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Czechs held in Zambia return home

03-01-2012 15:55 | Daniela Lazarová

Michal Vébr, Jiří Cetel, Jan Coufal, photo: Czech Television Three Czechs who were detained and charged with espionage in Zambia have returned home. They showed up unexpectedly at their doorsteps at the end of the year and have refused to disclose any information regarding the nature of their escape. The Czech Foreign Ministry which made an all out effort to secure their release through regular diplomatic channels has put an information embargo on the case.  More

Russian President Medvedev signs business contracts, opens exhibition at Prague Castle

08-12-2011 15:43 | Pavla Horáková

Václav Klaus, Dmitry Medvedev, photo: CTK More than a dozen important bilateral agreements and business deals were on the agenda of a two-day state visit to Prague by the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his entourage. Bilateral relations were at the forefront of attention, but topics such as the eurozone’s debt crisis and the recent parliamentary elections in Russia were also addressed.  More

Russian President Medvedev in Prague

07-12-2011 16:36 | Christian Falvey

Dmitri Medvedev, photo: CTK Russian President Dmitri Medvedev arrives in Prague on Wednesday at the invitation of Czech President Václav Klaus. His short visit will entail primarily meetings with President Klaus, who is often noted for his warm attitude towards Russia, and later on Thursday with Prime Minister Petr Nečas. There is plenty on the table for discussion among Czech and Russian leaders, namely business deals and Russia’s bid for the tender to complete the Temelín nuclear power plant in South Bohemia. Many of the milestones in the last decade of Czech-Russian relations however have been negative, with years of debate over the abandoned American missile defence plan and a spy scandal two years ago. Christian Falvey spoke with Petr Kratochvíl, one of the heads of Prague’s Institute of International Relations and an expert on Russia, who he first asked where relations stand now.  More

Czech-US relations: like a 20-year-old marriage without sex, envoys say

11-10-2011 15:41 | Jan Richter

Michael Žantovský, William J. Cabaniss, Alexandr Vondra, Norman Eisen, photo: CTK In this edition of Czech history, we look at the development of Czech-American relations over the past two decades. Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, they have been the pivot of Czech foreign policy. But after the euphoria of the Velvet Revolution and the era of Washington’s fascination with Václav Havel, these relations today are like a 20-year old marriage with no sex – at least according to some current and former diplomats who appeared in Friday’s debate hosted by the Foreign Ministry.  More

US Ambassador to Prague Norman Eisen discusses 9/11 & the War on Terror

09-09-2011 16:52 | Jan Velinger, Martina Mašková

Ahead of the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, Czech Radio’s Martina Mašková interviewed the US Ambassador to Prague Norman Eisen. In the interview the ambassador is asked about Czech cooperation in the War on Terror, CIA renditions at Czech airports, and al Qaeda. Mr Eisen begins first though by discussing the attacks on that fateful September day, including where he was when the first plane hit.  More

Coalition at odds over state secretary for EU affairs

01-09-2011 14:32 | Daniela Lazarová

A proposal to establish a state secretary for EU affairs, approved by the Czech cabinet on Wednesday, has divided the ruling coalition. While the proposal was pushed through by the Civic Democratic Party and Public Affairs the third party in government, TOP09, remains strongly opposed to the move which it claims to be in violation of the coalition agreement. The party, which holds the foreign ministry, fears the new post will detract from its powers and has demanded coalition talks on the issue. Petr Drulák, head of the Prague-based Institute of International Relations, says enforcing the decision on TOP 09 would not be a good move.  More

US ambassador Norman Eisen looks back at his first five months in Prague

15-06-2011 15:41 | Jan Richter

Norman Eisen Czech-American relations are going “from good to great”, according to the US ambassador to Prague Norman L. Eisen who will soon complete his first five months in the Czech Republic. Mr Eisen has been working to shift the focus from missile defence, a top priority during the era of President George W. Bush, towards cooperation in nuclear energy, commerce and the fight against corruption. In an interview for Radio Prague, Ambassador Eisen looks back at some of the developments of the past five months.  More

Czech Republic closes embassy in Tripoli in face of continuing unrest

01-03-2011 15:53 | Jan Velinger, Vilem Faltynek

Photo: CTK On Monday the last Czechs remaining in Libya departed for home in light of the increased violence and unrest in the country. A day earlier the Czech Embassy in Tripoli shut down temporarily, with all diplomatic staff, including the Czech ambassador, flying back to Prague. Currently, no one knows which direction the situation in the country will take, as anti-government forces clash with those loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.  More

Czech foreign policy review searches for new directions

25-01-2011 13:36 | Chris Johnstone

Karel Schwarzenberg, photo: archive of the Czech Government The Czech Foreign Minister has announced a wide ranging review of foreign policy to take account both of changes in the Czech Republic and those in the wider world. The review comes with the jury still out on whether a more streamlined EU foreign policy can deliver, the outcome of Afghanistan still unclear and questions still up in the air about relations with Russia. We look at what might be questioned in the review and what changes might follow.  More

Czech Foreign Ministry reviews priority goals and how to achieve them

18-01-2011 16:10 | Chris Johnstone

Karel Schwarzenberg, photo: CTK The Czech Foreign Ministry has launched a far reaching review of what its future priorities should be and how it can achieve them. The review is aimed at adapting policy to global changes over the last few years and also the ministry’s stretched resources.   More



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