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28-01-2009 16:34 | Ian Willoughby

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Prague, with millions of people visiting the Czech capital every year. One important element of the business is “convention tourism”, when visitors come to attend conferences, seminars and trade fairs. The Prague Convention Bureau promotes congress tourism in the city – I discussed its activities with marketing manager Andrea Libová.

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“At this moment we have five key markets. They are the USA, the UK, France, Germany and Spain.”

How do you address people in those countries who could be thinking organising a conference?

“We organise MICE workshops – that’s meetings, incentive, conference and events workshops – for our members. We promote the Prague Convention Bureau at conferences abroad. We have sales calls and sales trips and other activities.”

When you try to sell Prague to these people, what are the aspects of Prague that you push?

“I think culture and history are the most important elements in Prague.”

Andrea LibováAndrea Libová What about price – how does price here compare to other cities?

“That’s a very, very difficult question. I think the market is changing at the moment in terms of prices of hotels and conference places.”

What cities are your main competitors?

“Vienna is our most important competitor. And Budapest.”

Are you competing with other cities in the west of Europe, for example London or Paris?

“No, London and Paris have bigger conference capacities. They’re not our direct competitors.”

Many sectors have been hit by the global financial crisis – how is it affecting your business?

“I’m not sure. The financial crisis is at the beginning here in the Czech Republic. We will see this year.”

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