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16-06-2006 13:32 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: In Business News: the Prague stock exchange has a down and up week; tax on labour in the Czech Republic is too high, says the OECD; Czech Airlines plans to trim its operations; Prague is taking in more in property sales than in previous years; one of the country's richest businessmen invests in a weekly newspaper; and from next month Czechs will be able to pay many bills at newsagents.   More

Economics, not regionalism, root of Czech voting divide

05-06-2006 14:27 | Brian Sabin, Jan Velinger

Chart: CTK The weekend's elections have produced a perfect split in parliament. If you look at a map of the election results, it also shows an almost perfect split in the way Czechs voted. Throughout Moravia, the eastern part of the country, more voted in favour of the left-leaning Social Democrats, while most of Bohemia, the western part of the Czech Republic cast more votes for the centre-right Civic Democrats.   More

Business News

14-04-2006 14:19 | Yon Pulkrabek

Photo: European Commission The wave of positive macroeconomic indicators about the Czech economy keep pouring in this week. A major natural gas company has announced plans to enter the Czech market. Skoda Auto continues to be riding high and Czech airlines has a new partner.   More

Business News

10-03-2006 13:00 | Yon Pulkrabek

Photo: European Commission It's time for this week's business news, which saw the release of some major economic statistics. With elections only three months away, these figures are bound to play an important role in whom voters choose at the ballot box. Yon Pulkrabek brings us a rundown of the surprising numbers.   More

Business News

10-02-2006 13:07 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News: new legislation should make bankruptcy proceedings run more smoothly, while a labour code approved this week has been dividing opinion; the OECD gives the Czech Republic advice on how to improve its economy; it seems the Czech Republic may renege on a pledge to increase the share of its power generated from renewable resources; digital broadcasting can now be received by a third of Czech households; and beer exports were up 17 percent last year.   More

Government scrambles to save troubled LG Philips Displays

01-02-2006 15:10 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK For some 1,300 workers last week as well as the Czech government the suspension of production at the country's LG Philips Displays plant - the 2nd largest investment project in the country - came as a shock. With parent company LG Philips Displays Holding filing for bankruptcy, the obvious question was: would the subsidiary company follow suit? The Czech government - specifically the Ministry for Industry and Trade - has been trying to prevent just that.  More

2006 to bring higher social benefits, more expensive utilities

28-12-2005 14:37 | Pavla Horáková

This Sunday, New Years Day, will find many Czechs - like people around the world - making New Year's resolutions. But they won't have any say over some changes, which have been decided by Parliament and come into effect on the 1st. Understandably, people are most concerned about those which will have a direct impact on their wallets. 2006 is going to bring an increase in a number of social benefits and also a reduction in taxes for low and medium incomes. But as of January, Czechs will pay more for utilities - which is expected to bring further price increases of goods and services.   More

Business briefs

16-12-2005 14:55 | Brian Kenety

Deadline approaching on land-swap deal at proposed $1.2bn Hyundai car plant site; Hourly wages in Czech Republic among the lowest in the OECD; If 'old' EU members keep controls, Czech Republic also will consider labour restrictions against states joining in 2007; Survey shows Czech firms are among Europe's most chronically late payers; Cabinet expected to decide on funding for new Brno medical-research centre this month; Former president Havel weighs in against extending territorial limits on coal mining  More

New Czech Labour Code mobilises trade unions into action after sixteen year slumber

29-11-2005 15:41 | Dita Asiedu

The Czech Labour Code is to be amended - but the question is how? Will it serve the rights of the employer or the employee? The changes proposed by the senior ruling coalition party, the Social Democratic Party, and passed through the first reading in the lower house of Parliament, uphold the authority of trade unions. That, say the opposition Civic Democrats and the two junior ruling coalition parties the Christian Democrats and the Freedom Union, is unacceptable: by making it difficult for employers to let go of unproductive staff and employ new people, the proposed new Labour Code threatens the flexibility of the labour market and is unconstitutional.   More

Business briefs

04-11-2005 13:41 | Brian Kenety

CNB rate increase catches market off guard; Minimum wage set to increase 6.6 percent; Microsoft and CzechInvest plan top open 'innovation centre'; Netherlands may fully open labour market to Czechs; Proposed extension for restitution claims fails to pass   More



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