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Farmer shops become part of city dwellers’ lifestyle

15-08-2012 16:55 | Masha Volynsky

The hype over Western supermarkets of the 1990s started fading for Czechs sometime in the early noughties. As healthy eating became more of a priority for some Czech city dwellers, small organic food shops began cropping up in most cities. Organic was all the rage. Yet, many of the products sold in organic food shops were not locally grown, leaving a gap on the market for small and medium Czech farmers to fill.  More

Business News

10-08-2012 15:13 | Dominik Jůn

In this week's Business News: new inflation and industrial production figures are released; the Czech postal service wins top marks in global efficacy test; unemployment climbs to 8.3%; Finance Ministry seeks to name and shame VAT avoiders; two supermarket chains fined hundreds of thousands for poor practices and foreign bidders seek D1 motorway contract.  More

New website seeks to name and shame stores caught by the Czech food safety inspectorate

18-07-2012 16:32 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: Potravinynapranyri On June 10th, a new consumer protection website was launched by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture designed to significantly aid in consumer protection. The site is named “potraviny na pranýři” – or “groceries on the stocks” (official translation: “food pillory”), meaning the old-fashioned wooden kind used to publically humiliate wrongdoers. The project has been a huge hit with consumers, while many leading supermarket chains are less than thrilled.  More

Large Czech milk farms ideally suit our needs, says owner of Gran Moravia cheese factory

27-06-2012 16:46 | Jan Richter

Roberto Brazzale, photo: Brazzale Spa The small Moravian town of Litovel is home to the world’s largest hard cheese factory. Since 1996 when the Italian company Orrero set up its production there, its Gran Moravia cheese has been conquering markets in around the world. Today, the Litovel cheese plant produces around 6,000 tonnes of the parmesan-type cheese, a great majority of which is sold in Italy. In this edition of Marketplace, we talk to the owner of the Orrero company, Roberto Brazzale who says parmesan is not the right name for its flagship product.  More

Business News

25-05-2012 16:34 | Jan Richter

In Business News this week: Czech government approves austerity measures but might run into problems securing EU funds; PM Nečas speaks of the consequences a Greek exit from the eurozone would have on the Czech Republic; the biggest Czech betting firm Tipsport buys its competitor; Czechs smoke less and most of them want a ban on smoking in public spaces; Czechs lie in their CVs more than other nations.  More

Farmers to protest slashing of biofuel subsidies using tractors to slow traffic on country’s roads

22-05-2012 15:42 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Tomáš Adamec Czech farmers on Wednesday will be taking part in a planned protest against the government’s decision to slash tax refunds on biofuel. The move by the government – part of broad austerity measures – is expected to leave agricultural producers in difficult spot: some 1.5 billion crowns lighter. The protest will see hundreds of farmers roll out their tractors on roads across the country, with the exception of highways and the Czech capital.  More

Business News

18-05-2012 10:50 | Jan Velinger

In Business News: the Czech economy contracts by 1.0 percent in the 1Q, the second-worst result among 19 EU states; the country’s ombudsman slams the government’s social system reforms, saying they have left thousands on the brink of poverty; the price of Czech garlic is set to go up; Czechs are budgeting more carefully and buying less when shopping in supermarkets than in previous years.  More

Botanicus co-founder Dana Hradecká: planting the seeds of success

07-05-2012 16:30 | Chris Johnstone

The Botanicus chain of stores offering herbal soaps, extracts and delicacies is a Czech, and growing international, success story. Most tourists will have probably bought something from one of their outlets in the country. The small business was founded in the early 1990’s after the restitution of a family farm around 40 kilometres north-east of Prague. That has become the centre for the business and a tourist attraction with more than 50,000 visitors a year. One of the firm’s co-founders Dana Hradecká explained the roots of the original inspiration for the business.  More

Business News

04-05-2012 16:03 | Christian Falvey

The procurement market sank by 100 billion in 2011; the production of passenger cars hits a record; farmers prepare for blockades; the Finance Ministry forecasts nearly three percent growth for 2015; the Central bank keeps interest rate at record low.   More

Farmers announce protests over plans to slash diesel tax rebates and new wine tax

03-05-2012 16:35 | Jan Richter

Photo: Tomáš Adamec The Czech Republic will see another round of protests against the government’s austerity measures. Agriculture industry leaders on Wednesday announced they would block roads and slow traffic in protest of plans to cancel tax rebates on diesel for agricultural firms, and a planned introduction of a tax on wine.  More



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