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Czech Republic and Britain alone withhold signatures from EU treaty

02-03-2012 15:51 | Jan Velinger

David Cameron, Petr Nečas, photo: CTK Twenty-five of 27 EU member states signed the European Union’s new fiscal compact in Brussels on Friday - but the Czechs were not among them. Prime Minister Petr Nečas together with British Prime Minister David Cameron have opted not to support the treaty, which is aimed at enforcing budget discipline in the union and prevent meltdowns within the eurozone as was seen with Greece.  More

Czech, British leaders discuss Greek vows ahead of European Council

23-06-2011 16:04 | Jan Richter

Petr Nečas, David Cameron, photo: CTK British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Prague on Thursday for a brief working visit. Mr Cameron met with the Czech head of government, Petr Nečas, to discuss their countries’ positions on a planned new bailout for Greece, ahead of a key EU summit in Brussels. Both leaders agreed that the planned rescue package should be put together by members of the eurozone, rather than the whole of the EU.  More

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s special Czech relationship

12-05-2010 13:57 | Chris Johnstone

The British Conservatives under leader David Cameron have won power after 13 years in the political wilderness. The newly installed British Prime Minister has been a frequent visitor to Prague in recent years to forge closer relations with the Conservatives’ Czech sister party – the Civic Democrats. David Cameron says he feels a special, personal relationship with the Czech Republic.   More

Prince Charles to return to Czech Republic for four-day visit

19-03-2010 14:38 | Christian Falvey

Britain’s Prince Charles will be arriving in the Czech Republic at the weekend, as he and his wife Camilla continue a trip through Central Europe. In addition to visiting sights of his choosing around the country, Charles will likely be checking in on the legacy he has left in the country from several previous trips.   More

British PM Brown supports Czech EU presidency priorities

19-12-2008 17:47 | Jan Richter

Gordon Brown and Mirek Topolánek, photo: CTK Czech PM Mirek Topolánek met with the head of the British government Gordon Brown in London on Thursday in the final stop of his tour of European capitals ahead of the Czech presidency of the European Union. After the meeting, Mr Brown said Britain endorsed the Czech EU presidency priorities, and said it was going to be in good hands.   More

Czech students enjoy a taste of Westminster in Prague

11-12-2008 11:23 | David Vaughan

Photo: One thing that was not cultivated in communist Czechoslovakia was the art of public speaking. Anyone of a certain age will remember the endless monologues of party secretaries, but twenty years on, there is a growing awareness of the importance of public debate. Many young Czechs with an interest in politics have followed with fascination the political sparring that goes on in Britain’s parliament, and with this in mind, the British Chamber of Commerce in Prague recently organized a debate, taking the British parliament as its model. It was the brainchild of the chamber’s James de Candole:  More

President tells BBC he expects US radar will eventually be stationed on Czech soil

13-11-2007 15:25 | Jan Velinger

Vaclav Klaus, photo: CTK In an interview for BBC television, Czech President Vaclav Klaus has said that he expects a radar base proposed by the US will one day be a reality on Czech territory, although he stressed it would not be “tomorrow” or in the nearest future. Mr Klaus was asked about missile defense on the BBC’s HardTalk programme: while reluctant to speculate over the necessity of a missile shield regarding rogue states, the president did indicate Prague’s support for the US was a show of solidarity in keeping with transatlantic relations.   More

President Klaus meets royals and senior politicians on UK visit

09-11-2007 15:09 | Rosie Johnston

Over the last three days, the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, has been on a state visit to the United Kingdom. In the course of his stay, Mr Klaus has paid visits to Buckingham Palace, Brookwood military cemetery, and Downing Street - and found time for a lecture on global warming as well. Czech Radio's correspondent in the United Kingdom, Milan Kocourek, has been accompanying the president on his whistle-stop tour. He talked to Radio Prague earlier today about the president's programme:   More

Princess Anne visits home for the elderly in Prague

15-10-2007 16:41 | Joshua Singer

Princess Anne (middle) with Livia and Vaclav Klaus, photo: CTK Britain's Princess Anne is in Prague this week for an official visit. Having spent Sunday at the annual steeplechase in Pardubice, where she handed out the trophy to the victor, the Princess arrived in Prague on Sunday evening, dining at Prague Castle with President Klaus and his wife. On Monday morning she attended a memorial ceremony at the Commonwealth Monument in Olsansky cemetary, before proceeding to what was for some residents a very special visit to the Sue Ryder Home, an old people's home in Prague run by British charity the Sue Ryder Foundation.   More

UK customs screening all mail from Czech Republic for cigarettes, child porn

21-09-2007 16:30 | Rob Cameron

Some curious and rather unfortunate news emerged from Great Britain this week - the Czech Republic has been placed on a list of "risk countries" by Her Majesty's Customs, because of the amount of illegal contraband arriving in Czech letters and parcels. The upshot is that all Czech mail to Britain is now being screened, and customers are experiencing delays.   More



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