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Pirate of Prague inches closer to extradition to U.S.

29-09-2006 14:43 | Rob Cameron

Viktor Kozeny, photo: CTK Viktor Kozeny, the so-called Pirate of Prague, appeared one step closer to extradition to the United States on Thursday. A court in the Bahamas - Mr Kozeny's adopted home - confirmed June's decision to deport him to the U.S. to face charges of bribing senior government officials in Azerbaijan. However Czech investors allegedly defrauded by Mr Kozeny in the 1990s are still no closer to seeing their money.   More

Czech Republic asks ex-pats in US to help abolish visas for Czechs

18-09-2006 15:32 | Daniela Lazarová

This week hundreds of thousands of Czech Americans will open envelopes from the Czech Embassy in Washington asking them to join a campaign to abolish US visas for Czech citizens. For years the Czech Republic has striven to be included in the US waiver programme, which would put relations on an equal footing, but so far in vain. Now it is asking Czech ex-pats in the United States to bring the matter to the attention of their congressmen. Jakub Skalinik of the Czech Foreign Ministry explains what the campaign aims to achieve:   More

Missile defense base decision expected by end of August

07-08-2006 14:29 | Linda Maštalíř

For some months now there has been speculation about the United States building a new missile base somewhere in Central Europe. Initially analysts tipped Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic as key candidate countries for the base. Hungary now appears to be out of the running and it would seem the chances of a base being built here are increasing - on Sunday the Czech foreign minister, Cyril Svoboda, said it was almost certain Prague would play some part in the project. Richard Krpac, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, explains the latest developments:   More

US experts to scour potential missile sites, as Polish paper says deal already done

13-07-2006 14:25 | Rob Cameron

A team of U.S. military experts arrives in the Czech Republic next week to examine potential sites for a new missile defence base. The United States is said to be considering either the Czech Republic, Poland or Hungary for the new facility, but a Polish newspaper reports that Washington has already reached agreement with Warsaw. Rob Cameron has the following report.   More

Time running out for decision on US missile bases

27-06-2006 15:18 | Rob Cameron

It began as a rumour, but is now beginning to take shape. The United States, it seems, is serious about plans to build controversial new missile bases in Central Europe. The Americans reportedly have their eyes on a number of potential locations, and several Czech politicians have already given the idea their support. But the timing of the project could not be less fortunate - with so much uncertainty over the future government.   More

US mulls building missile defence base in Czech Republic or Poland

25-05-2006 14:42 | Rob Cameron

Radek Khol The media has been full of reports in recent weeks of plans by the US to build a missile defence system in Central Europe - largely a response to Iran's sabre-rattling over its nuclear programme. This summer - according to the New York Times - the Pentagon will choose between two countries: Poland and the Czech Republic. Rob Cameron spoke to Radek Khol, head of the Centre for Security Analysis at the Institute of International Relations in Prague.   More

Czechs and their supporters looking into ways of attaining US visa waiver status

04-04-2006 14:32 | Dita Asiedu

People waiting for visa in front of the US Embassy in Prague, photo: CTK Why do Czechs need a visa to travel to the United States while US citizens only need a passport to visit the Czech Republic? This is a question that comes up again and again. The US authorities have two main answers: the terrorist attacks of September 2001 have led to a stricter visa policy to protect national security; secondly the number of Czechs who enter the United States on a tourist visa to work there illegally is estimated at tens of thousands and has to be regulated. Both arguments sound pretty convincing, but some Czechs are not willing to give up without a fight and are looking for ways of persuading the US authorities to lift the visa requirement.   More

FBI seizes "Pirate of Prague" Kozeny in Bahamas paradise

07-10-2005 14:22 | Rob Cameron

Viktor Kozeny, photo: CTK Viktor Kozeny, the so-called Pirate of Prague, is currently sitting in a police cell in his adopted home of the Bahamas, after being arrested by the FBI. On Thursday US federal prosecutors charged him and two other men with participating in a scheme to bribe senior government officials in Azerbaijan over lucrative oil privatisation deals. He now faces extradition to the U.S. But as Rob Cameron reports, Czech investors who say they were defrauded by Mr Kozeny have little hope of seeing their money again.   More



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