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Czech shopping mall boom looks set to continue

05-06-2008 16:50 | Ian Willoughby

Palladium The Czech Republic has seen a massive increase in the number of shopping malls in recent years, with around 60 of them dotted around the country. Rare a decade ago, large shopping centres are now part of the everyday lives of millions of Czechs. And while the number of malls keeps on growing, some major retailers are also making inroads into the corner shop market.   More

Business News

30-05-2008 17:24 | Dominik Jůn

This week in Business News: The government is to support Škoda producing regions, Czech Airlines struggles with high fuel costs, Czechs are starting to shop for cheaper groceries in Germany, household debt growing faster than savings and gas prices are set to skyrocket next year.   More

Business News

09-05-2008 16:40 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News this week: March’s trade surplus is half that of the same month a year previously; Google ups the ante in the battle for search supremacy with the launch of a map system for Czech users; Czech coal magnate Zdeněk Bakala celebrates an extremely successful IPO; after a sharp increase in property values, the price of old flats in Prague begins to fall; Czech households pay the lowest prices for electricity in the central Europe region, says a new study: and sales of high definition televisions are set to pass out sales of classic sets this year.  More

Iconic red and cream Prague trams get new lease of life in Pyongyang

06-05-2008 16:30 | Rob Cameron

Czech tram in Pyongyang, photo: The Prague Transport Authority announced on Tuesday that the first of twenty reconditioned trams would be shipped to North Korea this week. The North Korean government are paying about 13 million crowns – that’s just over 800,000 U.S. dollars - for the second-hand trams, one of Prague’s most instantly recognisable symbols. But as Rob Cameron reports, they’re not the first Czech trams to be sent abroad, and not even the first to be sent to North Korea.   More

Business News

02-05-2008 16:19 | Dominik Jůn

In Business News this week: High inflation but low unemployment, a fake blog is exposed as a marketing ploy, rumours abound that Microsoft will buy Seznam, a look at the Czech snail business and the country's most absurd bank fee.   More

SAPA: Prague’s ‘little Vietnam’

30-04-2008 13:56 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: SAPA is about as close as you are going to get to feeling like you are in Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh City, while you are still, in fact, in Prague. At certain moments, and from certain angles, you can almost forget the prefab housing which surrounds the Vietnamese market, and believe that you are on a completely different continent. SAPA is the heart of the Czech Republic’s rapidly-expanding Vietnamese community, and not for nothing has it been dubbed ‘little Vietnam’. But unlike the Chinatowns that form an integral part of many a city, SAPA is miles away from Prague’s city centre. I ventured out to SAPA, where I was met by my guide for the day:  More

Business News

25-04-2008 16:37 | Rosie Johnston

In Business News this week: the OECD says the Czech Republic could catch up with western European levels of prosperity in ten years’ time; shares in a Czech coal mining firm are to debut on the London Stock Exchange; Czech firms spent nearly 50 billion crowns on advertising last year, and cigarette prices are set to go up in the Czech Republic.   More

The lion crown

15-04-2008 15:11 | Dominik Jůn

Concerns have been increasing about the relative strength of the Czech crown. On Monday, the currency briefly set a new record, trading at 23 crowns to the Euro. But a strong crown is proving to be a double edged sword, with many businesses in the country wanting the government and Czech National Bank to prevent the currency from getting any stronger:   More

Business News

11-04-2008 16:49 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News: the Finance Ministry and the Czech National Bank agree on measures to fight the fast appreciation of the crown; the central bank’s governor says it is keeping interest rates low in order to avoid further firming of the Czech currency; the foreign trade surplus increased by ten percent; a new body is set up to prepare for euro adoption; and the biggest urban building project since 1989 gets underway in Prague.   More

Business News

28-03-2008 15:29 | Rosie Johnston

In Business News this week: The prime minister suggests that next year’s public finance deficit could be lower than expected; the Czech Finance Ministry says it has won its court case against ArcelorMittal; Dutch brewer Heineken is set to take over north Bohemian beer producer Drinks Union; Prague’s Ruzyně ayirport is bracing itself for a record number of passengers in 2008, and one in five Czech managers take ‘smart’ drugs to help them up their energy levels.   More



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