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Hard rock headliners Kabát

29-01-2012 02:01 | Jan Velinger

Kabát In today’s programme we feature music by the hard rock and thrashmetal group Kabát, who have left a Godzilla-sized footprint on the Czech music scene. To date, the band headed by charismatic frontman Pepa Vojtek, has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and remains a major draw for fans of heavier music.  More

Pavel Bobek - a Czech country legend

22-01-2012 | Sarah Borufka

Pavel Bobek In this edition of Sunday Music Show, we listen to some of the big hits of Pavel Bobek - one of the country's most popular country and rock'n roll singers.  More

Už Jsme Doma

15-01-2012 02:01 | Christian Falvey

In today’s edition of our Sunday Music Show we listen to more than 20 years of “avant-punk” band Už Jsme Doma. Though the band has gone through countless transformations in that time, it still remains one of the most innovative sounds on the Czech music scene and a heavy influence for new generations of Czech artists.  More

Prague celebrates the Art of Hard Rock

12-01-2012 17:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK Hard Rock Café is celebrating its 40th birthday this year with a travelling exhibition of memorabilia relating to the greats of the music world who frequented its many outlets the world over. Entitled The Art of Hard Rock the exhibition, which opens to the Prague public on January 12th at the Dvorak sec contemporary art gallery in Dlouha street, is a collection of musical instruments, paintings and drawings donated by the likes of Jim Morrison, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Pete Towshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Paul Stanley, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed and Billy Idol.  More

The Czech "Scumbag X"

08-01-2012 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Xindl X This week’s Sunday Music Show is devoted to a musician going by the name of Xindl X –a musician who combines rap, folk, hip hop, jazz and blues as the mood takes him; a musician whose lyrics are laced with irony and who says he writes protest songs which portray a world without God, morals or love -a world of scumbags of the generation X.  More

Emil Viklický, the "Janáček of Jazz"

01-01-2012 02:01 | Christian Falvey

Emil Viklický In today’s Sunday Music Show we look at the work of living jazz legend Emil Viklický, for whom 2011 began with a Presidential Medal of Merit and ended with the release of two new albums. In the second part of an interview begun on our December 16th Arts programme, we began by asking the pianist if he remembers the first time he ever sat down to a piano.  More

Markéta Irglová and Marek Irgl: Daughter and father on her Oscar success and much more

26-12-2011 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Markéta Irglová In this special programme, we meet the Academy Award-winning musician Markéta Irglová and, for an unusual perspective on her success, her father, Marek Irgl. As well as the impact of her Oscar win in 2008, the subjects discussed include Markéta’s beginnings in music, how bandmate and ex Glen Hansard has influenced her career, the writing of “Falling Slowly”, her new solo project, and distance and family ties.  More

Carp and Carols with the Nightingales

25-12-2011 02:01 | David Vaughan

Slavíčci A few days ago David Vaughan went to meet the Slavíčci – or Nightingales – one of Prague’s best-known children’s choirs. He talked to members of the choir about the rich tradition of Czech Christmas music, about why you might find yourself sharing your bath with a carp in the days before Christmas Eve, and what it’s like to sing beneath the towering Gothic vaults of Saint Vitus’ Cathedral. And, of course, the choir also brings us some of the best loved Czech carols, recorded especially for Radio Prague. That and more, in Radio Prague’s special Christmas Day programme. Happy listening.  More

Ryba’s Czech Christmas Mass premieres in Chicago

20-12-2011 17:07 | Rosie Johnston

It has taken more than 200 years for Jakub Jan Ryba’s Czech Christmas Mass to come to Chicago, but it seems that good things come to those who wait. The Ryba Mass was premiered in the Windy City on Saturday and Rosie Johnston was there.  More

Jazz legend Emil Viklický

16-12-2011 16:39 | Christian Falvey

Emil Viklický It has been a good year for Czech jazz legend Emil Viklický, beginning with a Presidential Medal of Merit and ending with the release of two new albums, one in Germany called “Spring Awakening” and another in Japan, where he plays regularly, called Kafka on the Shore, a Tribute to Haruki Murakami. In the first part of a wide-ranging interview with the pianist we began by talking about his English, which he told me he originally picked up from his black fellow musicians in the 1970…  More



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