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New slat armour to be used on additional Czech military vehicles in Afghanistan

16-03-2012 15:33 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Czech Television Additional transport vehicles used by the Czech military in Afghanistan are to receive added protection developed by defence firm VOP-026 Šternberk: cage (or slat) armour capable of defending against rocket-propelled grenades or shape-charged warheads. Lightweight and made of superior alloy steel, the slat armour can consistently save lives in attacks that otherwise almost certainly prove fatal.  More

Former defence minister to be charged in corruption case

01-12-2011 16:05 | Jan Richter

Martin Barták, photo: archive of the Czech Army One of the most blatant corruption cases in recent years will end up in court. Prosecutors in the north-eastern city of Ostrava have announced that two people will be charged in the case of the 2006 purchase of Tatra trucks for the Czech army. Although no details about the charges and the people involved have been officially disclosed, a number of Czech media have reported that former defence minister Martin Barták is one the two men facing prosecution.  More

No agreement yet by coalition on new VAT rate or spending cuts

19-07-2011 15:55 | Jan Velinger

Miroslav Kalousek, photo: CTK A meeting between government coalition leaders on Monday failed to produce conclusive results on how the government will offset falling tax revenues. But two variants, narrowed down, are on the table: to introduce new spending cuts at most government ministries as well as in some social benefits to bring the public finance deficit down to 3.5 percent of GDP in 2012. Or, alternatively, to raise the VAT to a uniform 19 percent (with minimal exemptions on books, medicines, newspapers & magazines).  More

NATO chief slams Czechs over reduced military spending

15-07-2011 15:05 | Jan Richter

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, photo: CTK NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has criticized the Czech government for reduced military spending. According to media reports, the NATO chief sent Prime Minister Petr Nečas a letter warning that his government might not be able to fulfil its commitments to the alliance should these cuts continue in the coming years.  More

Defence minister fights for his political future

24-03-2011 16:02 | Daniela Lazarová

Alexandr Vondra, photo: CTK Czech coalition leaders have crossed swords over one of the most influential men in the Czech cabinet – Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra of the Civic Democrats. Mr. Vondra has been dogged by problems lately, the most serious of which is a questionable multi-million crown contract relating to the country’s EU presidency at a time when he held the EU portfolio. When the internet daily on Wednesday published information suggesting that Mr. Vondra had allegedly been aware of the dubious terms of the contract which cost taxpayers millions of crowns the two smaller parties moved in for the kill, demanding that minister Vondra face the problem squarely and accept political responsibility for the scandal. I asked political analyst Vít Hloušek if this is likely to be the last straw for the embattled defence minister.  More

Military commando team raids offices at Czech TV

14-03-2011 15:27 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK The Czech defence Minister Alexandr Vondra, has suspended from office the head of the Czech military police and two high-level commanders over an unprecedented incident on Friday at the headquarters of public broadcaster Czech TV. Early in the evening - as the station aired its primetime news broadcast - nine masked and heavily armed members of a military command unit forced their way into the news building, pushing past security guards and jumping turnstiles.  More

Czech military to step in during imminent hospital crisis

09-02-2011 15:38 | Jan Richter

Photo: Czech Army As the standoff continues between the Czech government and the doctors’ trade unions, the authorities have outlined an emergency scenario to avert the looming heath care crisis. If no deal is reached by March 1, when mass resignations of around 3,800 Czech hospital doctors take effect, the government will use medical capacities of the Czech military. The scenario also suggests that state-run teaching hospitals will be crucial in providing emergency health care.  More

Czech army ends Kosovo mission

26-10-2010 16:07 | Christian Falvey

Czech force in Kosovo, photo: The main force of the Czech Army serving in the NATO operation in Kosovo has returned home to the Czech Republic, ending a peacekeeping mission of eleven years. Only a small group of soldiers now remains there to maintain the isolated Czech base at Šajkovac in the northeast of the country until the very last troops leave at the end of next year. The withdrawal also meant the end of an eight-month tour of duty for the 16th Contingent of the Czech Army. Earlier today we spoke with the contingent’s press spokeswoman, Captain Magdalena Dvořáková.  More

Schwarzenberg meets with Clinton on official visit to the US

07-10-2010 | Christian Falvey

Karel Schwarzenberg, Hillary Clinton, photo: CTK The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karel Schwarzenberg, is wrapping up a brief, official visit to the United States where he met with his American counterpart Hillary Clinton. Czech Radio’s US correspondent Vít Pohanka is in Washington and spoke with both officials before and after the meeting.  More

Defence Minister pledges to cut tentacles of corruption after deputy minister is implicated in arms corruption scandal

02-09-2010 14:37 | Chris Johnstone

A Czech newspaper has blown the whistle on what appears to be a far reaching political corruption cartel involving multi-billion crown defence contracts. The Minister of Defence has sacked a long standing deputy minister and promised far reaching reform.   More



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