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The Blonde Bitch Strikes Again at a Prague theatre house

05-04-2012 16:18 | Daniela Lazarová

Barbora Poláková as Kristýna Kočí, photo: CTK The increasingly absurd world of Czech politics is proving a huge success at a small Prague theatre house which is drawing the crowds with a political cabaret based on real life politics. Actors reciting verbatim excerpts from wiretappings involving prominent politicians and statements from the scandalous trial against the de-facto leader of one of the ruling parties keep the audience in gales of laughter; a sad testimony of the sorry state of Czech politics.  More

Václav Havel’s literary agent Jitka Sloupová on his plays, their foreign productions and his image as an author

21-12-2011 | Jan Richter

Václav Havel The late Václav Havel is now being remembered as a great statesman and human rights advocate. But he was also a prominent literary figure. In fact, before he became an opposition leader in communist Czechoslovakia, he was already established playwright whose plays appeared on stages worldwide. Václav Havel’s literary agent Jitka Sloupová, from the Aura Pont agency, talks about what inspired his dramas that quickly gained acclaim both at home and abroad.  More

Pinter’s "In Other Rooms" at Divadlo Na Zábradlí

14-10-2011 16:32 | Jan Velinger

'In Other Rooms' In this week’s Arts, I talk to David Peimer, professor of theatre at University College in the UK, also involved with the Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing in London. In our interview Mr Peimer discusses In Other Rooms - a production in English of lesser-known short plays by the late Nobel Prize laureate Harold Pinter. While not as widely-known as Pinter’s most famous work, the short plays are highly recommended – and Czech audiences will have a chance to see them this weekend when the production, co-directed by Mr Peimer, comes to the Theatre on the Ballustrade in Prague.  More

Czech theatrical legend Jiří Suchý turns 80

03-10-2011 16:15 | Pavla Horáková

Jiří Suchý, photo: Alžběta Švarcová The popular Czech actor, singer, songwriter, playwright, painter, screenwriter and director Jiří Suchý turned 80 on Saturday. In top form, the living legend of Czech theatre received standing ovations at a special concert he held to celebrate his birthday at Prague’s Semafor theatre.  More

My Neighbor, My Enemy : problems of coexistence

22-09-2011 16:32 | Daniela Lazarová

In this week’s Panorama :a play at Prague’s National Theatre highlights the problems of coexistence between ethnic Czechs and the Roma minority, Karlovy Vary protesting against too many foreign language signs, and, Czech politicians make headlines from here to Belgrade.  More

Jiří (George) Voskovec – the Czech theatrical pioneer who carved out a Cold-War career in Hollywood

02-08-2011 17:08 | Coilin O'Connor

Jiří Voskovec This edition of Czechs in History looks at the life and career of Jiří Voskovec, one half of the legendary Czech duo Voskovec and Werich, whose work at the “Liberated Theatre” or Osvobozené Divadlo in the 1920s and 30s left an indelible mark on Czech culture.  More

Dr. Peter Holbrook – Shakespeare scholar and author of “Shakespeare’s Individualism”

25-07-2011 14:04 | Sarah Borufka

Peter Holbrook Last week, some 600 Shakespeare scholars came to Prague for the 9th World Shakespeare Congress, an international academic events that has previously been held in such cities as Brisbane, Berlin or Los Angeles. Among the guests was the Australian scholar Peter Holbrook, a member of the International Shakespeare Association’s Congress Committee and author of a book titled “Shakespeare’s Individualism.” In this interview, he speaks about his central thesis, Shakespeare research in different countries and what his experience at the congress has been like.  More

9th World Shakespeare Congress brings renowned international Shakespeare scholars to Czech capital

21-07-2011 15:50 | Sarah Borufka

Currently underway in Prague is the 9th World Shakespeare Congress, a six-day event that brings some 600 literary historians and other scholars to the Czech capital. It was jointly organized by the National Theater and Charles University and is entitled “Renaissance Shakespeare: Shakespeare Renaissances.” One of the local congress organizers, Charles University’s Prof. Martin Procházka, speaks about the highlights so far, what significance the congress has for Charles University and what its mission is.  More

Miroslav Trejtnar on teaching the Czech art of puppetry to international students

04-07-2011 17:30 | Jan Richter

Miroslav Trejtnar For the tenth year in a row, a small workshop in the Prague neighbourhood of Vršovice is hosting a group of students from the US, India, Australia and other countries who come to learn how to make traditional Czech marionettes. The man who runs the courses and who teaches his international students everything they need to know about puppets is Miroslav Trejtnar, our guest in this edition of One on One. When I visited his workshops, the course was halfway trough and the students had just begun carving their puppets, which as Mr Trejtnar says it’s one of the most exiting stages of the programme.  More

A tour through a world of performance design at the Prague Quadrennial

24-06-2011 15:21 | Christian Falvey

Last week we told you about the opening of the Prague Quadrennial, an unparalleled showcase of world scenography – design for artistic performance – that began in 1967 and only comes around every four years. The exhibits cover everything from costumes, sound design, and theatre architecture to multi-media theatrical and performance art… in short, if you imagine a wildish menagerie of all things theatre, then you’re half way there. For today’s Arts I spent an afternoon walking around one of the most special attractions at the Quadrennial, which is the pavilion of installations from 60 different countries and regions, all entirely unique and hosting some of the best and most imaginative of scenographic work the world over.  More



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