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Czech MEP: European conservatives would prefer Romney at White House

27-08-2012 15:40 | Jan Richter

Mitt Romney, photo: CTK Czech MEP Jan Zahradil will appear at the US Republican Party convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, later this week. The convention will formally nominate Mitt Romney as the party’s presidential candidate, and Mr Zahradil, who is a deputy chair of a conservative group in the European Parliament, says conservatives would welcome Mitt Romney’s becoming the next US president. Jan Zahradil will appear at a panel entitled Hey America, Don’t Take This Road. RP spoke to the Czech MEP and asked him what his message to the Republican delegates will be.  More

New manifesto seeks to revive debate about Czech position in EU

04-07-2012 14:31 | Jan Richter

An initiative by several Czech NGOs and members of the country’s business community seeks to stir up debate about the Czech Republic’s position within the European Union. The manifesto, entitled Confident Czech Republic in a strong Europe, calls on MPs and government officials to ensure that Czechs remain at the core of the EU. In this edition of Marketplace, we talk to some of its authors and signatories and looks at what impact, if any, the initiative might have on the Czech debate about the future of the European Union.  More

Czechs content with EU banking, pro-growth deals

29-06-2012 15:51 | Jan Richter

Photo: European Commission At a two-day summit in Brussels which ends on Friday, EU leaders agreed to set up a joint banking supervisory body to oversee banks in eurozone member states. They also approved a plan to boost growth in the bloc and agreed on a roadmap towards fiscal union in the euro zone. Czech officials, who initially expressed concern over proposals that the new banking authority should also supervise banks in countries outside the monetary union, seem content with the summit’s outcome.  More

Czechs welcome outcome of Greek elections, but remain cautious on fiscal compact

18-06-2012 16:10 | Daniela Lazarová

Leader of the New Democracy conservative party Antonis Samaras (bottom left) speaks during a press conference, photo: CTK The Czech crown firmed upon news of the election victory of pro-EU parties in Greece and all the day’s papers commented on Europe’s palpable sigh of relief. Although not a euro-zone member, the Czech Republic has nevertheless watched the Greek drama unfold with considerable concern.  More

German chancellor non-confrontational on EU fiscal compact during visit to Czech capital

03-04-2012 16:21 | Sarah Borufka

Petr Nečas, Angela Merkel, photo: CTK On a brief working visit to the Czech Republic, German chancellor Angela Merkel met with Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas and President Václav Klaus in Prague on Tuesday. Two issues dominated the agenda: a new EU fiscal compact that is being pushed by Germany as well as differing approaches to energy policy in both countries.  More

Eggs in short supply following new EU directive on laying hen welfare

20-03-2012 14:39 | Sarah Borufka

In the Czech Republic, egg prices have increased sharply in recent weeks as a result of a new EU directive that strives to improve conditions in laying hen farms. Since many farmers have failed to implement the new regulations in time, eggs are now in short supply in some countries. Some Czech consumers have even started buying large quantities in neighboring Germany. How will the situation develop ahead of Easter?  More

Czech Republic and Britain alone withhold signatures from EU treaty

02-03-2012 15:51 | Jan Velinger

David Cameron, Petr Nečas, photo: CTK Twenty-five of 27 EU member states signed the European Union’s new fiscal compact in Brussels on Friday - but the Czechs were not among them. Prime Minister Petr Nečas together with British Prime Minister David Cameron have opted not to support the treaty, which is aimed at enforcing budget discipline in the union and prevent meltdowns within the eurozone as was seen with Greece.  More

Prague and London launch initiative to deepen common European market

20-02-2012 16:17 | Daniela Lazarová

Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas, British Prime Minister David Cameron, photo: archive of the Czech Government The Czech Republic and Britain, who both decided to stay out of the EU’s fiscal discipline pact, are preparing to launch an initiative of their own: one aimed at deepening the common market. Prague says that this is the real key to economic growth at a time when the alliance needs to boost its flagging economy.  More

Czech signature of ACTA agreement sparks controversy and demonstrations

06-02-2012 14:06 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: CTK The signature of ACTA, short for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, by 22 EU member states has sparked a heated controversy and widespread protests across Europe. In the Czech Republic, hundreds of internet users took to the streets in Prague and other cities, while hackers associated with the group Anonymous have attacked websites of the government, political parties and copyrights holders associations. In neighboring Poland, the ratification of the agreement was even put on ice after widespread protests and attacks on government websites. The controversial agreement aims to protect intellectual property on the internet, but many fear it will lead to online surveillance and internet censorship. New media and technology journalist Petr Kočí speaks about ACTA and how it is perceived in the Czech Republic.  More

War of words erupts in Prague over EU’s fiscal treaty

01-02-2012 16:31 | Jan Richter

Petr Nečas, Karel Schwarzenberg, photo: archive of the Czech Government Top Czech officials have engaged in an unusually strong exchange of insults over the government’s refusal to join the European Union’s new fiscal treaty. Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, Prime Minister Petr Nečas and President Václav Klaus engaged in a crossfire which has put more strain on the fragile coalition government, and which illustrates the deep divisions between the major Czech political forces in their stance on European integration.  More



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