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Czech Foreign Ministry reviews priority goals and how to achieve them

18-01-2011 16:10 | Chris Johnstone

Karel Schwarzenberg, photo: CTK The Czech Foreign Ministry has launched a far reaching review of what its future priorities should be and how it can achieve them. The review is aimed at adapting policy to global changes over the last few years and also the ministry’s stretched resources.   More

White House sidesteps Congress opposition and appoints ambassador to Czech Republic

30-12-2010 16:31 | Chris Johnstone

Norman Eisen After a gap of near two years, the US is finally going to install an ambassador in Prague. The White House got around objections in Congress to its nominee by taking advantage of the fact that it is not in session just now.  More

Confidential material from US embassy in Prague included in WikiLeaks release

29-11-2010 15:50 | Chris Johnstone

Czech-US relations have been caught up in the massive release of secret US diplomatic cables by the WikiLeaks server. One of more than a thousand cables from the US embassy in Prague already put up on the whistle blower’s server provides a snapshot of how Czech and US diplomats began to recast their relations after the US dumped its plans for an anti-missile base in the Czech Republic.  More

US ambassador’s post to remain vacant even longer after nomination vetoed

01-10-2010 15:26 | Ian Willoughby

US embassy in Prague The post of United States ambassador to Prague has gone unfilled since the start of 2009, when the previous, George Bush-appointed ambassador was recalled. Now it appears the job will remain vacant for even longer, after the Obama administration’s choice for envoy to the Czech Republic was rejected in the US Senate.   More

Czech Foreign Minister takes mixed message to NATO

14-09-2010 16:53 | Chris Johnstone

Czech contingent in Kosovo Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has just been to NATO’s Brussels headquarters bearing mixed news about the government’s intentions. On the one hand it wants to quickly downsize its contribution to the ongoing peace mission in Kosovo, but on the other it is offering a bigger presence in Afghanistan.   More

Prague and Paris seek to mend strained relations

07-09-2010 13:01 | Chris Johnstone

Bernard Kouchner, Karel Schwarzenberg (right), photo: CTK Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg appears to have mended some fences with France on a just completed official visit. After veiled criticism from Mr. Schwarzenberg of French expulsions of Roma, this was set to be an awkward meeting but it seems to have ended with a desire to put future relations between Prague and Paris on a better footing.   More

Czech Foreign Ministry lacks African strategy, says expert Marie Imbrová

30-08-2010 17:31 | Jan Richter

Marie Imbrová Czech–African relations went through a downturn after the fall of communism, and might suffer another blow as the Czech Foreign Ministry has announced the closure of Czech embassies in Congo and Kenya. In this edition of One on One, we talk to Marie Imbrová, an African studies expert and a former diplomat, who spent eight years at Czech embassies in Kenya and Zimbabwe. She has continued visiting Zimbabwe even after she left the Foreign Ministry, and she is involved in several development projects there. During her sojourn in Africa, she also developed a passion for modern African art.   More

Czech Foreign Minister’s comments over Roma expulsion rack up tension between Prague and Paris

30-08-2010 14:55 | Chris Johnstone

Roma women gesture before being expelled from France at Roissy airport, photo: CTK A very undiplomatic spat has blown up between Prague and Paris. The fuse was lit by Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg who said that France’s ongoing expulsion of Roma, or gypsies, from camps across the country smacked of racism.   More

Mystery surrounds alleged Russian infiltration of Czech army command

28-07-2010 | Rob Cameron

A Czech newspaper has claimed three generals were forced to leave the army in 2009 after the security services found their offices had been infiltrated by a Russian spy. The daily Mlada Fronta Dnes claimed in a front-page exclusive on Wednesday that a female major working for all three men had been befriended by the spy, although her role in the affair remains unclear.  More

Obama nominates White House “ethics Czar” Eisen as ambassador to Czech Republic

30-06-2010 13:54 | Jan Richter

Norman Eisen, photo: US President Barack Obama has nominated Norman Eisen, a lawyer and the president’s advisor on ethics, as the new ambassador to the Czech Republic. The Czech Foreign Ministry approved the nomination on Wednesday, but Mr Eisen’s nomination is yet to be confirmed by the US Senate. Radio Prague spoke to Daniel Anýž, a commentator for a leading Czech daily, Hospodářské noviny, about the likely new US envoy to Prague.   More



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