One World 2012

14th annual One World film festival

One World is today the largest and most important human rights film festival in Europe and is firmly established as one of the leading cultural events in Prague and the Czech Republic. Every year, One World presents approximately 100 films from all around the globe and seeks to promote the best quality documentary filmmaking on social, politically engaged, human rights themes.

The fourteenth One World festival will be held in Prague from 6 to 15 March 2012 and then travel to a further 44 towns and cities throughout the Czech Republic. This year’s theme: “Protest, rebellion, revolt”

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Radio Prague articles on the One World festival:

Petr Lom – an academic who left his job to pursue his dream of working as a documentary film maker

Petr LomPetr Lom Independent documentary director and producer Petr Lom was born in Czechoslovakia but spent most of his life abroad – in Canada and the U.S. His latest film, “Back to the Square” was selected as the opening film at this year’s edition of the One World International Film Festival, where he is also on the jury. Before becoming a film maker, Petr Lom was actually an academic – until one day he quit his job and never looked back.

“Radioactivists” – a documentary at the One World festival explores Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

As part of this year’s edition of the One World International Human Rights Film Festival, which is currently on in Prague, the German-produced independent documentary Radioactivists – Protest in Japan provides a rare and up-close look at Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. It is being shown in the Youth Quake category, which features films that portray young people’s struggle for change in countries around the world.

Protest, rebellion, revolt – Arab Spring takes center stage at the One World International Human Rights Film Festival 2012

The One World International Human Rights Film Festival has just started in Prague. This year’s edition brings over a hundred films from 72 countries to the Czech capital, where documentary lovers can visit special festival screenings until March 15. With such an abundance of interesting documentaries, it’s something difficult to determine what to see first – we asked program director Kateřina Bartošová about her highlights and about the theme of this year’s main category.

Hana Kulhánková – the director of the One World International Human Rights Film Festival

Hana KulhánkováHana Kulhánková Film has played an important role in Hana Kulhanková’s life ever since she was a teenager. Later, she studied film and worked at the Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, which showcases gay and lesbian filmmakers. Now, Hana Kulhánková is the director of one of Prague’s most colorful and interesting film festivals, One World, which focuses on human rights documentaries. Ahead of the start of this year’s edition, I spoke to her about the festival program, human rights and what initially piqued her interest in film.

Each Sunday, participants will be able to vote in our new series Hit of the Century, covering 100 years of music in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. (More)