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Simon Broughton - world music aficionado and committed Czechophile

30-10-2006 13:00 | Coilin O'Connor

Simon Broughton, photo: N.Vasques, B.Steinz, Simon Broughton is a successful British television director whose work includes a number of documentaries on music from around the world, shot in locations ranging from Portugal to Afghanistan. He is also editor of Songlines magazine, a leading British periodical devoted to world music as well as co-editor of the acclaimed Rough Guide to World Music.  More

Hedy Fromings - part 2

25-10-2006 15:17 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: beskydydancers Hedy Fromings was born Hedvika Honigenova in 1926. In the late 1940s she left Czechoslovakia, moving to the UK - where she had spent the war years - with her English husband. To maintain ties with her home country she became an active member of the British Czech Friendship League and a spin-off organisation, the Beskydy Dancers music and dance group; she eventually became the leader of the latter almost three decades ago.   More

Daria Klimentova - prima ballerina at the English National Ballet

28-08-2006 16:36 | Ian Willoughby

Daria Klimentova The Czech Republic's best known ballet dancer, Daria Klimentova, has been in Prague recently hosting, as she does every summer, a ballet master class. Born here in the Czech capital, for the last decade she has been a prima ballerina at the prestigious English National Ballet in London. During a break in the master class, Daria Klimentova told me how her career as a dancer began.   More

Dance in a digital age

14-04-2006 16:13 | Chris Jarrett

Accompanied by a jarring electrical soundtrack and a bewildering laser display, Petra Hauerova took to the stage in Prague's Ponec Theatre last Friday to present her choreographic work, Turning Machine. In a highly technological display, she threw the audience into a distorted world of humanoid forms, humbling onlookers with the sheer power of the illusions created. Hers is one of a number of performances at this year's Czech Dance Platform, now in its 12th year.   More

Prague to host a star-studded ballet gala

10-01-2006 14:37 | David Vaughan

If you are a lover of ballet, then on Wednesday evening Prague will be the place to be. The State Opera will be hosting a star-studded international ballet gala, featuring twenty top dancers from around the world. They include stars of the Paris Opera, the New York City Ballet, the Berlin State Opera, or the Bolshoi in Moscow, to name just a few, and most have never danced in Prague before. The gala will include classics like Tchaikovsky, but there will also be more modern and experimental work. David Vaughan spoke to the director of the project Jana Kurova.  More

Daria In and Out - the life of a Czech prima ballerina presented both on and off-stage

15-06-2005 14:36 | Dita Asiedu

Daria Klimentova, photo: Petr Nasic Prima ballerina Daria Klimentova is undoubtedly one of the most popular Czech dancers ever, with an impressive career in the Prague National Theatre Ballet, the Cape Ballet Company in Cape Town, the Scottish Ballet in Glasgow, and since 1996 the English National Ballet. On Tuesday, an exhibition of 60 photographs opened to the public in the foyer of the Albert Hall that depicts her career both on and off stage.   More



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