were celebrating last week after they discovered bear tracks in a rail underpass in the north-east of the country. The tracks were deemed proof that the recently-built underpass, designed to allow animals to safely cross the railway line, was actually working. But it soon turned out that the bear track was faked, and that environmentalists had fallen for a prank.  More

Prague Zoo confirms position as leading breeder of Komodo dragons in captivity

31-08-2010 16:42 | Jan Velinger

The Komodo dragon babies in Prague Zoo, photo: CTK In the wild there are reportedly only around 5,000 Komodo dragons left, found in eastern Indonesia. But Prague Zoo has enjoyed continued success in breeding the endangered lizard in captivity. Over the last few days, the zoo saw the successful hatching of 20 new specimens, the offspring of a female known as Aranka. What’s more, viewers were able to watch the entire hatching process online. Radio Prague’s Jan Velinger spoke to the zoo’s spokeswoman Jana Ptačinská-Jirátová, who told me more about the successful hatchings:   More

West Bohemian spa town gets European funds to fight plant invader

13-07-2010 14:13 | Chris Johnstone

Giant hogweed, photo: Farbenfreude, Creative Commons 3.0 A West Bohemian spa town has won European Union funds to fight one of the most serious environmental problems in the area — an invasive plant that spreads like wildfire and lets almost nothing stand in its way. The project is believed to the first of its kind in the country and could lead to even more ambitious efforts.   More

Moravian deluge leaves swarms of mosquitoes

10-06-2010 16:11 | Christian Falvey

Photo: CTK The floodwaters have receded in Moravia, but now many parts of the region are inundated with mosquitoes. Various sources have reported as many as 60 bites a minute in places – not necessarily a danger, but a definite inconvenience as the summer tourist season begins.   More

Prague Zoo launches new fund-raising project to protect gorillas in the wild

13-05-2010 13:53 | Ruth Fraňková

Prague Zoo recently launched a new project to raise money for the protection of gorillas in Africa. It is raising money by collecting old mobile phones from visitors and selling them to a recycling company. The profit will be used for a UNESCO-listed gorilla-breeding reserve in the western African state of Cameroon.   More

Czech Scouts give away small tree plants in celebration of Earth Day

22-04-2010 13:39 | Sarah Borufka

In celebration of Earth Day, the Czech Scout Association handed out small tree plants at several metro stops in Prague on Thursday. People can take the trees and plant them at a location of their choice, making their city greener. Participants of the project “Growing Up Among Trees” can also send in photographs of the tree they planted, which will be collected and published on the scout association’s website. Jan Žáček is a scout member and was at Prague’s Náměstí Míru event, where some of the 2000 trees were handed out.   More

Golden eagles could return to Beskydy mountains after 100-year absence

05-03-2010 15:41 | Rob Cameron

Golden Eagle, photo: Juan Lacruz, Creative Commons 3.0 Ornithologists in the Beskydy mountains in the far east of the country are celebrating the possible return of the golden eagle after an absence of more than 100 years. A project to reintroduce young eagles to the area appears to have borne fruit – two of the birds have formed a pair, and have now started building a nest.  More

Czech rescue group saves thousands of wild animals every year

26-02-2010 15:44 | Sarah Borufka

Eleven years ago, the Czech Union for Nature Conservation started opening rescue centers for injured wild animals all over the Czech Republic. To date, 26 centers have been opened and last year alone over 10,000 animals were brought to a rescue center. The organization’s member Markéta Pecková talks about issues in rescuing wild animals and how the situation is changing.   More

Cuckoo, declining in numbers in Czech Republic, named Bird of Year

04-02-2010 15:18 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Steve Garvie, Creative Commons 2.0 The common cuckoo has just been named Bird of the Year 2010 by the Czech Society for Ornithology. One of the aims of the annual award is to draw attention to the problems faced by particular species of birds. In the case of the cuckoo, ornithologists report a baffling fall in numbers over the last few decades.  More

New species of short-lived fish may provide Czech scientists with insights into ageing

03-02-2010 12:11 | Christian Falvey

Nothobranchius Kadleci, photo: Czech scientists working in Mozambique have discovered a new species of fish that inhabits the rain pools of the savannah. Types of tiny killifish are found in many parts of the world, but what is unique to Nothobranchius Kadleci - named after the well-known Brno ichthyologist Jaroslav Kadlec - is its very short lifespan of only four months. The team from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology in Brno believe that the new discovery may eventually provide important insights into the understanding of aging, even in humans. I spoke to the institute’s Martin Reichard.   More



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