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Screen Czech

14-01-2012 02:01 | Peter Smith

In this edition of Screen Czech: just what is it that Czechs like in their movies? That and other questions will be answered by Briana Cechova, the head of the Czech National Film Archive. And, a look back on the one of the Czech Republic’s most famous film directors.  More

Jiří Trnka: an artist who turned puppets into film stars

06-12-2011 14:53 | Ruth Fraňková

Jiří Trnka (1967), photo: CTK It would be hard to meet a Czech whose childhood was not touched (perhaps unconsciously) by the art of Jiří Trnka, a painter, puppeteer, illustrator and above all, the founding father of Czech animated film. His poetic drawings brought immortality to books that would otherwise be long forgotten. And his animated films bestowed dozens of puppets and drawings with life.  More

Debuting director Miroslav Ondruš on his new psychological thriller Vendeta

02-12-2011 16:56 | Jan Velinger

Vendeta In this week’s Arts my guest is a new film director Miroslav Ondruš whose debut feature film Vendeta is now in Czech cinemas. The film, as the name suggests, is a psychological thriller with revenge at its dark heart. It stars an intense Ondřej Vetchý as a father who loses a loved one and is already being described as one of his finest performances.  More

Creator of world-famous Krtek (Little Mole) dies at 90

01-12-2011 16:05 | Jan Velinger

Zdeněk Miler, photo: CTK The Czech illustrator and animator Zdeněk Miler has died at the age of 90. The artist was best known for the creation of Krtek (or Little Mole), a cartoon character loved by generations of Czech children that first appeared in the 1950s. Earlier in 2011, a plush toy of the animated character even went to space on one of the last space shuttle flights.  More

Screen Czech

26-11-2011 02:01 | Peter Smith

Ludmila Claussová In this edition of Screen Czech I’ll be speaking to one of the most influential people in the Czech film industry – Ludmila Claussova, chairwoman of the Czech Film Commission – a one-stop shop for all producers looking to shoot here in the Czech people. She’ll be telling us about what the commission has to offer and gives some forthright opinions on the country’s much maligned film incentive scheme.  More

DVD series resurrects 1950s Czechoslovak Socialist Realist films

25-11-2011 11:43 | Ian Willoughby

Filmy patří lidu (Films Belong to the People) is the title of a series of Socialist Realist pictures that have been released on DVD in the Czech Republic in recent months. These propaganda-filled films are from the 1950s, the harshest decade of the communist era, notorious for its brutal repression, show trials and forced labour camps.  More

Alice Nellis – leading Czech filmmaker returns with Perfect Days

14-11-2011 13:53 | Ian Willoughby

Alice Nellis With dramas like Eeeny Meeny, Little Girl Blue and Mamas and Papas, Alice Nellis has become one of the best-known Czech filmmakers of her generation. The director and screenwriter, who is 40, is now back at the box office with Perfect Days, a comedy adapted from the stage.  More

Barrandov Studios

29-10-2011 02:01 | Peter Smith

In this month’s show we will be talking a look behind the hallowed grey facade of one of the Czech Republic’s most famous institutions – Barrandov Studios, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.  More

Author Jaroslav Rudiš discusses Alois Nebel – graphic novel and film focussing on the fog of history and troubled European past

07-10-2011 10:48 | Jan Velinger

Alois Nebel In this week’s Arts, I speak to Jaroslav Rudiš, the author of an influential graphic novel (trilogy, actually) that delves into the fog of history and troubled Central European past. The story of Alois Nebel – a slightly mad railwayman working in a remote border region – it has been made into a new film that premiered last week in the Czech Republic after being featured in festivals in Venice and Toronto.  More

New documentary depicts actor Jiří Voskovec’s life in US

06-10-2011 15:53 | Jan Richter

A new documentary that will premiere in Czech cinemas next week depicts the lesser known part of the life of the Czech-born actor Jiří (or George) Voskovec. In his homeland, he is best known as the co-founder and co-star of Prague’s pre-war avant-garde theatre troupe, the Liberated Theatre. Having spent the war in exile in New York, Jiří Voskovec again moved to the US after the 1948 communist takeover of Czechoslovakia. The new film, entitled My Father George Voskovec, follows his daughter Gigi retracing her father’s life, from the difficult beginnings through his career on Broadway and in Hollywood, to his passing away in 1981, at the age of 76. Jan Richter saw the documentary and spoke to its director, Libuše Rudinská.   More



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