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14-12-2007 16:36 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News this week: inflation in the Czech Republic stands at 5 percent and is set to rise further, while salaries should grow next year by almost 8 percent; unemployment is at a nine-year low of 5.6 percent; Skoda is about to start rolling out Octavias that run on alcohol, but only for the Swedish market; Seattle follows Portland’s lead and introduces Czech-made trams; sales of organic food have doubled and are set to keep doubling annually for the next couple of years; and the Czech National Bank is minting more coins, due to uncertainty over when the country will adopt the euro.   More

Business News

30-11-2007 16:13 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: European Commission The Czech government approved an updated convergence programme for euro adoption, but still no target date in sight; The Czech National Bank board raised its key interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 3.5 percent and Czechs are making more money - the average wage in the Czech Republic is up by 7.6% year-on-year.   More

Business News

16-11-2007 16:51 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News this week: As power giant CEZ announces healthy profits, analysts warn of further increases in the price of electricity; Czech Railways is now in profit after years in the red, though the company is fined for late trains by the Olomouc regional authority; increases in home prices should slow, though prices are not likely to fall; and cable company UPC now has over a million customers.   More

Business News

02-11-2007 16:29 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News: Russia wants to buy both Czech Airlines and Prague Airport; the Czech Republic has one of the lowest shares of women in part-time jobs in the EU; Czech textile makers sign a copyright agreement with their Chinese counterparts; a new free newspaper will target business people; and a British TV ad for the Skoda Fabia wins industry awards.   More

Business News

05-10-2007 11:45 | Rob Cameron

In business news this week: Labour Minister Petr Necas promises to reform the "demotivating" unemployment benefit system; a new report shows a sharp increase in the number of foreign-registered Czech companies; figures show the Czech antique market booming; the jewellery business records rising fortunes for gold after years of decline; and Czech insurers join forces against drivers with accident records.   More

Business News

21-09-2007 11:57 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: European Commission In Business News this week; the cost of electricity is set to rise by 10%; the Czech crown has a record-breaking week against both the euro and the dollar; the Czech Republic lags behind when it comes to claiming EU funds, and Czech Airlines has started offering low-cost tickets on many of its European flights.   More

Business News

14-09-2007 16:09 | Ruth Fraňková

In Business News this week: the EC recommends Czechs to slash deficit in public finances; Ceske Aerolinie records loss of 175 million crowns in the first half of this year; the Czech government launches privatisation of Letiste Praha; the energy power giant CEZ is to build power station in Vietnam in deal worth 3 billion dollars; and the number of Vietnamese doing business in Czech Republic is on the rise.   More

Business News

17-08-2007 17:08 | Ruth Fraňková

In this week's business news Irish low-cost airline Ryanair arrives in Prague; a growing number of companies have problems finding employees; the price of cigarettes expected to rise; the Czech mineral water producer buys stake in Austrian soft-drink company and the poultry meat prices are expected to rise considerably.   More

Business News

10-08-2007 17:27 | Jan Richter, Rosie Johnston

In Business News: Heineken - Krusovice merger okayed by the anti-monopoly office; Czech foreign trade heading for a record surplus; an unexpected fall in inflation; a downturn in the consumption of electricity; Czechs busted claiming sick-leave; road tolls might apply to vans; and Czechs' tipping habits explored.  More

Business News

20-07-2007 15:25 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: European Commission In Business News this week: a new green card scheme is set to make it easier for foreign workers to fill gaps in the Czech labour market; moves are planned to increase the number of part-time jobs available in the Czech Republic; Prague and Brno get new low-cost air routes; job security comes ahead of career development for most Czech workers, suggests a new survey; the strength of the crown is said to be hitting sales of crystal and costume jewellery; and food, drink and tobacco are still considerably cheaper in the Czech Republic than the EU average.   More



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