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Incoming government promises overhaul of defence contracting policy

04-08-2010 16:36 | Jan Richter

Pandur, photo: The incoming Czech government has declared the fight against corruption as one of its top priorities. One of the hotspots has long been the Czech Defence Ministry whose contracts with foreign arms producers have to go through mediating firms. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Petr Nečas vowed to change the practice and make the ministry’s arms deals more transparent.   More

Rolling Bohemian hills become Afghan desert for Flying Rhino 2010

17-05-2010 13:55 | Rob Cameron

The Czech Republic is currently playing host to the British Army's largest integrated land-air military exercise, called Flying Rhino. More than 2,000 troops from the UK's First Armoured Division backed up by several squadrons of the Royal Air Force are working with Czech and other NATO allies to simulate the conflict in Afghanistan.   More

NATO chief Rasmussen hopes to see more Czech troops in Afghanistan

05-03-2010 15:41 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is in the Czech Republic for a two-day visit, primarily to drum up support for a heightened Czech military presence in Afghanistan. On Friday, Mr Rasmuseen met with the Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, whose government has already approved an increase of Czech troops in the war-ridden country. But the decision has yet to be sanctioned by the Czech Parliament, and NATO’s Secretary General is later scheduled to meet with party leaders to try to win their support for the plan.   More

Corruption suspicions over Pandur contract puts spotlight on army tenders

22-02-2010 14:18 | Chris Johnstone

Pandur, photo: CTK Suspicion of corruption surrounding another large contract for the Czech army has focused attention on how the multi-billion deals are decided. Some politicians are calling for far reaching structural reforms against the background of European moves to foster a more transparent and competitive market.   More

Background to large armoured personnel carriers deal under scrutiny

19-02-2010 14:18 | Ian Willoughby

Pandur, photo: A huge deal the Czech Republic signed last year to buy armoured personnel carriers for the country’s army has been back in the news this week, amid accusations of corruption involving leading political parties. While Czech politicians have denied any wrongdoing, the police have begun looking into the matter.  More

Government approves additional troops for Afghan mission

02-02-2010 15:19 | Jan Velinger

Photo: The government has approved reinforcements of 55 troops for the Czech contingent serving in Afghanistan. Earlier this year, lawmakers approved 535 troops to continue the Czech mission in the war-torn country, but finding approval for additional troops is not likely to prove easy. On Monday, the Social Democrats – long opposed to troop increases on foreign missions - wasted no time in coming out against the plan.   More

Klaus steps in to stop mandatory swine flu vaccinations for soldiers

28-01-2010 15:10 | Rob Cameron

President Václav Klaus, photo: CTK President Vaclav Klaus has stepped in to stop mandatory vaccination of Czech soldiers against swine flu, telling Army staff the order to vaccinate all 16,000 soldiers was “highly controversial, if not unacceptable.” Mr Klaus – formally commander-in-chief of the Czech Armed Forces – announced in a statement on Wednesday that he’d asked the Defence Ministry to make vaccination voluntary. The ministry, it seems, has jumped to attention.   More

Czechs pledge more troops to Afghanistan but real battle will be in parliament

03-12-2009 16:42 | Rob Cameron

Photo: After months of anticipation President Barack Obama finally announced this week he would be sending an extra 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan in a bid to bring the U.S.-led war to a close. To further that end, Washington expects its partners in NATO to send at least another 5,000 troops, and governments in several NATO countries – including the Czech Republic – have already responded. However, they’ll first need to persuade a sceptical parliament in Prague.   More

Former Chief of General Staff says government needs to speed up preparation for new tender on fighter planes

06-10-2009 16:40 | Jan Velinger

Photo: The Czech Republic has five years left on its lease of 14 Gripen fighter jets from the British-Swedish consortium BAE Systems-SAAB, but already, say some observers, the government should be thinking about next steps: a tender preparing the ground for the Czech Republic to either buy the existing planes or to opt for new fighter jets.   More

Government looks to redefine plan for Afghanistan

31-08-2009 17:18 | Christian Falvey

The state of military and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan is a matter of perennial debate and concern for all countries involved; and as forces there revise their plan for the country, so too does the Czech Republic. There are currently some 500 Czech soldiers in Afghanistan serving in a variety of roles, and in rearranging their activities to suit the continuing crises there, one thing the Czech government is now focusing on is creating a more long-term plan for its missions. Andrej Čírtek of the Ministry of Defence has recently returned from Afghanistan and earlier today I spoke with him about the Ministry’s plans for Czech involvement in the country.   More



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