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Small theatre company puts Czech politics on stage

28-04-2011 16:32 | Daniela Lazarová

'Blond Bitch', photo: YouTube An impromptu production by a small theatre company has become all the rage in Prague. The title of the piece is Blond Bitch and the script is not by a well-known playwright but by life itself or rather by a promising twenty-six-year old Czech politician whose career just went up in smoke in the worst government crisis in the country’s modern history. Blond Bitch is in fact a play based word-for-word on a secret recording made of former Public Affairs deputy leader Kristýna Kočí.  More

Arts News round-up

01-04-2011 17:01 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Artbanka In this week’s Arts, we have a round-up of recent stories from the Czech arts scene. In this edition: how a new project called Artbanka is helping emerging young artists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; the highly-respected Prague theatre Dejvické divadlo launches a new play based on the life of early 20th Czech adventurer Jan “Eskimo” Welzl; and a precious B&W photograph by František Drtikol – stolen two weeks ago – is returned to Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts.  More

“Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell” returns to Prague stage after alcohol-induced break

24-03-2011 16:02 | Jan Richter

Oldřich Kaiser (on the right) When the theatre play Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell by the British author Keith Waterhouse opened in Prague in March 2009, it became an instant success. The tragicomic show starred a leading Czech actor, Oldřich Kaiser, in the part of the heavy-drinking London journalist Jeffrey Bernard. But the play was cancelled in November because Mr Kaiser, just like the main character, was himself struggling to deal with alcohol abuse. Earlier this month, however, Mr Kaiser returned on stage as Jeffrey Bernard at another venue in the capital.  More

An interview with the best loved of all Czech actors

12-02-2011 02:01 | David Vaughan

Jan Werich For this week’s programme, we have something of a treat: a long forgotten interview from our archives with someone who is nothing less than a Czech legend. If you ask just about anyone in this country who is the best loved Czech actor of all time, you will almost certainly hear the name Jan Werich. Several generations of Czechs have grown up to love the larger-than-life roles he played, his distinctive and deep voice, and his wonderfully expressive and humorous face, immortalized in films that span a career of fifty years. Born in 1905, Werich first shot to fame in the late 1920s, when he joined forces with his friend and fellow actor, Jiří Voskovec and the composer Jaroslav Ježek. Their satirical left-wing musical cabaret, the Osvobozené divadlo, or Liberated Theatre, was immensely popular in the decade leading up to the Second World War, and its songs are much loved to this day.  More

Culture Ministry looking at new concepts for Prague’s classic stages

02-02-2011 16:15 | Christian Falvey

The Estates Theatre, photo: CzechTourism The Ministry of Culture is devising a new conceptual plan for Prague’s premier, state-run theatres. A group of experts has been put together to consider various alternatives for the better use of buildings like the Estates Theatre, the National Theatre and the Prague State Opera. Though only in the initial stages, critics were very quick to latch on to suggestions made in the first of several plans under consideration, raising a question mark over how easy it will be to reform the beloved and traditional, but economically ineffective venues.  More

Unusual Sherlock Holmes play premieres at the Klicpera Theatre

27-12-2010 15:39 | Jan Velinger

It may be the holiday season, a time when most prefer fairy tales on Czech TV, but fans of detective fiction, horror or the avant garde also had a chance to come into their own. Just before Christmas the Klicper Theatre in Hradec Králové premiered a new play by one of the Czech Republic’s most successful playwrights and directors, David Drábek. The focus? None other than the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.  More

The Makropulos Case, directed by Robert Wilson, premieres at Estates Theatre

19-11-2010 15:45 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK A highly-touted production of Karel Čapek’s play The Makropulos Case, directed by acclaimed American designer and director Robert Wilson, premiered at Prague’s Estates Theatre on Thursday. Mr Wilson is known for a highly unique approach to the stage and The Makropulos Case (a comedy about an enigmatic singer sought by all men) includes many signature elements.  More

New festival aims to generate interest in community theatre among Czech audiences and professionals

05-10-2010 | Ian Willoughby

A new festival that has just got underway in Prague focuses on social outreach or community theatre, in which professionals engage in a hands-on way with the world around them. The organisers of the Akcent festival have brought together leading directors in this field from around Europe, with the aim of kick-starting a similar movement in the Czech Republic.  More

From Daruvar to Vancouver: Czechs tread the boards on five continents

03-10-2010 02:01 | David Vaughan

Julek Neumann, photo: author Julek Neumann is a man of many talents: theatrical director, actor, journalist, playwright and poet. He is currently writing, directing and acting with a number of Czech theatres after over 25 years abroad, first in Vienna, where he moved from communist Czechoslovakia in 1984, and then in London, where for many years he worked for the Czech section of the BBC. David Vaughan spoke to Julek about a rather neglected, but fascinating aspect of Czech theatre – the central role it has played in the life of Czech communities abroad.   More

Cabaret band Tiger Lillies perform specially created English-Czech piece at Prague theatre

24-09-2010 13:46 | Ian Willoughby

Described as a musical morality tale, the Tiger Lillies bi-lingual show Zde jsem Člověkem! or Here I Am Human! has just enjoyed a short but successful first run at Prague’s leading avant-garde theatre, Divadlo Archa.   More



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