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How to vote in the European Parliament election

16-04-2009 17:45 | David Vaughan

In less than two months’ time, between June 4 and June 7, the European Union will be holding the biggest trans-national election in history. Citizens of the 27 member states will be voting to choose the 736 members of the European Parliament. One of the features of the election is that citizens of one member state who live abroad are entitled to vote in their country of residence, if that country is also an EU member. That means that if you are a citizen of any EU country and live legally in the Czech Republic, you can vote for candidates standing in this country. But if you do want to vote, you will need to hurry, as you have just a few days left to register. David Vaughan has more details.   More

EU environment ministers tackle climate change in Prague

15-04-2009 16:27 | Chris Johnstone

EU environment ministers came to the end of a two day informal meeting in Prague on Wednesday. The talks have been dominated by one subject - climate change – which is a major issue for the Czech EU presidency.   More

Czech Republic not to accept Guantanamo detainees, says interior minister

07-04-2009 17:26 | Rosie Johnston

Guantanamo, photo: CTK The Czech Republic will not accept any former inmates from the Guantanamo Bay military prison camp, Interior Minister Ivan Langer said on Monday in response to a US appeal for EU member states to do so. Mr Langer said that the Czech Republic was not currently equipped to take in any of the camp’s former detainees but that, as the current head of the European Union, it would try to negotiate a common European solution to the problem. Earlier today, I spoke to Markéta Matlochová from the Czech Interior Ministry, who said that the matter was under consultation:   More

US president and EU leaders meet at informal summit in Prague

05-04-2009 15:35 | Jan Richter

Barack Obama, photo: CTK EU leaders met with US President Barack Obama at an informal summit of the European Union and the United States in Prague on Sunday. The meeting, organized by the Czech EU presidency on the second day of President Obama’s visit to the Czech capital, followed up on issues discussed earlier this week at the G20 in London and the NATO summit in Strasbourg.  More

Karel Barták on life inside the European Union

01-04-2009 14:34 | Rosie Johnston

Karel Barták For the past two years, Karel Barták has been the chief of the European Commission’s youth and culture communications unit, making him one of the highest-ranking Czechs in Brussels. Prior to that, he spent over a decade as the Czech News Agency’s European Union correspondent. So how was the transition from reporting on the EU to becoming an official himself? Karel Barták told me over a café a la russe on Brussels’ Place Madou:  More

"I hope we will be thought of as an honest broker" - Milena Vicenová on the Czech EU presidency

31-03-2009 17:12 | Rosie Johnston

Milena Vicenová This Tuesday marks the halfway point of the Czech Republic’s EU presidency. On a recent visit to Brussels, I met one of the people instrumental in organizing the Czechs’ time at the helm, Milena Vicenová, the Czech Ambassador to the European Union. In the calm of her Brussels office, just a few days before Prague made headlines for the fall of the centre-right government coalition, Ms Vicenová discussed how the presidency had been going so far. For her personally, it has meant a great deal of hard work:   More

EU foreign ministers at Hluboká: Lisbon treaty a must for future enlargement of the bloc

30-03-2009 16:48 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK The Czech EU presidency hosted an informal meeting of the bloc’s 27 foreign ministers over the weekend in Hluboká, south Bohemia. Although Czech officials went into the meeting with an ambitious agenda it was the Czech Republic’s own domestic crisis that inevitably drew the most attention. Just days after the fall of the country’s centre-right government EU foreign ministers sought reassurances regarding the Czech EU presidency and the fate of the Lisbon treaty.   More

EU foreign ministers meet informally in south Bohemia

27-03-2009 16:39 | Rosie Johnston, Jan Richter

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, photo: CTK Foreign ministers from the European Union’s 27 member states are meeting informally in the south Bohemian town of Hluboká this Friday. As well as discussing the EU’s external relations, foreign ministers may also be drawn into discussing the Czech Republic’s domestic crisis, following the collapse of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek’s cabinet. Jan Richter is in Hluboká and joins me now on the phone.   More

Yushchenko in Prague: Eastern Partnership no substitute for EU membership

24-03-2009 16:11 | Rosie Johnston

Viktor Yushchenko and Václav Klaus (right), photo: CTK On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko began a two-day official visit to the Czech Republic. At a joint briefing with his Czech counterpart, Václav Klaus, at Prague Castle on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Yushchenko called for increased ties between Kiev and the EU, and insisted that this January’s gas crisis was not of his own doing.   More

Should an EU body be created to deal with Europe’s Communist and Nazi past?

24-03-2009 10:32 | Chris Johnstone

The Czech EU Presidency last week launched a bid to make a mark on history by creating a Europe-wide platform for the study and recognition of the crimes committed by former Communist regimes. The move has sparked a debate within the Czech Republic and abroad over whether such a step aimed at unlocking the problematic past is desirable.   More



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