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From Baroque spirituality to guitar improvisation

21-10-2005 13:17 | Jarka Hálková

In the Arts this week we visit two concerts and look at two rather different musical projects. The first one is an international guitar festival Guitar Across Styles. The second is a musical group, the Czech Chamber Ensemble which has a passion for Czech baroque music.   More

The Rajko Ensemble: celebrating the influence of Romany tradition on classical music

17-10-2005 14:12 | Jana Šustová, David Vaughan

The Rajko Ensemble, photo: Jana Sustova The Gypsy fiddler is an enduring Romany stereotype, but we often forget there are also many Romany classical musicians and that in Central Europe the Romany tradition has had a huge influence on the history of classical music. Recently, as part of the Prague Autumn music festival, Czech audiences had the chance to hear the Rajko Ensemble from Hungary, with a concert in the Lucerna Ballroom that celebrated these links. All the orchestra's members are Roma; many are students or graduates from the Rajko School in Budapest, where talented Romany children learn to become professional musicians. The head of the ensemble's advisory board, Beatrix Berendy, spoke to Radio Prague about the Rajko Ensemble's past and present.   More

Music on Film festival returns to Prague

14-10-2005 13:18 | Coilin O'Connor

In the Arts this week, we look at the Music on Film - Film on Music festival or MOFFOM as it's known, which is now in its second year. This event is an innovative celebration of the special relationship between music and film.   More

Singer-songwriter Jaromir Nohavica moving on to North America after shows in Ireland, UK

12-10-2005 13:54 | Ian Willoughby

Jarek Nohavica plays in Dublin, photo: Jaromir Nohavica is one of the country's best loved singer-songwriters. He is so popular that his concerts are always sold out, despite usually not being advertised at all. But not content with resting on his laurels here in the Czech Republic, the north Moravian singer has just embarked on a tour of cities in the English speaking world. So far Nohavica has appeared in Dublin and London, from where his tour manager Michal Zacek told us how it has been going so far.   More

Encore: Finding an answer to Dvorak's "Question"

02-10-2005 | Patricia Goodson, David Vaughan

A new CD brings Dvorak's piano compositions to a broader audience; the Smetana Trio revives Novak's Trio in D minor, and a historic Prague Spring recording is available at last.   More

Two leftfield classical music festivals get underway in Prague

30-09-2005 13:26 | Coilin O'Connor

Photo: In this week's Arts, we look at two slightly offbeat classical music festivals: the wonderfully eclectic Strings of Autumn event, which is celebrating its tenth aniversary, and Prague's International Chamber Music Festival, which promotes an often-neglected side of classical music.   More

No Eurovision for the Czech Republic?!

23-05-2003 | Dean Vuletic

Many of you are probably familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual contest in which European countries compete for the best pop song. It has been taking place since 1956, and hundreds of millions of people all around the world now tune into it each year. But those hundreds of millions do not include the Czechs.   More

Salvage of Cultural Heritage project continues

06-12-2002 | Alena Škodová

Bedrich Smetana The "Salvage of Cultural Heritage" is a project whose main objective is to seek and preserve significant works by our famous predecessors which are important for our time as well as for future generations. The project includes some of the original scores by great Czech composers from the 19th century, but also the renovation of other cultural sites, such as Charles Bridge in Prague, the Baroque theatre in Cesky Krumlov or the house where Gustav Mahler was born at Kaliste near Humpolec.   More



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