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Prague offers preservation expertise to Hurricane-stricken New Orleans

19-10-2005 15:03 | Pavla Horáková

As we reported on Tuesday, restoration work is still going on in order to repair the damage caused by the massive floods in the summer of 2002 in various archives around Prague. Because the memory is so fresh and conservation experts in the Czech Republic have gathered a lot of experience over the past three years, the Prague City Council has offered to send a team of Czech experts to New Orleans to help the city restore its historic heritage damaged by Hurricane Katrina.   More

"Ostravak" blog reaches cult status as third book published

17-10-2005 14:12 | Rob Cameron

Last week saw the publication of a third compilation of entries from the "Ostravak" Internet blog - an online diary and chat forum written entirely in the Ostrava dialect of North Moravia. The first two books spent months on the publishing top ten, and the third is set to follow.   More

Edgar de Bruin: An agent for Czech authors in Holland, on the hard sell of small markets

13-10-2005 13:25 | Brian Kenety

Dutchman Edgar de Bruin first came to Czechoslovakia in the late 1970s to play basketball. That high school excursion led to university studies in Prague and developed into a life-long interest in Czech culture - especially in the literature. Mr de Bruin, a translator of Czech works since the Velvet Revolution, is now a literary agent; his agency Pluh ("plough") - represents nearly a dozen Czech authors, selling their rights to Dutch and other mainly European publishers. I caught up with him in an Amsterdam café for a frank discussion about the book trade. I began by asking him about his student days.  More

A good translation is a clean windshield: the linguistic acrobatics of Viktor Janis

09-10-2005 | Bernie Higgins

Viktor Janis What makes a good translation? Are there books that are untranslatable? These are just two of the questions that we discuss in Czech Books this week with Viktor Janis, a leading young literary translator.   More

Overdue: Libraries open a new chapter in public relations

06-10-2005 14:44 | Brian Kenety, Martina Grenova

Exhibitions, author readings and book signings, free Internet and a general amnesty on late fees for patrons with overdue books - yes, it's Libraries Week once again in the Czech Republic.  More

John Connolly - on crime writing and his latest novel The Black Angel - partly set in the Czech Rep

04-10-2005 13:38 | Jan Velinger

John Connolly John Connolly is the bestselling author of Nocturnes - a collection of macabre short stories, and the Charlie Parker novels that have successfully blended mystery with the supernatural. Over five books - beginning with Every Dead Thing - Connolly's main character, private eye Charlie Parker, has found himself in some pretty sticky situations. In Connolly's latest, The Black Angel, the character even visits the Czech Republic to learn more about the origins of a famous bone chapel. The author, who is Irish, spent a great deal of time in this country, coming back many times over the years. When I met John here recently the first thing I asked him about was Prague.  More



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