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Indonesian Jungle

The pavilion of Indonesian Jungle was opened on 29th November 2004. It is the largest and also the most expensive object that has ever been built for animals in the Czech zoos. The aim of the pavilion is to create a perfect illusion of the tropical environment in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. All the animals and plants that live in this pavilion come from this area. The pavilion is namely designed for primates (orangutans, gibbons, macaques, leaf monkeys), it is enriched by a special collection of animals that are active at night (for example flying phalangers, brush-tailed possums, brush-tailed bettongs, flying foxes etc.), then there are fresh water as well as brackish aquaria with more than 40 species of fish, an open terrarium for Komodo dragons and other water bodies for numerous species of endangered turtles and collections of freely moving birds. The expositional area of the pavilion is to imitate an adventurous journey into the jungle. It is generously divided horizontally as well as vertically. There are narrow paths with views into the jungle, cave hallways, expositions in the mud and the aquaria, terraces with views of the monkeys on the islands, vast water bodies and a roaring waterfall. The exposition has got two floors and it has got its day and night parts. It is possible to cover the exposition partly in fog or rain.

Africa from nearby

Gorilla House

Outdoor enclosure for the orangutans and gibbons

Pavilion for big cats and terrariums

The pool for sea lions

The range for penguins

The range is designed to resemble a part of a rocky South American coast. The total area is 560 m2 and the land itself covers 394 m2 of it. The land consists of 45% of pebbly beach, along the range and partly also inside it the basalt stones are used. The rest of the land is covered with grassy growths and low plants on the rocks. There are two pools in the range. The main one is from 30 cm to 1.5 m deep and the total area of the water surface is 130 m2. The visitors can observe the penguins through a glass wall that is 15 m long. It is made of 3-centimetre-thick safety glass panes that are fastened in rustproof poles. The small pool has the area of 36 m2 and is up to 65 cm deep. In the pools is used water for industrial purposes from the drilled wells in the area of the zoo and the microclimate of the range is improved by spraying of water from several jets.

Sichuan Pavilion

Lookout tower Obora