Sobotka insists on the need to combat the double quality of products

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka insists that a solution to the problem of double product quality, over all foodstuffs, in the EU countries requires a revision of the directive on dishonest commercial practices. Sobotka made the statement on Friday at the summit 'Equal quality of products for all', held in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava.

The summit, convened by the Czech and Slovak governments, is attended by the Prime Ministers of the countries of the Visegrad Group, composed of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, and representatives of the European Commission.

Mr Sobotka stressed that several tests showed that the double quality of the products is not a casual phenomenon, but rather a widespread practice. He added that he considered it positive that it had been agreed that the solution to this problem should be sought jointly within the framework of the European Union and with the active participation of the European Commission.