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Business News

08-01-2010 13:40 | Chris Johnstone

In this week’s Business News: sobering state deficit figure announced, Prague airport sees passenger decline, bankruptcies climb in 2009, statistics office fuels recovery hopes, and non-alcoholic beer demand bright spot for sector.   More

Czech beer re-imported from Germany due to lower prices

28-12-2009 17:37 | Sarah Borufka

The Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union facilitated free trade with other members of the bloc. That was good news for Czech businesses, though it can result in paradoxical developments. One of the best known Czech beers Pilsner Urquell often retails at lower prices in Germany than in the Czech Republic - leading Czech wholesalers to re-import one of their country’s most famous brews.   More

New gluten-free beer arrives on Czech market

25-11-2009 16:29 | Sarah Borufka

Tomáš Hub, photo: A Czech micro-brewery in Ostrava is now producing gluten-free beer, a product that is bound to delight Czech sufferers of Celiac disease- a condition of intolerance to gluten, a protein found in most grains, and also in regular beer.   More

Business News

30-10-2009 15:35 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK In this week’s Business News: Growth, albeit anaemic, for next year; massive rail tunnel project hits finance buffers; energy rivals look to swapping assets rather than insults; Czech trams ready for Washington DC, and regional aid offer to stop spilt milk.   More

Business News

16-10-2009 14:59 | Chris Johnstone

In this week’s Business News: a warning from Brussels over public finances; price rises become passé; a new owner to swallow Staropramen; CSA pilots hold out against restructuring; and all fuelled up over power policy.   More

Business News

25-09-2009 14:39 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK In Business News this week: Orco fails to convince creditors; a sigh of relief for tax dodgers; Hyundai officially opens its Czech plant amid more closure news from other foreign owners; and farmers resort to direct sales to beat the supermarkets.   More

Business News

28-08-2009 13:32 | Chris Johnstone

In this week’s Business News: the slippery budget deficit; a David and Goliath fight over dividends; developing woes at Orco; boosting local cigarette production; and a novel call for performance related pay.   More

Czech tuzemák rum goes on sale in Canada

04-08-2009 16:37 | Rosie Johnston

Forget Becherovka or even slivovice, it’s Czech rum – tuzemák – which is the biggest selling spirit in this country. Despite its popularity here, however, the drink remains virtually unknown abroad. Now though, one south Bohemian distillery has started selling its product in North America and is hoping that Canadians will develop a taste for tuzemák as well. Earlier today, I spoke to Tomáš Petrů from the Fruko-Schulz distillery, and started by asking him what the difference was between tuzemák and better-known rums from the Caribbean:   More

Business News

31-07-2009 16:11 | Chris Johnstone

In this week’s Business News: the ad spending slide hits Nova profits; one sole order for Staropramen; bad loans provisions hit Česká Spořitelna; ČEZ powers up in Germany; and Czechs lose taste for pork products.   More

Angry farmers halt national highway traffic over milk prices

29-06-2009 16:58 | Christian Falvey

Czech dairy farmers took to the highways Monday morning to bring the nation’s traffic to a snail’s pace for two hours. Protesting the critically low purchase price of milk - and what they see as a lack of political will to do anything about it – nearly 2,000 dairy farmers overran 20 highways in seven regions. It was the second protest in as many months, aimed at forcing what the farmers’ say is a desperate situation into the public eye.   More



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