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National Museum shows "Mute Witnesses of the Luxembourg Rule"

22-02-2006 14:16 | Pavla Horáková

Prague's Lapidarium Last week saw the opening of a major exhibition devoted to the 14th century king and emperor, Charles IV, at Prague Castle. It brings together priceless works from dozens of museums in fifteen countries, and covers not only the reign of Charles IV himself, but the whole period when the Luxembourg dynasty ruled the Czech lands in the 14th and 15th centuries. But some objects from that time were simply too large to be transported to Prague Castle. They are on show at a separate exhibition at the National Museum's Lapidarium in Prague 7.   More

Prague's National Museum building in dire need of restoration after 115 years of operation

16-02-2006 11:57 | Pavla Horáková

National Museum The majestic building of Prague's National Museum, standing on top of Wenceslas Square, opened in 1891 to provide a dignified home for the institution, founded in 1818. What was a quiet, leafy area a hundred years ago is now the busiest place in Prague. With congested motorways on both sides of the building and two metro lines crossing right underneath it the National Museum building is suffering considerably.   More

Prague's Veletrzni Palac

08-02-2006 13:11 | Dita Asiedu

Trade Fair Palace If Prague's Veletrzni Palac or Trade Fair Palace didn't house the modern art collection of the National Gallery, most of us would probably not notice the large building that stands just a few metres away from the city's exhibition complex. But the Palace is one of Prague's earliest and largest buildings in the Functionalist style.   More

"100 Works from the National Gallery" published to mark 210th anniversary

03-02-2006 10:18 | Ian Willoughby

Master of Trebon altar, Madonna of Roudnice This week saw the launch of a book entitled "100 Works from the National Gallery in Prague", which was published to coincide with the 210th anniversary of the institution's foundation. The man behind the publication is Milan Knizak, director of the Czech National Gallery; he says selecting 100 pieces from the many thousands owned by the state body was no easy task.   More

Villa Bertramka - Mozart's place of inspiration in Prague

27-01-2006 14:14 | Dita Asiedu

Villa Bertramka To mark the 250th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth, we visit the Villa Bertramka, where the great Austrian composer stayed in Prague. The villa now houses a permanent exhibition devoted to Mozart and his hosts Josefina and Franz Xaver Dusek - two renowned 18th century musicians. Dita Asiedu was given a tour by the museum's director Lenka Pokorna.   More

Concerts, exhibitions, films mark "Year of Jewish Culture"

25-01-2006 14:29 | Rob Cameron

Spanish Synagogue 2006 is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Prague's Jewish Museum, and to mark the event, exhibitions, concerts, films and theatre performances will be held across the country. The festival, dubbed The Year of Jewish Culture, will aim to reflect the huge cultural contribution made by the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia over the centuries.   More

Year of Jewish Culture to mark 100 anniversary of Prague Jewish Museum

13-01-2006 14:21 | Rob Cameron

Spanish Synagogue The Jewish Museum in Prague is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, with a year-long programme of concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions. The events will celebrate the centuries of Jewish life in the Czech Lands, and the substantial cultural contribution of the Jewish community, a community which was decimated by the Holocaust. Rob Cameron spoke to Leo Pavlat, director of the Jewish Museum.   More

Brno's Museum of Romany Culture begins to fulfil its dream with a new permanent exhibition

05-01-2006 14:22 | David Vaughan

For fifteen years now the Museum of Romany culture in the Czech Republic's second city of Brno has been mapping the rich, but sometimes tragic and often misunderstood history of the Romany minority here in the Czech lands. Today the Roma are Europe's largest minority, but their life and traditions remain little known to many Europeans. Also in the wake of the Holocaust, and with forced assimilation in the second half of the 20th century, many Roma themselves have lost contact with their roots and traditions. But as the museum shows, Roma have reason to be intensely proud of their culture and history.   More

Gnome sweet Gnome in Central Bohemia

27-12-2005 15:18 | David Vaughan

Did you know that the Czech Republic is the original home of the mass-produced gnome? Gnomes, elves and dwarves have quite a tradition here, but it is a tradition that has been scorned by snobs and neglected by the rest of us. Not any more: an exhibition currently showing at the Museum of Central Bohemia in Roztoky, just north of Prague aims to put things right. David Vaughan donned his red cap and went along, accompanied by the museum's programme director, Tana Pekarkova.   More

Zdenek Fibich's "Christmas Eve" premiered 130 years ago

24-12-2005 | Dita Asiedu

"Christmas Eve" is the first ever concert melodrama that was introduced to the Czech audience. In celebration of the 130th anniversary of its first ever performance, Dita Asiedu explores how this masterpiece by the great Czech composer Zdenek Fibich was born and visits a Prague exhibition devoted to Christmas Eve in art.   More



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