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Ambitious exhibition project “Other Air” brings surrealist art to Prague

22-02-2012 15:50 | Sarah Borufka

Something is in the air in Prague’s Old Town Hall: An exhibition titled “Other Air” gives the public a chance to see both a retrospective of Czech and Slovak surrealist art from the last two decades, as well as surrealist works from renowned international artists. In addition, the exhibition features a rich accompanying program with surrealist films and readings and a bilingual catalogue with surrealists texts. The ambitious project kicked off in February and will be running in the Czech capital until April. We spoke to artist and member of the Czech surrealists, Kateřina Piňosová, about the exciting and unusual project.  More

Sklo-Sklu-Sklem on view at Villa Becher Interactive Gallery

10-02-2012 14:00 | Jan Velinger

A piece by Detlev Bertram, photo: Karlovy Vary Art Gallery The first show of the season opened last Friday at the Villa Becher Interactive Gallery in Karlovy Vary: called Sklo-Sklu-Sklem/Glas-Glaser-Am Glasersten the new exhibition is a first foray by a number of Czech and German colleagues (painters, photographers, filmmakers and designers) in working in glass.  More

The Mánes Exhibition Hall – an icon of functionalist architecture

08-02-2012 13:49 | Sarah Borufka

Photo: Petr Novák, CC 2.5 license The functionalist Mánes Exhibition Hall, located on the right bank of the Vltava river between the bridges Jiraskův most and Most Legií, is one of only two buildings in Prague that were expressly designed to house art – the other one being the famous Rudolfinum gallery. Martin Pavala, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Czech Art Foundation, which owns it, explains that the art gallery’s history started in 1930.  More

The House of the Black Madonna – home of the only surviving Cubist café in the world

25-01-2012 16:19 | Sarah Borufka

The House of the Black Madonna Nestled between busy Wenceslas Square and Prague’s number one tourist destination, Old Town Square, the House of the Black Madonna houses a small museum of Cubism as well as the only surviving Cubist café in the world – the Grand Café Orient, which was renovated between 2002 and 2005.  More

Prague celebrates the Art of Hard Rock

12-01-2012 17:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK Hard Rock Café is celebrating its 40th birthday this year with a travelling exhibition of memorabilia relating to the greats of the music world who frequented its many outlets the world over. Entitled The Art of Hard Rock the exhibition, which opens to the Prague public on January 12th at the Dvorak sec contemporary art gallery in Dlouha street, is a collection of musical instruments, paintings and drawings donated by the likes of Jim Morrison, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Pete Towshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Paul Stanley, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed and Billy Idol.  More

The Museum of Decorative Arts – a must-see destination for fans of Czech design

11-01-2012 14:38 | Sarah Borufka

The Museum of Decorative Arts Lovers of Czech applied arts and design will find a veritable treasure trove of interesting items, ranging from glass wares to clocks and metal works, in Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts. Located right across the street from the well-known Rudolfinum palace, the museum is housed in a stunning Neo-Renaissance building. It was one of the last in Prague to be designed in that style. The architect was Josef Schulz, who also was behind the Czech National Museum.  More

Lucan portrait of Leonardo da Vinci to be shown at Zbiroh Chateau

10-01-2012 16:20 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK With its rich history and impressive neo-Renaissance architecture Zbiroh Chateau is a big attraction in its own right. In the course of the next two months it will moreover boast a rare exhibit – the Lucan portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, an alleged self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, which has never before been shown outside Italy.  More

Artist, mother and teacher – the three lives of painter Tereza Límanová

06-01-2012 15:34 | Sarah Borufka

Born and raised in Prague, Tereza Límanová captures the city in an unusual way in her paintings. She paints mostly landscapes, but in an abstract and reduced style that may well stem from what she describes as an almost obsessive fear of kitsch. Her latest exhibition “From Colors to Whiteness: From Jinonice to Košíře” is currently on display at Prague 5’s town hall gallery and closes Friday. It focuses on the unusual sights and landscapes of Prague 5, a mostly residential neighborhood far from the golden steeples that most visitors of the Czech capital come to see. During a recent interview at the gallery, Tereza explained how she discovered her love of painting as a child already.  More


15-12-2011 16:43 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Kuskovu In this week’s edition of Panorama: a student orchestra packs concert halls with famous movie soundtracks, a computer as a work of art, chocolate as the ultimate gourmet experience and kangaroo Vendelín becomes a household name.   More

Jiří Trnka: an artist who turned puppets into film stars

06-12-2011 14:53 | Ruth Fraňková

Jiří Trnka (1967), photo: CTK It would be hard to meet a Czech whose childhood was not touched (perhaps unconsciously) by the art of Jiří Trnka, a painter, puppeteer, illustrator and above all, the founding father of Czech animated film. His poetic drawings brought immortality to books that would otherwise be long forgotten. And his animated films bestowed dozens of puppets and drawings with life.  More



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