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National Gallery wants free admission

14-08-2006 14:20 | Linda Maštalíř

National Gallery The National Gallery in Prague received almost half a million visitors last year, and a new proposal by the gallery's director to open doors for free could see that number go through the roof. He wants a budget increase to make that possible - though the Culture Ministry is not in favour. But could a change of government increase chances of free admission at the National Gallery?   More

Czech singing legend Karel Gott gets own museum

11-08-2006 14:44 | Jarka Hálková

Gottland, photo: Karel Gott is by far the most successful Czech singer. He has won the Golden Nightingale, a prestigious annual music award, 31 times and is, at 67, a living legend. And he is the very first Czech living legend to have his own museum - Gottland.   More

Exhibition marks 500 years since painting of "The Feast of the Rose Garlands"

02-08-2006 14:15 | Pavla Horáková

'The Feast of the Rose Garlands' One of the most precious works of art to be seen in the Czech Republic is no doubt "The Feast of the Rose Garlands" by the German painter Albrecht Duerer. Exactly 500 years have passed since the masterpiece was painted in Venice and to mark the anniversary, Prague's National Gallery is holding an exhibition this summer, displaying the painting, along with other works by Duerer and many tributes to the original masterpiece.   More

The 150th anniversary of the Glassmaking School in Kamenicky Senov

16-06-2006 12:42 | Jan Velinger

Photo: In the Czech Republic the story of glass in design and the arts is one that goes back centuries. Its famous Glassmaking School in Kamenicky Senov, north Bohemia, was established way back in 1856, 150 years ago, and was the first vocational school of its kind in the world. Even today it continues to train students at the secondary school level teaching technical expertise and providing balanced and wide-ranging artistic direction to potential artists of tomorrow.   More

Remembering Mikulov's Jewish past with unique cultural festival

26-05-2006 14:47 | Rob Cameron

Mikulov A unique festival of Jewish culture was held last weekend in the South Moravian town of Mikulov, part of the Year of Jewish Culture in the Czech Republic. Mikulov was once a major centre of Jewish religious and cultural life - but today all that's left is a handful of historic monuments.  More

History of Czech puppet theatre recalled, Stereolab explain Czech influence on new track

19-05-2006 15:24 | Ian Willoughby

In this week's edition of the Arts a curator of a new museum of puppets and the circus in south Bohemia tells us about the history of puppetry in the Czech Lands. And the leader of the English rock band Stereolab explains why a track on their new album has the Czech name Kyberneticka Babicka.   More

Paintings of a Prague Ghetto

17-05-2006 14:10 | Chris Jarrett

One of the most famous attractions of Prague's Old Town is the former Jewish Ghetto, a witness to the long and rich Jewish history of the Czech capital, and also to centuries of discrimination. The gradual emancipation of Prague's Jewish population began with the Enlightenment in the 18th century. As some Prague Jews grew wealthier and more self-confident, as well as more secular, the first portraits began to appear. Some depicted the spiritual leaders of Prague's Jewish society but others showed well off members of the community and their families. Now, to mark 100 years since the foundation of the Prague Jewish Museum, a new exhibition has been opened to display some of the finest examples of Jewish art from the 18th to the early 20th century.   More

National Museum shows "Mute Witnesses of the Luxembourg Rule"

22-02-2006 14:16 | Pavla Horáková

Prague's Lapidarium Last week saw the opening of a major exhibition devoted to the 14th century king and emperor, Charles IV, at Prague Castle. It brings together priceless works from dozens of museums in fifteen countries, and covers not only the reign of Charles IV himself, but the whole period when the Luxembourg dynasty ruled the Czech lands in the 14th and 15th centuries. But some objects from that time were simply too large to be transported to Prague Castle. They are on show at a separate exhibition at the National Museum's Lapidarium in Prague 7.   More

Prague's National Museum building in dire need of restoration after 115 years of operation

16-02-2006 11:57 | Pavla Horáková

National Museum The majestic building of Prague's National Museum, standing on top of Wenceslas Square, opened in 1891 to provide a dignified home for the institution, founded in 1818. What was a quiet, leafy area a hundred years ago is now the busiest place in Prague. With congested motorways on both sides of the building and two metro lines crossing right underneath it the National Museum building is suffering considerably.   More

Prague's Veletrzni Palac

08-02-2006 13:11 | Dita Asiedu

Trade Fair Palace If Prague's Veletrzni Palac or Trade Fair Palace didn't house the modern art collection of the National Gallery, most of us would probably not notice the large building that stands just a few metres away from the city's exhibition complex. But the Palace is one of Prague's earliest and largest buildings in the Functionalist style.   More



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