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“The Garden” – an exhibition of work by legendary illustrator/animator Jiří Trnka - opens at Galerie Smečky

10-12-2009 14:06 | Jan Velinger

This week saw the opening of a new exhibition of some of the best work by one of former Czechoslovakia’s most famous illustrators, painters as well as the father of Czech animated film, Jiří Trnka, who died in 1969. Trnka is beloved for his creative use of highly detailed and mobile marionettes, and remains a veritable favourite among children for his illustrations – not least in Jan Karafiát’s famous Broučci (Fireflies) and also Trnka’s own much loved children’s classic, The Garden – about five boys, five elephants, a curmudgeon of a tomcat and their adventures beyond a rusty door in a garden wall.   More

Czech officials buy rare 15th century miniature at Sotheby’s auction

08-12-2009 17:28 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK Officials from the Central Bohemian region bought a rare 15th century miniature at auction at Sotheby’s in London on Tuesday. The artwork, depicting silver mining in the Bohemia town of Kutná Hora, eventually went for over half a million pounds sterling, and is set to be the most important piece at a newly established gallery there.   More

New York’s legendary Chelsea Hotel focus of new shows at Dox gallery

04-12-2009 14:39 | Ian Willoughby

Julia Calfee - 'Hotel Chelsea' The list of those who have stayed at the Chelsea Hotel in the New York district of the same name reads like a kind of Who’s Who of 20th century western culture: Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan, Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs, Sid Vicious, Arthur Miller, Gore Vidal, Jack Kerouac, Brendan Behan, Miloš Forman, Robert Crumb. I could go on for a lot, lot longer.  More

New exhibition gives lovers of Czech fairy tale films a chance to see original costumes up close

03-12-2009 17:22 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: CTK Film versions of fairytales are hugely popular in the Czech Republic, with the likes of Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella, The Golden-Star Princess and Once There was a King staples of the television schedules around Christmas time. Many of the best loved film fairytales were made during the communist era at Prague’s famous Barrandov studios. A year ago, an exhibition organized in collaboration with Barrandov for the first time gave Czech fairytale fanatics a chance to take a peek at the original costumes used in their favorite films. This year, another exhibition is being put on with additional, never before exhibited costumes that the organizers managed to hunt down since the last exhibition closed. Vladimir Žán is one of the organizers of “Jak se oblékají pohádky”, which translates as “How fairy tales dress” in English. We spoke on the eve of the show’s opening at Prague’s Municipal House.   More

Children's publishing house Albatros celebrates 60- year anniversary

01-12-2009 16:19 | Sarah Borufka

This year marks the 60 year anniversary of the famous children’s books publisher Albatros, which had a monopoly on the market before the end of communism in 1989 and remains to this day the publisher of the most popular titles in children’s literature. As part of the anniversary, an exhibition in the Prague National Library gives children a chance to experience the adventurous world of their favorite cartoon characters firsthand.  More

New book collects posters that helped shape 1989’s Velvet Revolution

27-11-2009 15:27 | Ian Willoughby

Exactly 20 years ago, during the Velvet Revolution, the country was flooded with posters, both home-produced and professionally printed, calling for change. They bore slogans like Free Elections, Teacher You Don’t Have to Lie to Us Anymore, and Havel to the Castle. Now many of those posters have been gathered in a fascinating new book.   More

Czech Republic loses renowned photographers: Sitenský, Reich

16-11-2009 16:58 | Jan Velinger

Ladislav Sitenský, photo: CTK The Czech Republic has lost two renowned photographers, Ladislav Sitenský and Jan Reich, both of whom died at the weekend, the former at the age of 90, the other at just 67. Both men had an important impact on 20th century Czech photography, Sitenský during World War II, and Reich during the ‘Normalisation’ 1970s.   More

Symbol of Czech statehood reopens as first museum of modern history

26-10-2009 15:15 | Christian Falvey

Wednesday marks the 91st anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. In conjunction with that anniversary, the National Memorial on Prague’s Vítkov hill has just been officially reopened after extensive renovations. It was built in honour of the Czech legionnaires whose bravery in World War I helped pave the way for the creation of the state, and reflects much of modern Czech history.  More

Richard Drury – English curator at home in Czech art world

26-10-2009 14:18 | Ian Willoughby

Richard Drury, photo: Petr Šálek, Not long after moving to Prague at the start of 1991, Englishman Richard Drury began working as a curator at the Central Bohemian Gallery, previously known as the Czech Museum of Fine Arts, on Husová St. He has been there ever since. Remarkably for a foreigner, he is also chairman of one section of the venerable Czech cultural organisation Umělecká beseda. When we met, I asked Drury if it had been hard to find a place in Prague’s art world.  More

Slovak photojournalist wins Czech Press Photo with Obama, Masaryk photo

20-10-2009 16:09 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Joe Klamar, source: CTK The winners of this year’s Czech Press Photo – a competition recognising the very best in Czech and Slovak photojournalism, were announced on Monday, with the main prize going to Slovak photographer Joe Klamar, who shoots for AFP. Mr Klamar won with an unusual photo from a series covering US President Barack Obama’s visit to Prague in April, including a highly-attended speech on Prague’s Hradčany square. The photo, taken on a misty and overcast day, was awarded for its originality, capturing as the jury suggested, a “symbolic dialogue” between Mr Obama and Czechoslovakia’s first president T.G. Masaryk (whose statue stands on the square).  More



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