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Muffs and veils - Hollar's original take on the Four Seasons

31-08-2012 16:45 | Masha Volynsky

Born in Prague, he lived in Brussels, Stuttgart, Cologne, and later London and Antwerp, meticulously recording his surroundings and reflecting the society around him in his art. Václav or Wenceslaus, or even Wenzel, Hollar sounds like a modern-day European artist, but he actually lived four hundred years ago. Although he was brought up to go into law, Hollar became an etcher and draughtsman, whose work now provides us with beautifully detailed depictions of the people, architecture, landscapes and even a battle that took place in Europe in the seventeenth century. This week, the Czech National Gallery opened a small exhibit in the print room of the Schwarzenberg Palace of Hollar’s allegorical etchings of the Four Seasons. I spoke to the exhibit’s curator Alena Volrábová, and asked her why she selected these specific pieces for the exhibit:  More

Hunt Kastner Artworks – helping young Czech artists develop international careers

25-05-2012 16:34 | Ian Willoughby

Hunt Kastner Artworks in Prague 7 is a private gallery owned and run by Camille Hunt, who is Canadian, and Katherine Kastner, who is from the US though her mother is Czech. The two represent 10 Czech artists, among them Eva Koťátková, Josef Bolf and Daniel Pitín. This week I stopped by to talk to the owners about their work, both curating shows and helping their artists find buyers overseas. I first asked Hunt what had led them to open the gallery in the first place.  More

Mucha family voices concerns as Slav Epic goes on display in Prague

09-05-2012 16:36 | Christian Falvey

The Slav Epic in Veletržní palác, photo: Štěpánka Budková After many months of delays, and several years of arguing, the Slav Epic will go on display in Prague’s Veletržní palác on Thursday. Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau masterpiece has been at the centre of a heated dispute between the town of Moravský Krumlov, where the 20 enormous canvasses were kept until recently, and the City of Prague, which has made no secret of wanting to put the work on permanent display. As for the painter’s own wishes, the Slav Epic was willed to the Czech capital upon his death in 1939, but on the condition that a special building was made for it. That has never happened, much to the ire of the Mucha family. We spoke with the painter’s grandson John Mucha in London, and asked how he felt about the opening.  More

Prague museum explores Journeys of Antonín Dvořák

21-04-2012 02:01 | Jan Richter

Antonín Dvořák Museum Prague’s Antonín Dvořák Museum recently reopened after renovation with a new programme dedicated to the life and work of the famous composer. Entitled The journeys of Antonín Dvořák, it offers a new look at the composer’s stays abroad. It also features an exhibition on Dvořák’s Czech-American friend and collaborator, Josef Jan Kovařík, who worked with Dvořák during his stay in New York.  More

The Prague Police Museum - an institution that explores the history of police and crime in Czech lands

31-03-2012 02:01 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: Prague Police Museum archive Tucked away in a former monastery in Prague’s Nové Město, the Czech Police Museum boasts a fascinating permanent exhibit exploring the history of Czech police, the development of criminology, infamous murder cases and much more. Sarah Borufka went along and has this report.  More

Leoš Válka – founder of Prague’s DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

19-03-2012 16:41 | Ian Willoughby

Leoš Válka Leoš Válka is one of the founders of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague’s Holešovice district, which in just a few years has become one of the most important institutions of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Válka has a perhaps surprising background for such a significant figure in the Czech art world: for several years he ran a firm in Australia doing maintenance work on high-rise buildings.  More

Analysis Results – new Krištof Kintera exhibit perplexes and provokes

28-02-2012 14:04 | Sarah Borufka

'Bad news' Krištof Kintera is one of the most respected contemporary Czech artists – he was recently given the title Artist of the Year – and his new exhibit offers an insight into his latest work. Provocative, whimsical and daring, the “Výsledky analýzy” show is one of the season’s most interesting exhibits. We take a look ahead of the opening.  More

The Mánes Exhibition Hall – an icon of functionalist architecture

08-02-2012 13:49 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: Petr Novák, CC 2.5 license The functionalist Mánes Exhibition Hall, located on the right bank of the Vltava river between the bridges Jiraskův most and Most Legií, is one of only two buildings in Prague that were expressly designed to house art – the other one being the famous Rudolfinum gallery. Martin Pavala, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Czech Art Foundation, which owns it, explains that the art gallery’s history started in 1930.  More

The Museum of Decorative Arts – a must-see destination for fans of Czech design

11-01-2012 14:38 | Sarah Borufka

The Museum of Decorative Arts Lovers of Czech applied arts and design will find a veritable treasure trove of interesting items, ranging from glass wares to clocks and metal works, in Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts. Located right across the street from the well-known Rudolfinum palace, the museum is housed in a stunning Neo-Renaissance building. It was one of the last in Prague to be designed in that style. The architect was Josef Schulz, who also was behind the Czech National Museum.  More

The Polemics of Miloš Jiránek on view at National Gallery

04-11-2011 16:53 | Jan Velinger

This Thursday saw the opening of a new exhibition at the National Gallery’s Kinský Palace Stables Gallery marking 100 years since the death of post-impressionist painter, man-of-letters and critic Miloš Jiránek, who contributed strongly to the Czech “National Awakening” at the end of the 19th century. Although he died at the age of just 35, Jiránek was a most influential figure whose paintings, as well as written works, have seen renewed appreciation. The show, entitled The Polemics of Miloš Jiránek, features oils, water colours, drawings, and woodcut prints – many of the images pristine, featuring earthy hues and soft light. It’s a small show but well-worth seeing.  More



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